A Pain That I'm Used To—Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own anything associated with BONES. The only things I own in this story are the characters that are not usually part of the series.

Author's note: This story picks up four months after Brennan's mom's funeral and is a sequal to my other story "Pieces". Hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Booth, Brennan and the squints investigate a double homicide. Booth also continues his search for answers concerning Brennan's parents.


A frustrated sigh escaped Seeley Booth's lips for the third time in less than a minute. Seated at his desk, Booth studied the file on Max and Ruth Keenan that had been created in the 1970s detailing their bank robbery expertise. He then glanced at the file that Brennan had given him on her parents, Matt and Christine Brennan. The Keenans and the Brennans were one in the same yet so very different.

The file on Matt and Christine Brennan was larger than it had been when Temperance had given it to him several months ago. She had asked for his help and he had done what he could with the little information he'd had. Then the case had blown wide open when Christine Brennan had been found…in "limbo" in the Jeffersonian.

Just when Booth thought that he and his partner had a handle on the case, Brennan's father, presumed dead by all, had called his daughter and begged her to stop looking into the matter…to stop looking for him. Booth leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes and rehashed the whole sordid affair, including Brennan's reaction...or maybe it was her lack of a reaction.

Booth had one of the best people at the Bureau attempt to trace Matt Brennan's call to no avail. The number had been traced to a disposable cell phone and that was as much information they had been able to obtain. Booth had also begun looking into who had actually taken Brennan out of foster care, since it obviously was not her grandfather.

Jacob Curry had proven to be an alias for the old man who had shown up at the Department of Children Services claiming to be Christine Brennan's father, demanding that Temperance be released into his custody. Booth had no photographs of the man to compare to any possible mug shots nor did he have any fingerprints to run through AFIS. His gut told him that the man had been a friend and probably a "work associate" of Max and Ruth's.

He knew that the man had died after Brennan had left for college and had been buried in Chicago. Booth had spoken with Cullen about having Jacob Curry's body exhumed months ago so that Angela could do a facial reconstruction on the skull, providing at least a visual identification. But the request had run into several problems and was tied up in so much government red tape that Booth wanted to scream, just literally scream his frustration away.

The ringing of his office phone dragged Booth from his thoughts. "Booth," he answered smoothly.

"Agent Booth, I need you in my office now," Cullen's voice boomed.

"New case sir?"

"Among other things." The dial tone of the phone indicated that Cullen was not in the mood for chit-chat. Booth sighed yet again as he stood up, grabbed his suit jacket and walked out the door.


"How many times have you called the Chicago field office this week, Agent Booth?" Cullen paced behind his desk, his hands clasped together behind his back.

"Several, sir. I'm just trying to get through all of this red tape on the case…."

Cullen stopped and studied the agent. "I told you that this exhumation business would take awhile. We have no real evidence that 'Mr. Curry' was involved in any sort of criminal activity, bank robberies or otherwise. Plus agents with the Chicago field office have to search for any possible next of kin, since you have so effectively proven that Dr. Brennan and her brother are of no relation to the man…"

"How can they search for a possible next of kin when we don't have any idea who the hell the guy really is? We're chasing our tails here! Running around in circles winding that goddamn red tape tighter and tighter!"

Now it was Cullen's turn to sigh. "Booth, I know that this case is important to you…for Dr. Brennan's sake. I really do understand that, but you know that we have protocols and procedures for a reason." He watched as Booth ran his right hand over his face in a tired manner. "Let me see what I can do to help. After all, one does not become Deputy Director of the FBI without the ability to pull a few strings."

Booth's grateful gaze met Cullen's. "Thank you sir. Anything you can do would be greatly appreciated."

Cullen nodded as he reached for a file and tossed it toward Booth. "You and Dr. Brennan have a case. Now get the hell out of my office."


Booth quickly entered the Jeffersonian Medico-Legal Lab and began searching for his forensic anthropologist. When he didn't find her in her office, he walked toward the platform area. He swiped his keycard and entered the platform area expecting to find Brennan but located her squint squad instead. Angela, Hodgins and Zach were standing around one of the computer terminals talking.

Angela's dark eyes spotted the handsome agent as he approached them. "Hey Booth, what's up?"

"Hey, sorry to interrupt the brain trust conference here, but where the hell is Bones?" Booth regarded the trio with a serious expression as he placed his hands on his hips.

"Dr. Brennan is giving a tour to one of the Jeffersonian's benefactors," Zach stated as he glanced up at Booth. "She should be back soon."

