RWC3 - The Legend of the Shian

Part 3

The first Just and Magnificent adventure SIDE-SERIES starring and focusing rather wholly on Edmund. DO NOT READ unless you have read Just and Magnificent or you will understand little. This is a side-series that covers the year at the end of Volume 1 of JaM between the Battle for Cair Paravel where Edmund fell and his return to Narnia. It basically covers some of his adventures during that year and of course, his quest to destroy Lejious. If you've read JaM, you already know how this ends, but remember, it's not the destination, it's the journey! It is a very plot and arc heavy story in the JaM!verse as it reveals some rather large hints that already exist in JaM, and hints toward the sequel to JaM, Beyond Magnificent.
Summary: Edmund faces his doppelganger and fights to save two kings.
Warnings: Slash, Incest, Love, Romance, Adventure, Mystery, Action.
Disclaimer: Only characters that are mine are the Pretty Eyes People from Shian! All the rest belong to that master of awesomeness, C.S. Lewis.
Author's Notes: If you don't like slash or incest or allusions to Peter/Edmund, then please do not read or reviewthis. Flames hurt.



Peter could not believe the sight before his very eyes. A trick of light? At first he almost believed so. A trick of the moonlight to deceive and taunt him. Yet when that trick of moonlight stepped forward to reveal a face that Peter had longed for, he knew it was no trick.


Peter stepped forward hurriedly, barely registering the look of sudden surprise on his love's face. By the time he had, it was too late. He did not feel the blow to the back of his head. He was already unconscious by the time he hit the ground.

"Sorry, Peter." Edmund said as he stood staring down at him.

He raised his eyes to the face in the moonlight. The face that looked exactly like him. Yet it was not him.

"Angelus." Edmund said between gritted teeth, "I see you've met Peter."

"If you had of given us a few more moments, I would have gotten to know him a little better." Angelus smirked, stepping completely out of the shadows now, "It would've been a moment to die for."

"I do hope this moment continues that sentiment." Edmund said bitterly, drawing his sword.

Edmund stepped forward, sword held before him. Angelus responded in kind, immediately lunging at Edmund with a horizontal slash. Swords met in a midair clash, before Edmund landed on one knee. He stood up, turning around to see Angelus had landed and stood in the same fashion.

"Interesting." Edmund said with a raised eyebrow.

"I am more like you than you realize." Angelus said, holding out his sword to his left, just as Edmund did the same.

"Not where it counts." Edmund replied, running at Angelus.

Once more the two swords clashed in a flurry of strikes. Stepping in and out of his opponent's range, Edmund parried and sliced. It did indeed seem that one on one, they were quite evenly matched. However, as Edmund soon realized, this was clearly not going to be one on one.

The door to Peter's chambers burst open with one angry looking Shian standing in it. A disheveled, hard breathing Prince Orrin stood with both his swords out, staring straight at Edmund and Angelus. Thankfully night provided him enough cover to don his hood, with Angelus doing the same for reasons Edmund did not know. Perhaps to protect his own identity as well.

"Uh oh." Edmund said with one raised eyebrow.

"Indeed." Angelus said, flicking his own attention to Orrin, "Well … this is going to be interesting."

By the time Orrin had reached the balcony, Angelus and Edmund had both fully concealed their faces beneath their heads. Orrin wasted no time choosing an enemy for he placed himself precisely in between both. Edmund and Angelus were forced to fight Orrin at once, while still trying to defeat the other.

Orrin immediately positioned himself around and in front of Peter, making sure that neither Edmund nor Angelus could get near him. Only when the room was rushed by Shian guards, did Orrin break away and become more pro-active in his attempts to take out the two cloaked men.

When Angelus attempted to strike Orrin from behind, Edmund blocked his attack only to have Orrin turn on him instead. There were clearly no allies in this battle and Edmund could not reveal his identity so he was forced to fight on two fronts, just as his opponents did.

