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Chapter Nine - Though my eyes could see I still was a blind man!

Chris waved his hand, hoping to send the two men flying into the wall but only panicked when he found he couldn't….and then he realized, though he could see them, his powers were still not strong enough to work through the building walls, not like his brother's anyway.

"Erm…Wyatt!" Chris said tugging on Wyatt's sleeve, alarmed at the sight of two men trying to dunk the kid into bubbling oil.

"I've got it." Wyatt said waving his hand sending the three spiraling away from the oil as the men crashed into the wall cushioning Ben's crash.

Meg looked surprised when her minions flew backwards, crashing into the walls with the kid on tow. She looked around the crowd for the person that was responsible for the action but she found none. Ben got up and made a dash for door to get help…but before he can do so, a hand yanked him back by his collar, choking him by the force of the pull causing him to see blind spots.

"Let me go you dick, let me go!" Ben shouted before turning around to bite the arm that has got hold of him. The man didn't react with any pain. Curious Ben looked up to find the man stare at him with his complete demonic black eyes - before backhanding him so hard that Ben was on the floor trying to clear the blind spots that danced in front of his face.

"Don't do that!" The Man hissed as Meg looked turned her attention back to Dean.

Picking up the gun from the counter, she aimed it at Dean with a smirk.

"Say hi to your daddy!" Meg said cocking the gun, only to be startled when it went sailing out of her hand as if they were ripped out of her grip.

At this action, she began to look around - fear slowly seeping into her being. After all it's well known when someone messes with Winchesters, they could face the wrath of most powerful beings. However she doubted if it's their angel buddy. After all the sigils that have been painted outside not only stops the angels from penetrating but also their powerful Celestial magic.

Ben on the other hand was on his feet again - this time, he kicked the guy hard and tried for another escape but once again he was stopped, only by his biker friend. This guy was worse than his buddy, cause one punch - that all it took, to send the kid crippling to the floor unconscious as the body skid few feats on the floor from the impact of the punch.

Chris on the other hand, lost it when he witnessed this action, for a second Wyatt was taken back when he saw the lights around them flicker in and out – the rage that shone in the witchlighter eyes were very vivid. That's when he knew the demon have made a huge mistake, because his young brother can barely stand demons picking on innocents but a young kid…that's just another level.

Grabbing the exorcism spell out of his pocket, Chris began to chant the spell, only Wyatt noticed his young brother has altered the spell a bit and has grabbed hold of his hand.

"Demons souls hide behind an innocents face

These Witches magic cast you out of this Place

Powers of light, magic of right, help us fight,

Heed us well in this time of night,

Send these creatures to deepest pit of Hell in agony plight"

No sooner Chris finished the Spell, everyone inside the burger joint screamed - torrents of black smokes pouring out of them like water. As the two young Halliwells watched, all the possessed ones collapsed to the ground unconscious while the clouds of black smoke gathered along the ceiling, rumbling and groaning like an angry storm.

"Whoa!" Wyatt mumbled, as he watched the clouds in stunned surprise, when a red cobra like tentacles shot out of the ground, in various places and right before the boys' eyes, it began to suck the smoke into them like a vacuum cleaner - agony screams erupted from the clouds as the black smoke tried to get away from the tentacles. Within seconds, the sea of black clouds was no more and the tentacles disappeared back into the ground – resealing the ground as if they were never there in the first place.

"Nicely done lil bro!" Wyatt said ruffling Chris' hair.

"Now any plans on how to get inside?" Chris asked his brother, who simply shrugged as the wall returned to its original state, obscuring everyone from their sight. "Maybe…what if we tried to go through the door?" With that note, the young Halliwell rushed around the building. Wyatt simply followed his brother around the building; however the theory of getting through the door flew out of the window as Chris crash landed on top of one of the parked cars.

"Okay, no can do." Chris grimaced in pain as he pulled himself up.

"You okay?" Wyatt said helping his brother get off the car.

"Uh huh…" Chris said his voice surprisingly high and squeaky.