"A tour?" Booth scoffed at the image of Brennan as a tour guide.

"This guy is a major financial contributor to the Jeffersonian," Hodgins explained. "Every year he schedules a tour of the facility but only if Brennan—and I mean only Brennan—is available to take him around."

Booth stared at the curly haired doctor. "Be that as it may, his little 'tour de lab' does not take precedence over a double homicide investigation. By the way, all of you are going out to the scene…and why the hell is Bones the only person he'll tour the lab with?"

Angela smirked as Booth's obvious jealousy reared its handsome head. Since David was no longer in Brennan's life, Booth had managed to insinuate himself into her best friend's personal life a little more without any interruption. "He just always requests that Bren be the one to show him around…"

"He's a horny 78-year-old guy who likes looking at her butt as she walks in front of him," Hodgins stated with authority. "It's amazing what money can buy you."

"That's not very respectful. Dr. Brennan is a renowned forensic anthropologist and should be treated as such," Zach said forcefully. He found it disdainful that his mentor would be objectified in such a manner.

"Okay, ewww…" Angela grimaced. "Does Goodman know about that?"

Booth's lips twitched into a smile. "Better yet, does Bones know about it?"

"Well the guy did make it to seventy-eight without her beating the hell out of him…" Hodgins chuckled.

As the four of them stood laughing on the platform, Booth heard Brennan behind him.

"Okay, Mr. Moore, I hope this tour has aided in establishing where your considerable donations…" Brennan began her spiel, forcing a fake smile.

"It was entertaining as always my dear Dr. Brennan." The older man squeezed Brennan's left bicep as he walked past her to leave. "I appreciate your valuable time."

Brennan cringed slightly at being touched. It was one thing if she initiated physical contact, it was quite another when she did not invite it…well, with the exception of Booth. But then again, Booth proved to be the exception in several aspects of Brennan's life.

From his vantage point on the platform, Booth witnessed Brennan's reaction and stopped laughing. It was obvious to him that she was not comfortable being around the distinguished looking benefactor. He watched as the older man moved past Brennan, allowing his eyes to travel up and down her body before exiting the lab area.

"That son of a bitch…" Booth muttered as Brennan made her way to her office. "You three get your squint stuff ready to go…and take the Jeffersonian van so you can transport the bodies back here." Booth quickly left the platform area.

"Squint stuff? Would he like to narrow that down? That's like saying 'hey can you look at that dirt'," Hodgins huffed as he moved about looking for specimen jars to collect soil samples at the scene. Angela rolled her eyes as she left for her office to collect her camera and sketching utensils.

Booth entered Brennan's office about thirty seconds after the good doctor. "Bones! We've got a case…"

He stopped short when he saw her on the phone, holding one finger in the air at him, indicating she would be with him in a minute.

"Yes, Dr. Goodman, I realize you had a last minute meeting today. Next year when Mr. Moore and his hefty checkbook come back for yet another tour, if you happen to have another last minute meeting, then I would suggest rescheduling or canceling the tour." She paused as she listened to Goodman. "Fine, let's just say that Mr. Moore will not see his 79th birthday if you happen to be busy next year!" Brennan slammed down the phone and turned toward Booth. "What do you want?"

Booth stared at her for a moment, taking in her flushed face and angry eyes. "Uh, you okay Bones?"

"I'm fine. What do you want?"

"Oh, yeah, you're fine what with the yelling and the phone slamming…"

"Booth!" Brennan sighed, attempting to control her frustration. "Are you here about a case?"

He realized that she was not going to discuss what had occurred with Mr. Moore and how much it bothered her. "Yeah, Bones…double homicide in a small town near Richmond. The locals found two skeletons in unmarked graves."


"How what?"

"How did the locals manage to find two unmarked graves? Were they searching for the victims?"

"No, they received a letter and a detailed map that led them to the bodies."

Brennan quirked an eyebrow at him. "From the killer?"

Booth sat down on the couch in her office, preparing to answer any further questions she had.

"Yeah, that would be a good bet. I just hope this isn't a serial killer case." He watched as she collected her necessary tools and bag. "You ready to go?"

Brennan nodded as she walked past him and out of the office.

"Oh, yeah, she's fine…" he muttered as he exited the office to go find the other squints and give them directions to the crime scene.

More Author's Notes: I provided the name "Jacob Curry" for Brennan's "grandfather", as I don't recall his name being mentioned on the show.