Orrin leaped up onto the balcony railing to avoid a low slice from Angelus. Edmund jumped up beside Orrin, thus forcing the Shian prince to fight Edmund with one sword and Angelus on the ground with another. With deft steps and tight jumps, Orrin avoided each strike intended for him.

As the guards ran out onto the balcony, Angelus jumped over the balcony, followed promptly by Edmund. Orrin stared at the falling figures in disbelief at first, before he dove over and joined them.

The royal tower that stood in the very center of SharShian was perhaps the highest building in the known world. Jumping from it did not seem a wise course of action to those with common sense. Nonetheless, jump the three men did, while Shian guards stared over the balcony edge in disbelief.

Plunging through the night air, with the moonlight illuminating their shadows on the tower walls, Orrin sheathed his two swords and straightened his body like an arrow. As Angelus sliced a hanging verandah rope line, Edmund reached out and grabbed his ankle. The two men swung with a frightening velocity around the tower's edge before Edmund stabbed his sword into an outer wooden beam. Angelus continued swinging around and crashed into the wall with a mighty thud.

Edmund lifted himself up onto the beam, just as Orrin swung around the tower with a sword in hand. Edmund swung out, deflecting Orrin's strike before the Shian Prince continued swinging around and sliced his sword at a recovering Angelus. Orrin swung back around toward Edmund, this time with Angelus swinging in behind him. Edmund dropped off the beam, grabbing it with his hands so that he just fell below range of Angelus and Orrin's swings.

He thrust himself back up onto the beam, running along it after Angelus who dueled with Orrin as they swung on their ropes. Running up and along the tower wall, Edmund kicked off, slicing through Angelus's rope before grabbing a hold of Orrin's above him. As Angelus fell with his rope he managed to grab hold of Orrin's just below the Shian Prince.

Using his legs to secure himself to the rope, Orrin used each sword to duel the two hooded men in the veil of the moonlight. Their shadows cast fierce shapes on the side of the tower wall. Orrin clipped the boot of Edmund above him, causing Edmund to lose his grip and fall from the rope. He landed beneath Angelus and still the three continued to duel upon the rope.

Edmund gasped as he fought off his doppleganger's insistent attacks. Yet for all their fighting, it seemed that none could secure an advantage. This all changed when Angelus sliced the rope beneath his feet, thus cutting Edmund loose and sending him falling away into the night sky. He fell to the third way marker of the tower and caught hold of a chain link that served as a linker between two upper balconies.

Orrin followed Angelus's lead, slicing the rope above himself so that both he and Angelus fell further down the side of the center tower. Angelus just managed to get a hold of the chain link before Edmund use a monkey technique to make his way to his doppelganger's side. The chain had been loosened under the impact of Edmund landing upon it, and again upon Angelus landing on it. However it was Orrin's fall and eventual grapple onto the chain link that snapped one end clean off its supporting balcony.

Once more the three men swung further down and around the tower. This time it was Orrin on the lower end, but this all changed when he let go of the chain mid swing and almost seemed to float due to his momentum and the descending chain. He grabbed onto the chain again just above Angelus and underneath Edmund.

The three men all kicked off the wall at the same time to prevent themselves hitting it at impact. Once accustomed to their return to a swinging motion, the duel was on again.

By now Shian archers were swarming some of the balconies, but the night sky made it difficult for them to make out the cloaks of Angelus and Edmund. Yet still some daring archers let loose their arrows, narrowly missing Angelus, Edmund and even Orrin.

Between the flaming arrows that darted past their ears to illuminate for the following arrows, Edmund managed to finally score a hit on Angelus by throwing his dagger at his doppelganger's thigh. Angelus screamed out, but before Edmund could smash Orrin aside to finish Angelus off, an arrow struck Edmund from behind. It skinned the top of his shoulder and sent him flying off the chain to a lower ledge.

When he had been hit by his arrow, Edmund had inadvertently dropped his sword, which had in turn been caught by Angelus. Now Angelus had two swords to match both of Orrin's. Using strength that bordered on unnatural, Angelus began taking the offensive. He climbed up the chain until he was just within range of Orrin.

