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Sakura's POV


"Sakura, I..." he said kneeling down before unceremoniously picked me up, "Caught you."

"What?" I asked and then my mind registered something, we were still playing capture the flag! I gave a sigh of relief, now I'd be taken to 'jail' where there were other people, and then sooner or later I'd be rescued and head back to the girls side. Plus, with some luck I might see Naruto, a.k.a. fox demon who could save me, and tell him the whole situation!

Still, if Gaara didn't get me to the jail in time and Sasuke reached us before then... what could Gaara do? A human going against a vampire without holy water, a cross, a stake, or a bible seemed like a hopeless battle. I mean, we had my cross, but what could we do? Throw it at him? The thing needed to be around my neck to be able to protect me from being bitten!

"Go faster!" I yelled at Gaara and he looked at me with a confused look on his face. Well, he probably was, considering the fact that most girls would have been trying to claw their way out of his grasp right now.


"Because... because I really need to go to the bathroom, and if I go to jail, I don't need to worry about being caught again and the other guys will surely let me go to the bathroom!" I said to him, and he looked at me before changing directions.

"Where are we going?!" I asked him, this wasn't my desired reaction.

"We're going back to the school."


"You said you needed to go to the bathroom, didn't you? It'd be better if you went and then we go to the jail, otherwise somebody would just have to escort you and we'd lose more guards leaving us more vulnerable to attack..." Gaara said rambling on about this.

Gaara seems intent on victory.

"But aren't you on offense? You should just drop me off where people are at jail and then go on the front lines and attack! I can hold it!" I said, trying to get him to turn around. It wasn't working.

Pretty soon we were standing before the deserted school building, and Gaara set me down as we got inside.

"So Sakura, where's your necklace?"

What an odd question.


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Sasuke's POV

Every part of my body was on fire, and not just my arm, as I dragged myself back to where the guys were. By now Sakura probably had gotten caught as she went through here (probably by tripping or something) and was at the 'jail.' I could simply tell the guard that plans had changed and I was guarding the jail and could talk to her there, if nobody else was caught, that is.

Hey Boss, where's Sakura-chan? The other girls are getting worried.

'She's probably in jail right now.'

Naruto suddenly appeared (scouting maybe) and grinned when he saw me.

"Hey Sasuke-teme, did you catch Sakura?" he asked me, and I frowned for two reasons.

A) If I had caught Sakura, wouldn't she be with me right now?

B) If they hadn't caught Sakura yet, then where was she?

"Dobe, does it look like I caught her?" I snapped at him and he frowned.

"Oh, well Gaara probably caught her then, he said he thought he saw something pink awhile back and said he'd go after her. Wonder where he is..."


Naruto studied me for a minute, he could tell something was up. His eyes traveled to my arm before I could cover up the cross mark and he snarled.

"Sasuke... you have some explaining to do." he fiercely whispered. His eyes were already red, and if I didn't explain, he'd definitely go demon on me.

"Dobe, I didn't hurt Sakura." I quickly said, but it didn't do much.

"Then where is she and how the Hell did you get that?" He growled, his teeth slowly losing there human attributes and becoming more canine-like.

"Naruto, she's going to be bitten any minute now unless we find her!"

This seemed to calm him down a lot.


Sakura's POV

"My necklace? Oh, uh, the chain kind of broke and now it's in my pants pocket." I said with a sheepish grin. I reached into my pocket to pull it out, but found that it too had fallen out, "Uh... Where did it go?" I mumbled to myself, I fished around in my pocket for a minute and discovered something.

A hole.

Is it me or does our luck suck?

I felt a rush of air beside me and before I could react, I felt something on my neck.

Well more like scratching it.

"G-Gaara?" I stuttered dropping the nickname, there was no way that he was a vampire too!

'Our luck does suck and my life is starting to become pretty predictable.'

Then I felt icy hot pain in my neck and all went black.

This sure isn't how the dream had gone.


Sasuke's POV

"Naruto, can you track any faster?!" I asked him, Naruto and I decided that we'd be best off getting into our demon forms so we could search for Sakura much more efficiently, but Naruto didn't prove to be that great of a tracker.