"Do you want me to heal you and make the booboo go away?" Wyatt asked in a babyish voice as Chris' eyes turned into a deadly glare, causing the blue eyes to widen in panic. "Maybe later than." with a snicker, Wyatt turned around.

"Wait, I've got it." Wyatt said as Chris hissed in pain. "The only reason we can't get it is because of these markings right?"

"Duh!" Chris said before he can stop himself as Wyatt glared at him. "I mean yes." Wyatt focused on the images - as Chris watched, every glowing talisman in the building disappeared. "What did you do?"

"Simply erased it." Wyatt shrugged as Chris looked at him.

"Not too bad!" Chris said limping away as Wyatt smiled and followed his brother inside.

However the moment he got inside, he forgot about his own pain when he saw the scene before him - from outside it didn't look this bad but stepping into the burger joint made it as if the scene of blood and gore has doubled in size.

Chris and Wyatt looked around - everyone there seemed unharmed except the kid and Chris' charge.

"I've got the kid!" Chris said rushing to the kid as Wyatt nodded and rushed to Dean. Chris pressed a finger to the kid's neck for pulse and exhaled in relief when he found one. Quickly holding his hand out, he concentrated on healing him - allowing the love he has for others to flow through him - just like his father taught him.

Wyatt on the other hand, tried not to flinch when he yanked the butcher knife out of the guy's hand, since it took immense amount of energy from the twice blessed to yank it out. Whoever attacked the guy with the knife must've used their entire body weight and power to get the knife to come out of his hand and latch itself on the wooden frame. He didn't even want to think about the pain the guy must've went through as Wyatt saw the large puddle of blood pooled around the floor. In fact the guy was covered in blood from chest to head; Wyatt didn't know which part to heal first. It seemed like as if he took a bath in blood. Wyatt checked for the guy's pulse and became alarmed when he found none but what's more alarming was when he saw the spirit of the guy standing right next to him.

"Err…Chris." Wyatt said as Chris finished healing the kid, who lightly stirred.

"What?" Chris said looking up only to crash to the floor.

"What the hell?" Dean asked as he looked at himself before looking towards Wyatt. "Who the hell are you?" Dean said before noticing all the demons - who are nothing but a crumpled pile of bodies. "What happened?"

"I'm Wyatt." Wyatt said just as Dean slowly began to levitate into the air. "And you're dead."

"What? Not again!" Dean said looking taken back at the information. Before throwing his hand up in frustration. "This is all a dream." Dean said as he slowly began to float upwards towards Limbo.

"Wyatt, heal him." Chris shouted as Wyatt quickly stretched his hand over the guy's chest and head.

"Dude, take your Pervy hands off my body!" Dean said as Wyatt's hands began to glow, but the comment only made Wyatt shake his head. "Oh…what the…" Dean began but didn't get the chance to finish since his soul was catapulted back into his body like a boomerang.


Chris flipped through the Book of shadows, his right arm folded in his chest, while his left arm is subconsciously rubbing his stubble as he drowned himself deep in his thoughts. He didn't know what he was doing there - so far he hasn't heard anything from his charge - well it had been two weeks since the incident at the café and so far, no signs of distress, well actually that guy's alarm always on 24/7. At first Chris didn't know whether he's panicking for small things or big things, but eventually he learned to rely on his instincts rather than the mind link with his charge's emotions.

Chris slammed the book close little hard than he intended. He doesn't know why he's standing in front of the book of shadows, usually it relaxes his mind to read things in the book, but for some reason he doesn't know what he was doing there….It seems like everyone is busy with something, only he had nothing to do. Even Wyatt is busy with his Charge, work and his girlfriend that he barely gets to see him. Melinda is busy with her boyfriend, college, and hanging around her friends to spend anytime with him - except the usual 'Hey Chris & bye Chris' or 'Chris why do you always leave the toilet seat up?' or 'Cant speak, busy." then again, he cant blame her, as the only girl Melinda grew up spending times with their cousins than her brothers. With the added bonus of them beating all the guys up that dared to date Melinda and pulling pranks on her, tag teaming her whenever possible.