"Prince of the Shian." Angelus smirked, "The last Prince. Do you know that? The last."

"You speak filth and lies, Murderer. They shall be your last."

Using his legs to lock him into the chain, Orrin cried out and fell back, hanging upside down with both swords outstretched. There, hanging on the chain, Orrin met Angelus's swords with a flurry of lightning fast strikes. Strikes that shattered the night air with their sounds of duel and sparks of steel combat.


"Peter?" Eris yelled as she held Peter, "Peter, are you alright?"

Peter opened his eyes, rubbing the back of his head in agony. He sat up, searching around himself desperately, "Edmund?"

"Peter, you're alright." Eris said softly, trying her best to soothe him, "Forgive us. You have been caught up in a matter of internal affairs."

Peter realized he was no longer in his chambers, but in one of the uppermost rooms of the center tower. King Firson's royal infirmary. His heart ached for the vision he had just seen. Was it really him? Was it really his Edmund?

"King Peter!" King Firson yelled as he entered the room, "Are you alright? My son is in pursuit of your assailant, as are the rest of the Royal Guard."

"Father, it is you who should be concerned. The assassins no doubt come for you. Perhaps Peter was merely a …"

Eris barely had time to finish her statement when the room was swarmed with scavenger flyers. Incubus and all manner of winged demons and foul beasts. They flew in through the two balcony doors, instantly surrounding the royals.

The lead incubus instantly darted at King Firson, but before he could reach his target, Peter jumped to his feet. He ran at the King, just managing to tackle him aside before the incubus hit. He rolled onto the ground, drawing his sword as he rolled up to his feet. Before the incubus could attempt again, Peter had cut off its head.

"Back, you beasts!" Peter yelled, his sword rhindon held high, "In the name of Aslan, I command you to leave this place!"

"Aslan?" cackled another of the winged beasts, "I think you're on the wrong side, Son of Adam. For one cannot defeat him …"

Before Peter could comprehend those words, the scavengers attacked en masse. Even though he had no authority over the Shian, his sheer character seemed to inspire the Shian to follow Peter.

"To arms! Protect your King, loyal Shian!" Peter yelled as a ring began to form around King Firson and Eris.

Blood splattered and limbs were strewn about as cries filled the room. A fierce battle raged with battle cries declared and fates sealed. Jesahn and Peter were by far the most effective of the ring, though even the regular soldiers were highly effective.


Edmund raced through the center tower, having climbed onto one of the balconies. Having knocked unconscious a guard, Edmund donned his armor and helmet over his own cloak. He ran up the tower, following the soldiers who seemed to be headed toward a commotion of some kind on the upper level.

He feared that perhaps it might be Peter, but he knew his mission here was to stop Angelus. His mission was to defeat his doppelganger. But still, his heart willed him to run up those stairs behind the other soldiers. He had every intention to jump off a higher balcony and rejoin the duel between Orrin and Angelus, but still he kept running up.

"Peter." Edmund said in a pained whisper.

Finally he reached the upper level and followed the soldiers as they poured into a room with their swords drawn. Edmund almost couldn't believe what he was looking at. Peter was up and standing, fighting to be precise. He was part of a ring that surrounded King Firson. A ring that was fighting against a horde of scavengers that continued streaming through the balcony entries and windows.

Edmund ran into the fray without thinking. He cut his way through the foul enemy, dismembering and disemboweling. Showing no mercy for those who showed no mercy for the Shian they attacked.

The battle was unbelievably fierce, and the numbers were surprisingly large for such a confined area. Edmund wanted so much to rip off his helmet and reveal himself to Peter. He wanted so much to fight side by side with Peter. Yet he could not betray Aslan. He could not break his pact.

That did not mean he cold not protect Peter. Charging toward Peter, Edmund leaped into the air, slicing an incubus in two before he landed on the ground. He kicked up to his feet, before he squeezed in beside Peter, posing as a regular infantryman.

