This story is a sequel to You Set US Up. Elliot and Olivia have been dating exclusively for six months and Brian and Casey have an on again off again relationship. Elliot is ready to move their relationship to the next level. Is Olivia ready to make the biggest commitment of her life? The Unit Christmas party is coming up will that be his opportune moment or will they take their separate ways again?

Olivia: Good morning guys. Good morning Elliot.

Elliot: Good morning sweetie.

They kiss each other and then Cregan calls the four of them into his office.

Cregan: Well the Christmas party is tonight is everyone coming?

Olivia: We'll be there!

Fin: I might be running in late but I'll show.

John: Yeah sure. I am Jewish but what the heck.

Elliot: You're a good sport John.

Everyone laughs at the comment and then they get to work.