"Well, let's think about this from Gaara's point of view. If he had gotten Sakura, he wouldn't want to kill her or turn her where anybody could appear at any moment, so, he probably would take her to the school or someplace like that where nobody was..." Naruto rambled on, but then stopped and we looked at each other before taking off in the direction of the school. Sometimes, Naruto amazed me, idiot one minute, borderline genius the next.


Tsunade's POV

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I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that something was wrong, horribly wrong.


"Tsunade, when was the last time you saw Sakura?" he asked me, dead serious, "Because I haven't seen Sasuke, Naruto or Gaara for quite some time now."

No Sakura, and then all three of the demons at our school, missing, uh oh.

"Jiraiya, we need to check this out." I said to him. He nodded, and we both 'casually' headed of towards the woods.

Once we were hidden from sight, Jiraiya transformed into a white, furry, mutt.

"They're at the school." Jiraiya said after only one sniff from the air. You got to love a wolf demon's senses.

"Well, c'mon!" I yelled, already way ahead of him. Nobody was going to hurt Sakura.

Not while I was in charge of the Council of Three at least.


Sasuke's POV

In a matter of minutes we burst onto the scene, Sakura lay sprawled out onto the floor, blood pouring from her neck with Gaara a few feet away, out cold. I tried to shake away the blood lust that I got from simply the smell of her blood.

"What happened?!" Naruto asked, frantically picking up Sakura, bridal style, covering the fang wound on her neck. I glared at Gaara and stomped over to him, he was going to pay, conscious or not. Naruto studied Sakura for a minute, "Sasuke-teme, something's not right, how did Gaara become unconscious? Sakura doesn't even have her cross necklace on her." he asked me, something was wrong; there was no way that she could overpower a vampire.

"Ugh... my head's killing me..." said a small voice. We both looked at Sakura; she came to pretty fast. I changed back into my human form, so I wouldn't put Sakura into shock mainly, but Naruto stayed the way he was; demon and all, "Naruto? What happened to me? And..." she continued, turning her head over to me.

'She's acting relatively calm considering her best friend is a demon and she has a still-bleeding wound on her neck.'

"Who's that?" she asked him, Naruto and I both looked at her.

"W-What? Sakura-chan, you remember Sasuke, don't you?" Naruto asked frantically, but she gave him a blank stare.

"Sas-uke?" she asked, sounding out the syllables.

This wasn't happening.


Tsunade's POV

Jiraiya and I came into the school to see an unconscious Gaara, a confused Sakura and both Naruto and Sasuke giving her an incredulous stare.

"What's happened here?" I demanded to know; Sasuke turned and was shocked to see Jiraiya in his demon form. Well, I guess he did need to be filled in on some things... Naruto turned to me and was the first to speak.

"Tsunade-baa-chan, (a/n that's what he calls her, right?) Sakura doesn't remember Sasuke!" he exclaimed, I stared at him, was he serious?

"And for the matter of me not knowing people... Who the hell is that?" she asked, pointing to Gaara. Now this was just plain weird, her not knowing just TWO people? One being her boyfriend and the other, a childhood friend? Both were vampires though, odd coincidence.

Jiraiya and I stared at them for a minute before I snapped out of it, "Jiraiya, go get Orochimaru, he might have a better idea of what's happened here than either of us." I told him, he gave me a nod and ran off.

This was going to be a long day, where was Shizune with my sake when I needed it?


Two hours later

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Sasuke's POV

I sat at Sakura's desk staring at her, 'How can she not remember me?' I glanced at Gaara, 'or him for that matter.'

Naruto, Gaara and I (after Gaara awoke) were ordered to take Sakura home and watch over her, even though Gaara had tried to suck her blood. Why? According to Orochimaru, it was safer to have three demons watching over her than nothing right now, but of course he didn't elaborate so we were left in the dark. Then he did something to Sakura causing her to pass out and Tsunade bandaged her wound after putting some holy water in it so she wouldn't become a vampire.