The battle continued, but Edmund soon noticed something strange afoot. He noticed several of the flying scavengers placing small bulb like objects coated in sticky plasma on the walls. They were so small and placed in such an inconspicuous fashion that they were not noticed by anyone else. Yet when Edmund realized that the attempts to break the ring for King Firson were mostly for show, he began to formulate just what possible actions the scavengers were planning.

Putting on his best deep voice and aided by the acoustics in his helmet, Edmund turned to Peter and spoke above the sounds of battle, "Good King, I believe this is a trap. Look at the scavengers placing those bulbs on the wall. And their weak attempts to try and extract the King. Please, Sir, you must evacuate with the King and proceed to the lower fortified levels of the tower."

"Fair Sir, I believe you are right!" Peter gasped between strikes, "Help me force an exit path toward the door!"

Edmund did so, just as several other soldiers did the same. They fought through the enemy, providing an exit path for King Firson and Princess Eris. The scavengers hurried their actions, trying to delay King Firson's escape, but Edmund's quick thinking plan had put a spanner in their works.

Peter had enough sense to concentrate on evacuating King Firson and Eris, thus leaving Edmund and several loyal Shian to deal with the enemy. A mighty scream broke the sounds of battle and Edmund's jaw fell slack when he witnessed Angelus walking through the scavenger ranks still hooded. He immediately charged for King Firson, Edmund holding out his sword to stop him.

"I think not." Edmund said as he pulled off his helmet.

Edmund's face was still concealed by his hood, but Angelus knew full well it was him beneath it. Angelus growled at Edmund, his cloak smeared with blood. Who the blood belonged to was unknown to Edmund. He hoped it did not belong to the Shian, but he knew Angelus was unnaturally gifted.

"I will not leave without my prize." Angelus growled, slashing at Edmund with his sword and Edmund's, Justion, which he still had possession of.

Edmund responded by deflecting both sword attacks, countering with a stiff kick to Angelus's sternum. With a piercing battle cry, Edmund leaped into the air. He came crashing down with his sword aimed at Angelus's chest. Angelus rolled away just in time, before hordes of his scavenger allies took Edmund from behind.

"Away, Beasts!" Edmund cried out, slicing his sword out around him.

Angelus snickered and turned to run for the exit where Peter was still fighting to get King Firson and Princess Eris out. Before he could reach the crowded entry and fight his way through the loyal Shian, Angelus once more found himself opposed. This time by a rather haggard and beaten looking yet determined Prince Orrin.

"Don't you know how to die?" Angelus spat angrily.

"Orrin!" Eris yelled as Jesahn led her out ahead of Peter and King Firson, "Orrin, get out!"

At Orrin's feet lay the remains of many scavengers, victims no doubt of his two bloody long swords. Once more he targeted Angelus, but before he could move to intercept, Eris was dragging him back.

"Eris!" Orrin yelled in surprise, as Jesahn grabbed his other arm.

"We must get you and your family out, Majesty." Jesahn yelled above the fighting.

As Angelus tried to capitalize on the moment, Edmund charged at him from behind. Angelus was forced to defend himself, thus giving the Shian the last few moments they needed to evacuate the royals and King Peter. It did indeed seem to be pertinent timing for the scavengers seemed ready to trigger whatever nefarious plan they were attempting to set in motion.

"Damn you!" Angelus growled, seething with rage, "Damn you, Son of Adam!"

The two cloaked men threw strike after strike at one another. Edmund used each and every skill he possessed. Every ounce of remaining fallen strength within him.

Stepping inside one of Angelus's strikes, Edmund used his elbow to hold back his enemy's striking arm. He followed up by smashing his free elbow into Angelus's chin. The force of his blow sent Angelus into the air. In that same instant, Edmund spun his sword in his hand and screamed out as he charged it into Angelus's chest.

The force of Edmund's sword strike countered the upward momentum Angelus had and instead sent him crashing into the wooden floor. Now, Angelus was impaled to the floor as Edmund stood over him.

"You lose." Edmund said, breathing heavily as he slammed his boot down on Angelus's left hand, crushing it.


"I must stop him!" Orrin yelled, breaking away from his family to run back up the stairs to the upper level.

