The forgotten fan

I sit alone beside your bed and read you poetry,

The healer says you're improving but you don't remember me,

The backfired spell, it took your looks and left you quite insane,

But you're more than just your looks you know, I love you just the same,

I push your locks back from your sky blue eyes and you show me that empty smile,

You have no idea who I am though I visit you once in a while,

You are a hero, the man of my dreams, your robes in impeccable style,

The wells deserved, five times winner of witch weekly's charming smile,

I used to write you every week and you'd reply to every letter,

But now your fame has disappeared I like you even better,

The other witches sent you flowers and wished for your good health,

But after a while they disappeared and left me by myself,

Your fans are gone, those fickle dames, you're no longer a heartthrob,

The most attention you get these days is from the healer who takes your mouth swab,

Your days are filled with emptiness, you don't even know your name,

No one wants your autograph or to hear about the dragons you've slain,

Although you were famous you still knew your roots which made you such an amazing man,

So I devote my life to you, as you're single forgotten fan.