Aki- A little rambling in second person. It was originally written as Rory thinking about Jess, but you can interpret whichever characters you want in there really. It is not too specific.

No Regrets

Sometimes you fancy the ideas of what if's, maybe's, and could have been's with him. Nothing serious. Just innocent daydreams with different scenarios of the future, but in the end you always came to the same conclusion. You were never meant to be.

Yeah, you had gotten along pretty well. Had some good times too. You had been friends. But the fact was, no matter how good the kisses were or how numerous the common interests had been or how he had his ways to make you smile, you were just teenagers and teenagers grow up and change.

You had loved him once, and maybe you still hold a place in your heart for him, but the disappointing fact was the sometimes love just isn't enough. And in this case, it wasn't.

So do you wish to redo those time in your life, as to avoid the heartbreaks, turmoil, and pain? Of course not.

Do you want to give up or forget what had with him? No, because that was part of your life, part of your past, part of who you are today.

If things had been different would you have maybe ended up together? Possibly. Anything's possible. But the fact was that neither of you had been ready when the other was. You just weren't in sync.

So you've had some times with him. Good times and bad times and just times. Times where he knocked you off her pedestal. Times he swept you off your feet. Time he caught you when you were falling. Times he threw you for a curve. Times he put you back together.

He stole your heart and broke it. He held you like fragile glass and then dropped you. He was faced with problems and ran away. He tried and failed. So did you.

You just weren't meant to be.

Any regrets?


Not because you don't believe in, them, but because you have nothing to regret