PE: A more civilized and canon-lover part of me keeps screaming, "No! It's wrong since he's a bazillion years older than her!"
Yet, the crack-fic-crazed and mega-yaoi fan part keeps replying, "Shut up. It's cute and even you know it."

I'll have to agree with the crack-fic-crazed one.

Warnings, if any:

Implications of Naru/Hina, Sasu/Hina, and Kaka/Hina
Rated K+ for simplicity, my idiot author note, and Kakashi's mind.
And uber-shortness.

This is the type of fic you just have to read slowly, line by line. Maybe re-read it again, just to catch the little details...


In the young lady's shock of bumping into someone, she dropped her bag of groceries. The older man with silver hair turned, removing his eyes from his orange book for a moment.

"Oh. I'm s-sorry, K-kakashi-sensei..." Bending over quickly, the pallid girl started to pick up the items on the ground. Sighing to himself, the man put away his past form of amusement to help.

"It's fine." Under the mask, he smiled at her. Kakashi saw her face, which was a bright red, and chuckled quietly. 'Isn't this the girl who likes Naruto? Hmm...'

Their hands touched when they went for the same package of instant ramen but her hand quickly was pulled back. He picked it up for her and as the last item, placed it in the sack she was carrying.

"Do you need help with that? I could get Naruto or Sasuke to carry it for you." The jounin saw her blush at the offer. The bag did look quite heavy.

Hinata shook her head. "No th-thank you, K-kakashi-sensei. I'm sorry for bumping into t-to you..."

Kakashi waved a hand, supposedly to it's fine, when an innocent light bulb burnt through in his porn-infused mind. 'Well...'

"Actually, since it's just the afternoon, do you mind doing a small favor?" He pulled a small, orange scroll from his pocket. "After you drop off your groceries, can you give this to Naruto and Sasuke? It's a scroll I've been meaning to give to them, but I always forget. They're just training by the usual place."

She blushed even more furiously (if that's possible) and after a while of deciding, nodded. Kakashi placed the scroll in her free hand and patted her indigo hair.

"Now...can I count on you, Hinata-chan?"

A nod.

"Thanks. If Naruto or Sasuke says something mean to you, just tell me or Sakura and we'll beat them up, ok?"

Hinata giggled and her pearl eyes became softer.

"All right. Take care, Hinata-chan."

For once, she smiled at him. Though it was shy and quite innocent (which his perverted-ness would risk tainting), she was very cute. Heading in the other direction he was supposed to, a glint on the sun caught off her dark hair. The silver-haired jounin looked at Hinata's short figure for a while, before his hand snaked its way for his favorite book.

'Nah...Kurenai would kill me...'

I was so happy.
You smiled at me in a simple conversation,
And your tears dried up and were replaced with your soft laugh.

Since your sorrow has gone away,
Even for a small while,
Then I've become your jester.

Now that you are so innocent and cheery,
I ask and that is,
What can I do for you?