Drabble collection. NejiTen, NaruSaku, SasuTen so far, and requests taken. NejiTen drabbles will most probably be from the 100 themes challenge.

abandonment – theme ninety

Tenten wasn't surprised when Neji stopped coming to their private sparring sessions. He had the Kaiten now, the ultimate defense that rendered all her attacks worthless even more than the Sand-girl's winds. He had Hiashi-sama himself, head of the Hyuuga clan, to spar with him. He had the full facilities of his clan available to him.

He didn't need her anymore.

So she smiled and spoke easily with him when team-missions put the two of them in each other's paths. So she resigned herself to training alone, to the silence of lonely days and the echoes inside her own head.

After all, if her own parents hadn't wanted her – had seen fit to leave her, blanket-wrapped and bawling, on the stoop of the Konoha orphanage, with not even a name pinned to her blanket – why should anyone else?