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Sakura's POV

I was running, I was running as fast as my legs could carry me. It was to get away from HIM. I raced along the dark streets as I heard him coming closer. All of the sudden my legs gave out on me and wouldn't move. Then I felt a cold hand on my shoulder.

"DUNUNUNUNUNUNUNU BATMAN!" My alarm clock screeched, Naruto had messed with it... AGAIN. I groaned and sat up. Every night the same nightmare, every night it ends at the same spot. I sighed and got up, when was Naruto going to get out of this Batman phase?

Only two more days until school started, and it would be my sophmore year at Konoha High. I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Not bothering to wait for it to heat up, I'll just wake up faster which is what I needed; that or a caramel macchiato. After feeling somewhat refreshed, I stepped out of the shower (after turning it off) and heard my cell phone ringing. I ran over there towel and all and answered it,


"Sakura-chan!!! You'll never guess what!!!" Naruto. Just what I need, extreme hyperness in the morning before I'm even up. Now all I need is for him to drag me to some Batman convention and I'd be set. What happened to just ramen making him happy? That was manageable... Curse me for taking him to see Batman Begins!

"Naruto, will you please stop yelling in my ears?! Honestly, how can you be so hyper in the morning?" I asked somewhat calmly.

"My friend who moved to the U.S is moving back!" Naruto said excitedly, as if he had just completely not heard me. Despite my annoyance, I could vaguely remembering him mentioning a while back that before I moved here his best friend had moved, I guess this was him.

"That's great Naruto! I have to go."

"Why? I want to tell you about my friend!"

"Naruto, I'm freezing cold in a towel."

"Oh... well, are you still going shopping with Ino later? I want you to meet him and all four of us could do something instead of shopping!"

"Well, Ino doesn't like plans being changed last minute, but Naruto, you can still come if you want to, I'm pretty sure you'll love Victoria's Secret. Oh, and I have to pick up a few feminime products." I said with a small smile, this was the best way to end a conversation with Naruto.

"Uh... Sorry Sakura-chan! I uh have to go, uh, make my bed!" Naruto said before rapidly hanging up, he had never went shopping with me again after the first time he had to go to Victoria's Secret. Well, unless it was grocery shopping, then he'd come with me and manage to get me to buy some instant ramen.

I went over to my dresser and got dressed before grabbing my silver necklace off the top of the dresser and putting it on. I could almost see my mom giving me this thing. She gave it saying that I needed to wear it everyday, no matter what. Somehow it would keep me safe; in my opinion it was just a really cute necklace and nothing more, I mean how could a necklace keep me safe?

"Time to go see Ino," I said to myself, literally.

Yep! I.S. said in my mind. I.S. is my inner voice, she speaks almost if she had a mind of her own. Of course, I've never told anybody about this; voices in your head usually ment you were crazy.

Hearing a horn honk out front, I realized I was still standing dripping wet in a towel; Ino was going to be mad if I wasn't out the door in a minute. Frantically I got ready and ran out the door, ready to greet the day.


The First Day of 10th Grade.


Sakura's POV

"DUNUNUNUNUNUNUNUNU BATMAN!" Was the first thing I heard that morning, I had changed it back (because this has happened before) to a standard beeping noise but Naruto unfortunately had changed it back once again to Batman. How he knew I had changed it back, I don't want to know.

I went into the bathroom and took a quick shower, and I got dressed in the school uniform, a black shirt with a white design going up the side with a deep blue bow (that can be worn on the shirt or in the hair) and a matching skirt with the same white design going around the bottom. Not that great of a uniform. I grabbed my necklace and put it on and headed downstairs to the kitchen. Hm, what to have for breakfast?

I grabbed a pack of smores poptarts and grabbed my backpack and headed out the door when I heard a honk, 'Time for my first day in 10th grade.'

Do you think Naruto's friend will be hot? I.S. thought to me.

'That's all you can think about? I don't know how you're me.' I thought sighing. I went to the car, it was Naruto's day to drive and as I approached the car I saw Hinata, Naruto and someone else I had never seen before staring out the window on the other side of the car. Just by his posture I could tell he was a bit annoyed; not that I could blame him, the driver of the car is a bit of a morning person.

"Hey Sakura-chan!" Naruto yelled to me excitedly, I could see him holding a Starbucks cup in his hand, something told me he had had a lot of coffee before coming to get me. I felt a bit more sorry for his annoyed friend; something told me that the two had been catching up this past weekend, even if his friend didn't want to. Having to put up with a hyper Naruto for more than a day could grate on anybody's nerves.

"I am right by you Naruto." I said punching him on the top of his head. Our little way of greeting.

"Hey, what was that for?" Naruto whined, puting his hands on the top of his head and pouting.

"For making me deaf, I'll send you the bill for my hearing aid later." I said as I got into the back. Hinata had the passenger seat in the front, Naruto was driving and the still silent boy was in the back beside me, not looking out the window anymore, but instead staring at Naruto smirking.

"Oh yeah! This is Sasuke." Naruto said finally introducing me to silent boy wonder. I got a good look at him. He had black hair that spiked up in the back, onyx eyes, pale skin, tall and he looked like he worked out. Not like he had the whole muscle man thing going on but you could tell he worked out. He had the boy's school uniform on; a black polo shirt with the white design similar to the one on the girl's uniform, black pants, black shoes, and a dark blue tie.

He's hot!

'Well yeah, but is it me or does he kind of have a emo look to him?'

Yeah, you should give him a hug... and whatever else he wants.

"Oh and duck ass? This is Sakura-chan." Naruto said looking at him and pointing to me, Sasuke didn't even spare me a glance and just glared at Naruto. I gave him a glare for ignoring me, but laughed at the comment. Almost instantly he switched his glare from Naruto to me, I shivered that glare was creepy; something told me he wasn't that friendly. Something also told me he was also the goth/emo type.

"You're not very well-mannered for a girl." he said looking at me, Naruto and Hinata instantly paled. He had just crossed the line on his first sentence to me; that took talent.

"Well, duck ass, you're not very well-mannered for a person." I shot back, glaring at him, he may be cute (even as a goth/emo type) but he was going on my, 'People I hate' list.

"H-Hey Sakura, do want to go shopping this weekend?" Hinata quietly asked and instantly I calmed down and put on my seatbelt. After maturely sticking my tongue out at him.

"Okay!" I said smiling.


Sasuke's POV

I stared at the pink-haired girl. She was... different to say the least. She had been sending me a death glare and now she was back in her seat with her seat belt sitting there calmly. Weird. She apparently wasn't a fan girl either, that became apparent when she stuck her tongue out at me.

My gaze then drifted to her neck, a silver cross with flowers going around it. I looked at it and thought, 'She can't be.'

"Sakura what is your last name?" I asked. Naruto was already driving but he got a confused look on his face when I looked at him in them mirror. I NEVER had shown any interest in a girl so this was new for him, and me for that matter.

"Haruno duck ass you got it? Haruno."



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I am clearing something up, Naruto picked her up because she, him and Hinata rotate driving eachother around to save money on gas.