How far will you go?

Chapter one:Tidus & Yuna forever

Yuna sat on a beach on the edge of Luca. Even the sheer beauty of the sunset failed to cheer her up. She was afraid. What if she couldnt defeat Sin? How could she face the dissapointment of every one who believed that she could bring the eternal calm? What if she... no it was too painful to think about. She sighed. She shouldnt feel like this, people looked up to her. She couldnt feel like this. But no matter how hard she tried she couldnt lift thissorrow. Apart from being afraid she also felt guilty for snapping at Lulu earlier, when she was only concerned for her.She hung her head.It felt as though she would never be happy again.

'Watcha doin' a familiar voice called over to her. Just the sound of Tidus' voice made her fell 100x better. Tidus' wasnt officialy one of her guardians, but Yuna knew he would protect her with his life. There was just something about him that made her want him around. Maybe it was his relaxed nature or the way he made Yuna feel she could do anything, but despite this she didnt want him to see her like this. She hastily wiped away the tears that glistened evenin the fading light.

'Hey wats up?' Tidus asked concerned sitting next to her.

After some hesitation Yuna repied 'Its just ... im afraid.'

'Dont worry Yuna youre the best summoner out there!' Tidus assured her.

That made Yuna smile. It was amazing how Tidus always had confidence in her, even if no one else did. 'Sorry you had to see me like this' she apolagized.

'Remember what you told me when i was upset or afraid?' Tidus asked.

'Yes ... to smile'

'You betcha, so how about it?' Tidus urged.

'Okay ... I shall try.'

'Come on you can do it, just think of all the happiness you'll bring after defeating Sin. Tidus reassured her. Or you could think of when i tried to do a Jecht shot and totally messed up!

As he said this Yuna broke into a broad grin.

'Woah that is the most beautiful smile i've ever seen, i told you you could do it!' Tidus told her. At this Yuna blushed but was smiling all the same. It was hard to think she had been upset just moments before.

'Now lets hear that laugh.'

Immediatly Yuna burst into laughter, but it wasnt the forced kind of laughter, it was genuine. Soon enough they were both rolling in the sand with laughter.

Wakka and Lulu were watching from the distance.'Amazing.' Wakka breathed unable to believe what he was seeing.

'How did he get Yuna to cheer up like that? Lulu asked. She wouldnt even speak to me.'

'You know what i think it's love...'

They eventually stopped laughing. 'Thank you Tidus for making my journey full of laughter.'

'No problemI enjoy making you happy, Tidus answerd. Oh yeah I almost forgot. Tidus reached into his pocket. Close your eyes' he told Yuna. He pulled out a silver necklace matching his own. On it were the words Tidus & Yuna forever engraved on it. He gently placed it around her neck. She opened her eyes and gasped in shock.

'Tidus ... I ... it's beautiful, but why did you get it for me?' Yuna finally managed to ask.

'Today is the day we first met.' Tidus said simply.

'I ... (she hugged Tidus) thank you.' she whispered.

'And if we get seperated you can just look at the necklace and know that i'll be thinking of you'.

Yuna was totally lost for words, all she could do was smile.

'Yo kiddo's it's past your bedtime! Wakka called. Hey Tidus make sure you get lots of rest 'cus tommorow is the day we make the goers goners!'

'We sure are!' Tidus replied.

'Oh it's the blitzball finals tommorow isn't it?' Yuna asked.

'Yep the big one'

'Im going to cheer you on' Yuna said.

'Great! Tidus said beaming getting up. Oh and if i score and i celebrate like this (he demonstrates) that means it's for you' Tidus said winking.

Once again Yuna was lost for words as Tidus walked away.

Yuna felt so great she almost skipped to her bed. It was hard to imagine she had ever been upset. She went to bed smiling about the night, clutching her necklace.