But now Chris was actually lost of what to do….He got no job (unemployed - after walking out of the last job because his temper got the best of him) One damn charge, who can barely contain his emotions that sends Chris' radar into red 24/7, he doesn't have that many friends mainly because Chris have lost contacts with most of them due to his magical innocent protecting job - his best friend is Wyatt and Henry…he cant complain because family is always there, but now Henry is studying for his exam, so he can exactly go and annoy him and he is certainly don't want to hang out with his cousins, since he knows how that will turn out - they will drag him out shopping, drain his energy asking about what suits them best, talk about guys, make him their chaperon and carry most of their shopping, if that wasn't enough they would try to get him hooked with the possible girl that Chris finds attractive - thanks to his cupid cousins.

His aunts and dad have advised Chris to get to know his Charge more, at least on a face to face basis, but Chris knows he can't simply go and get himself introduced to Charge….well he could've when he had the chance but now…it's doubtful. His only excuse to his family was that he is taking a step back and watching over him far, after the little incident with their memory.

Wyatt has managed to erase Dean, his girlfriend and her child's memory - only to realize they have erased three days off their mind, so not wanting to interfere anymore, Chris took a step back to see if they need any magical assistance by dropping in whenever he can - but only he found out Dean's off on the road again, so he cant pop out in middle of nowhere in a motel to say what - I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I'd pop by to see if you need a hand. Chris knows the end result of that - a bullet embedded in his skull.

Grabbing the book, he made his way to his room, where his laptop sat open - with the bunch of papers of the fifth series of Supernatural. He had finished reading up to swan song - it was so interesting that he didn't put the papers down once he picked it up, except to sleep, eat and shower - it was almost interesting that he forgot that it was based on real life - by a prophet who wrote his charge life as it is…and now its up to him to help him out.

Although in the beginning he was worried about being published as part of the series as well, which means that their identity would've also been compromised to fit into the story - he is more pre-occupied by with how the hell Sam got out of Lucifer's cage, then worry about anything else. This only made him question whether it was God's doing or not – then again what has happened to god?

Just as Chris subconsciously flipped through the book, he simply glanced down at the page his hand landed in - which read in bold gold writing - "To Summon an Angel"

At this, Chris' eyes widened….and only one thought went through his head was… Castiel. The one Angel who had been with his Charge through thick and thin, rebelled to help them…when that thought occurred, Chris brain began to work overtime. If he could somehow get Castiel to persuade Dean to let him in - then he would able to easily watch over the hunter without the fear of getting his head blown up. After all it seemed like the hunter only trusted Castiel out of any other angels in creation.

Quickly skimming through the Page, he got up to collect the necessary herbs to summon himself an angel of the lord. Although the book only gave an incantation and general herbs to summon an angel - Chris knows he can't summon a random angel in existence, he needed Castiel - for that he needed things that would only be attract that Angel in existence towards him.

It took the young witch approx 3 hours to collect the necessary items - which he hoped it was worth it, after all he had been orbing all over the world to get the ingredients fresh as possible.

So once again standing in front of the potion table in the attic - Chris began his summoning ritual. Grabbing a large bowl - he began adding the ingredients that would work - few petals of Acashia, few fresh buds of chinaberry flowers, three buds of purple rose (for which he had to orb all over the place to find it - which he did in a wild, luckily) - but then he remembered - Castiel was a Thursday angel - it would be more effective on Thursday.

"Oh well who cares." Chris thought to himself as he carried on adding oils, and other sort of ingredients to the pot and finally a chalice of twice blessed water, with that note he began reciting the ancient spell.

Olain vmd ol oiad piripsax

Oe oiad vnig ol gassagen

Castiel solpeth ol vmd

Oe Oi Oali olani zodameta ils

There was a sudden gust of wind that ruffled everything in the attic, including Chris' hair - however the young witch's attention was turned towards the man in a beige trench coat - who stood in the middle of the attic - confusion clearly displayed in his wide blue eyes.


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