"Bonbons!" said the Doctor confidently, but the Gargoyle that stood in front of the passage to Dumbledore's office remained stationary. "Oh…"

"What is it?" enquired Rose, looking at the Doctor's confused face.

"I'd forgotten how much time must have passed since we last met, he would have changed the password several times over," said the Doctor, furrowing his brow. "Well, it always has something to with Muggle sweets, so what could it be?" The Doctor thought for a couple of seconds. "Sherbet Lemon?" There was no reaction from the statue. "Walnut Whip?" Nothing.

"Err…Opal Fruits?" suggested Rose. "Gummi bears?"

"Mars Bars!"

"Cola bottles!"


"Kinder Surprise!"


Still, the gargoyle did not move from his position, but smiled in a cheeky way. "No password, no entry!"

"No password, no entry!" Mimicked the Doctor. "Get –"


The Doctor and Rose spun around to see that ginger boy from the Common Room, Ron, running down the corridor toward them with some speed.

"What do you want, kid? Some alien that needs taking care of?"

"No." Ron stopped suddenly in front of them. He wasn't even panting from all the running. "I was just wondering how to get into your T.A.R.D.I.S."

"Nah, you don't wanna go in there. Just a bunch of knobs and dials and a time vortex. Nothing interesting," said the Doctor casually.

"You will tell me." The tone of Ron's voice changed, and sounded almost different.

"No, I won't." The Doctor turned around to face the gargoyle again, continuing to think about the password.

Ron smirked. "Fine, if you won't tell me, I'll force it out of you." He jumped at the Doctor with superhuman speed and tackled him to the ground. He rolled the Doctor over, grabbing his neck and staring into his eyes, his wand pointed at his head. Rose attempted to kick Ron of but he blasted her away with a hand motion before she even raised her leg. She was blasted down the corridor, hit the stone floor and rolled down a few steps. She picked herself up, rubbing a graze on her face and began running back up the corridor.

"TELL ME HOW!" Ron screamed. This time, his voice was definitely different; high pitched, cold, and as the Doctor wrestled with him, he swore he saw his eyes flash red. He reached for the Sonic Screwdriver, but Ron shouted "Petrificus Totalus!" and all the Doctor's moves ceased. Ron got up and stood away from the Doctor now. "Maybe your companion knows." He turned to his left and pointed his wand at Rose, but before he could say anything, two spells hit him in the back and he was blasted back into the gargoyle and knocked unconscious.

"Watch what the bloody hell you're doing!" the Gaygoyle yelled at Harry and Hermione, who were now running down the corridor with their wands out. "I ought to tell Filch you've been duelling in the corridors!"

"But this is obviously a situation that requires it," said Hermione stubbornly. She performed a counter-curse on the Doctor and Rose caught up with the scene.

"What's the matter with him?" panted Rose, looking down at Ron's body.

"I don't know, but it's not good at all," said the Doctor, sitting up and rubbing his neck. "We'll have to get him to Dumbledore. That is, if we can get in his office. Do either of you two know what the password is?" He asked, looking up and Harry and Hermione.

"Well…no," said Harry, "none of the students do. But you can take a guess, it's always to do with Muggle sw-"

"Sweets, yes, I know," said the Doctor exasperatedly, standing up. Harry and Hermione looked at each other, thinking about what the password could be.

"…Skittles?" said Hermione hopefully.

The gargoyle rolled its eyes and moved out of the way, revealing the spiral staircase to Dumbledore's office.

"Finally!" said the Doctor excitedly. He and Rose started dragging Ron's body up the stairs.

"Here, I'll help," said Hermione, performing a charm to make Ron float, which knocked Rose back a couple of stairs as he rose. "Sorry!"

"You're not coming, this is personal," said the Doctor, shooing Harry and Hermione away. "Besides, you're kids, you don't do the whole fighting evil and stuff, you'd just be a bother." Hermione and Harry looked at each other and smirked.

"Believe me, we have plenty of experience with that," said Harry, amused. "Besides, you've reeled us in now, and we're coming with you whether you like it or not."