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Halliwells Meets the Winchesters!

For SuperNatural - Follows on from Swan Song Ending!

For Charmed - Wyatt and Chris have grown Up.

Chapter One: Carry on My Wayward Son!

Dean gulped down the alcohol in one swallow to feel it burn its way through his inside. He cannot believe he was so stupid to go with Sammy's plan. He should've found another way to stop Lucifer; he shouldn't have let Sam go in the first place…he felt his heart ache knowing that Sam may be suffering the same fate than he could've endured in Hell or maybe even worse, after all Sam is stuck with the Devil himself, who knows what he is doing to his Sammy. That thought alone killed him.

"You okay?" Lisa's voice interrupted him out of his thoughts.

"Yeah, I'm good." Dean replied back as he grabbed his glass to take another shot of his whisky, to burn down the guilt feeling that rose up, as Lisa took a seat on the table. Dean knew he promised Sam to have a life with Lisa and Ben, that's what he will do…or at least try to have for now but that doesn't mean he will stop looking for ways to bring Sam back.

So for the first time in Dean's life, he felt as if he's back home, where he belongs, with Lisa and Ben.

Sam watched his brother, it seemed like so natural for Dean to be with Lisa and Ben, it's like his family. Dean was on the road so long, Sam was afraid that Dean would never find the right person to settle down with, but he knew that his brother has finally found someone, but he also knew if he was to go knocking on that door….then Dean be out with him before his brother could even have a small chance of normal life, he always wanted.

When Lucifer took control over his body and when he thought everything was lost, Dean was there for him, to show that he will always be there for him and least Sam can do is let Dean have a normal life, a life without hunting monsters and demons.

Inhaling deeply, Sam turned around and walked away, not knowing where he's heading but he knows this time around, everything will be different, because he's different. No more demon blood or anything in him, it seems like whoever - if his theory is right, then God - pulled him out, cleaned everything out of him. He's free to live his life as dare he say it. Normal.

Stuffing his hands into his pockets, he inhaled the night's air as he walked on under the moonlit streets. Free to be him again, happy to have control over his movements and thoughts, Sam walked on with a smile on his face.

Meanwhile Up in the Heavens.

Paige Matthews let out an irritated sign as she waited calmly for the damn elders to make an appearance from their long meeting. They have called her up and told her to wait and yet no one is there to tell her what is going on.

Few months ago there was a demon convention in town, and apparently the elders informed the charmed ones that someone started the damn Apocalypse again, unleashing the four horsemen with it - to which Piper blew casket about seeing how she and Phoebe already dealt with them once - but also Lucifer himself. What was more intriguing or thunder shock was the fact, two angels Lucifer and Michael - who she may add thought was a myth - were going to fight each other on earth and turn earth into paradise when Michael defeats Lucifer. No more pain, no more suffering.

"Yeah, who are they kidding." Paige thought to herself. But from where she's standing, its seems like they have their own people working on this story, so why Involve them? What is this gotta do with her or her family, truth be told, it seems like they are completely different world from theirs.

Fine they are 'Charmed' and deal with 'SuperNatural' is kind of big but still they have lives.

Just then the large white door opened, releasing more wayward clouds into the place. Elders began to file out of the room, completely ignoring the young witch lighter, she was about to call out to one of them, when an elder approached her.

"Sorry to have kept you waiting but we the threat we feared has been eliminated, Lucifer has been sent back to Hell." The Elder said to Paige. "You may go whenever you please." with that note, the elder turned and disappeared leaving Paige with an open mouth.


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