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The stone of the ancients

Dran guided the helicopter across the sky, on their way to where the Temple of the Ancients used to be. Two years ago the temple disappeared, thanks to Cloud and his companions. The only thing left was a small cave within the ground. Dio, owner of the Gold Saucer, had hired a few mercenaries to retrive the stone of the ancients. It is supposed to be the source of the ancients power. You could use it to resurrect any ancient or cetra, as they were also called. The only thing you need is to use the stone's magic on a human. Dran turned his attention from his controls to that of his mean, "All right boys, this mission is simple. You are to drop down into this damn place and find the stone of the ancients, and then get back here pronto. Dio want's this stone before night fall. So you better move your damn asses while down there."

"Sir!" the men yelled with a salute to their commander. Dran nodded as he turned his attention to look at a man with shaggy silver hair and a scar down his right eye.

"General Rendo, you are in charge down there," Dran told the man. Rendo smirked as he got up from his seat and began to pick up his military uniform, and grabbing his gun. He walked over to the cable that was being lowered to the ground.

"All right time to get our asses moving. Let's have a hell of a time!" Rendo called out to his men. They let out a cheer as they grabbed their guns and one by one head down the cable towards the cave. When the last one landed Rendo motioned for him to just circle around for a bit. "Let's go boys." Rendo led the way into the cave and down towards where the alter should be. When they got past the first chamber they heard a noise and turned to see a beast charging towards them. "Open fire! I repeat, open fire!" Rendo commanded to his men. They fired a volley of shots, which the beast faltered for a bit, but composed himself as he knocked a soldier hard into the ground. Rendo rolled to the side to dodge a swiping claw. He turned around quickly and pulled out a grenade. "Eat this you bastard," he snarled. He threw the grenade at the beast which fell backwards onto the ground, dead. Rendo got up and checked the soldier that was hit to the ground. Blood was running onto the ground, and the man was breathing heavily, and gasping for air. Rendo told the others to continue on into the cave. He smiled when they disappeared, and he took out a knife from his pocket. "Sorry, but you are not coming along." He stuck the blade into his head before moving further on to the cave.

"Sir!" a soldier yelled as he ran up to Rendo. "We found the stone." Rendo nodded his approval as he followed the soldier to the alter in the back of the cave. He smiled as he walked up and picked up the stone. He put it in his pocket and turned to look at everyone.

"Well, we came for what we needed," Rendo said. "Let's head back." The soldiers nodded as they began to head back towards the entrance. 'Though, I didn't say you guys are going back,' he thought to himself. He pulled his gun and smiled. "Die!" he hollered. He fired a barrage of shots and watched as each man fell dead. He smirked as he put his gun back on his back. He walked forward and pass the dead bodies. He lifted the stone from his pocket and glanced at it. It began to glow a bright color as he exited the cave and motioned for the cable to drop.

"What happened to the others?" came Dran's voice over the headset.

"They are dead," Rendo replied with mock sympathy. He grabbed the cable as it landed in front of him. He was pulled up and smirked at his plan. Soon, the great Sephiroth will return. Rendo laughed as he entered the hold and walked over to Dran. "Sorry for the change of plans," he chuckled. Dran turned to ask what he meant when he felt a bullet shoot him in the body. His eyes went wide as he collapsed on the ground. Rendo took the pilot's seat and flew it towards the Gold Saucer.


A few hours later, Rendo landed the helicopter in the Gold Saucer. He walked into Dio's office and watched as the big man turned in his seat to stare at the man. "General Rendo, I suppose everything went smoothly?" he asked.

"Yes, those you hired won't be able to tell anyone about this," Rendo smirked.

"So, you killed them?" Dio asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes Dio," Rendo nodded. Dio nodded in understanding as he got out of his seat and walked over to Rendo.

"Time to bring back Sephiroth, he should be able to aid the recovery of the planet," Dio said. Rendo nodded as he produced the stone from his pocket.

"Here Dio," Rendo said. Dio took it and smiled as he pointed it at Rendo.

"Ready?" the big man asked. Rendo nodded as he watched a light shoot outwards and engulf Rendo. Rendo began to change and his hair became long and silver. He wore a black jacket that went down to his feet. He had a dark shirt, as well as two silver shoulder pads on each of his shoulders. He had a sheath for his long sword as well. He smiled as he gazed at Dio.

"I'm back," Sephiroth said with a smirk. "What do you need me to do?"

"I want you to help restore the planet, but before that you can go have some fun," Dio said.

"Thanks," Sephiroth said with an evil grin. He turned to head to the battle arena. "This will be a good way to practice before I find Cloud. I will then kill him and then destroy this planet. That man is a fool," he muttered as he entered the battle arena. He headed to register so that he could kill some things. When he entered his first match, the brutal killing spree had begun.

To be continued...

End of prologue.

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