AN: GaaTenSasu drabble, written for TaoEmpress/Dragonstorm85.

Tenten came back to the waking world, slowly, stretching and making sleepy little moans as she shook off her slumber. She purred unconsciously as she did so, turning her head when a soft laugh reached her ears.

Lying right beside her, his hair still sticking out in sweat-curled messiness, Sasuke Uchiha gave her a small smile – something that would have shocked anyone else who was not so privileged as to see Sasuke like this regularly – and kissed her. "I love it when you do that," he told her, before kissing her again.

Tenten deliberately purred into his mouth as he kissed her, trying to turn over to kiss him more deeply, but stopped by a warm, limp weight over her. She turned her head again, breaking the kiss to the sound of Sasuke's disappointed huff of breath, and this time she laughed as she saw her other lover, draped over the both of them in a slantwise line, limbs sprawling.

Ever since Gaara had regained the ability to sleep, he had made up for his insomniac years by becoming the heaviest sleeper anyone had seen – even more difficult to wake, Sasuke vowed, than Naruto – and indulging in activities like the ones they had just enjoyed made it even deeper. They'd have to be very drastic to wake him. Her eyes gentled as she reached a hand out to stroke through soft red hair.

"Look at him. He's practically liquid," she told Sasuke, eyes still on Gaara. "Hee. Like...." She glanced at the bright red hair slipping through her fingers. "Like someone just poured cherry syrup all over the bed."