Breaking through the ranks of his own fleeing soldiers, Orrin arrived at the upper level to find one of the cloaked figures standing over another who was impaled. Only the marks of battle told Orrin which was which. He held his swords at his side, but raised them only to strike down some circling scavengers who threatened the standing cloaked figure.

Orrin watched in curious fascination as the figure raised one of his swords and pointed to one of the bulbs on the wall. A slight motion of the pointing sword gave Orrin enough of an idea that perhaps they were something to be wary of. The figure's second sword at the neck of his downed enemy kept the scavengers at bay, but Orrin knew it would only be a matter of time before they took their chances and attacked.

His first instinct was to throw himself into battle, but he somehow sensed that this battle was somehow already over. A case made even more apparent when the figure raised their head and Orrin caught the glimpse of an eye and the shadow of a face staring at him.

"Run, Shian." The figure said ominously, "Now."

The figure raised his pointing sword as if to throw it and Orrin knew immediately what he was planning to do. The sight of many of the scavengers turning to flee gave him the impression that perhaps running was a prudent course of action. He turned and ran down the stairs as fast as he could when he was knocked off his feet by a massive boom and the shake of the tower around him.

Part of the ceiling began caving in and Orrin yelled at his fellow Shian to flee the tower as fast as they could. As soon as he reached the next level he ran out onto a balcony and looked up in absolute awe. The upper level had been almost completely blown away. The cries of winged scavengers filled the air as they retreated.

"By the lion …" Orrin said in disbelief.


Peter stood outside the center tower, looking up in amazement. The remnants of the explosion littered the ground in the center city of SharShian. King Firson was saved and under the circumstances, Peter was not surprised when King Firson apologized and asked Peter to make haste for Narnia. This was of course for Peter's own safety, even though the threat seemed to be over now.

Part of Peter was grateful for the early departure, as he would not need to continue his hesitant gestures of affection toward Eris. Yet he still made sure to make his official speech, thanking the Shian for their aid to Narnia and pledging himself to the future of both kingdoms.

Yet still one thing troubled him. He truly believed he had seen Edmund, yet it truly seemed that it could only have been a figment of his imagination. A figment Peter truly wished was real.

"Well, Edmund …" Peter said softly, "Maybe you were here. Even if it was just in my mind … or my heart. Maybe you were watching over me. Somehow I cannot help but feel you were."

Peter smiled, tears forming in his eyes. Tears of both sadness and joy. Sadness for the love he had lost. Joy for the love he once knew and somehow believed he still knew.

"I still feel you with me. The last few days have been worse than … than when I lost you again. I hope wherever you are …" Peter said, turning his head slightly as a warm rush of air brushed over his cheek.

He could feel something. Just for an instant. Something that made him feel as though perhaps Edmund was right here with him.

"I hope wherever you are, you know that I still think of you every moment. I love you, Ed." Peter said softly, sadly, "I love you."


Orrin approached Peter just as he was preparing to depart. Yet before he arrived at Peter's side to say goodbye, his eyes caught the slightest movement in the shadows. He immediately set out between two small civic buildings which he knew was a dead end alley.

Drawing his swords he stepped forward, when sure enough his eyes made out a figure in the shadows. A cloaked figure that he was somehow not surprised to see.

"Majesty! What is it?" Yelled Orrin's First Liege as he ran up behind him with a dozen soldiers.

Orrin stared at the shadows, his eyebrow raised in contemplation. He could almost see those eyes in the darkness staring back at him, as if waiting for Orrin to make the next move.

Orrin turned to his First Liege and sheathed his swords, "No. Just … shadows."

He smirked lightly to himself, nodding in thanks to the figure in the shadows. He turned and led his men out of the alley. He did not know who the cloaked figure was, but somehow he knew this was no enemy.

"Until we meet again, Stranger …"

- To Be Continued -

A/N: This is probably the last of Edmund's adventures in the Shian Kingdom. And it is definitely the last appearance of Peter(save for flashbacks or similar. I hope you enjoyed it.