"Okay! Another question, how do you put a elephant in a refrigerator?" Naruto asked, as stressful as this day had been, we were bored out of our minds watching over somebody who was asleep. Gaara glared at Naruto before answering.

"You don't, you just crush the person who asks the damn question." he said irritably, even Gaara who doesn't speak more than a word or two in a sentence was getting annoyed by now; from Naruto's annoying questions and from 'The Council of Three' (as Naruto explained to me who they were and what they were called) not telling us anything.

"Ha! No, you open the refrigerator, put the elephant in and close the refrigerator! Wait..." Naruto explained, but then realized what Gaara had said and started to glare at him.

"Gaara, are you sure you didn't see what knocked you out?" I asked him suddenly and Gaara frowned.



'I would have been able to see and beat whoever knocked him out.'

It was strange to know that if I had actually bitten Sakura... I would have owned her. Gaara knew that and he still was about to go through with, if he hadn't been knocked out, but would I? I didn't know if I would or wouldn't, and that's what scared me. Was she, a mere human, changing my goals in life? Without a doubt she'd hate whoever bit her with a passion, no matter whom, because she'd lose her freedom. Would I take away her freedom? I don't even know anymore. She would be owned by somebody, she might not be even a queen; she could just end up being a mistress, or worse, dead.

Then, there was the Council of Three, a demon, a demon hunter and a human to keep the balance; Jiraiya, Orochimaru (didn't take a genius to figure that out) and Tsunade. They were the ones who came up with how things should be done, and almost nobody had say over them. They even knew who was who (Sakura being the girl hunted, Naruto being a fox demon, and Gaara and I being vampires) and what was happening. Tsunade had been put in charge of Sakura to protect her from any vampires that may come as a temporary position, but Naruto would be the one to actually protect her when she grew up. So why in the world was somebody so 'wise' to be in the Council of Three deciding that two vampires (mainly Gaara) should be protecting her?

I wanted to know that and one other thing.

Why had Sakura forgotten me?


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Sakura's POV


I was running after a figure, his back turned to me and I couldn't see his face, and no matter how hard I ran, he was still far away.


The person didn't seem to hear me and just kept going, and soon disappeared.

I started to run after there where they had disappeared, but fell forward. For some reason, I was expecting to be caught but I met the cold, hard ground.

I was alone.

Suddenly, I saw a hand, well a paw, reach down to help me up. Smiling, I grabbed it and met the ocean-blue eyes of Naruto grinning, "Don't worry, he'll come back."


But Naruto didn't answer my question and as soon as I blinked, he was gone and I was once again alone.


The next morning


Sasuke's POV

Naruto had nodded off (some 'protector') while Gaara and I had managed to keep watch on her all night (while having a glaring contest). Sakura still slept on, and we had known as much as we had known last night. For instance, why were we protection her? Why wasn't it just Naruto, the Council of Three knew something we didn't that they weren't telling us and I intended to find out.

I stood up, causing Naruto to jolt up and look around while Gaara merely looked in my direction.

"Where are you going Sasuke-teme?"

"To get some answers." I answered and walked out the door...

…Into Tsunade's chest.

"And where do you think you're going Mr. Uchiha?" she scolded. I rolled my eyes and went back into the room. Tsunade walked in followed by Jiraiya and Orochimaru and looked over to Sakura, "She should be out for quite awhile, and we can just say what happened earlier when she woke up was just a dream..."

At first, none of us realized what that meant, but when it did, Gaara was the first to speak out.

"What do you mean, 'Just a dream'? Sakura doesn't remember Sasuke," he said and while saying, he glared at me, "Or I. There's no way she'd believe that once she saw us."

"That's because, you two are going." Tsunade said, pointing at both Gaara and I. We stared at her, shocked, how could she expect us to leave?

"We have discussed this and decided on the best choice. You two are leaving this town while Naruto protects Sakura. That is, until she enters college." Jiraiya finished. We stared at them, what the hell?

"But Tsunade," I started, dropping the 'sama', "Why the Hell are we leaving Konoha?"

"Because we need you two to tell other vampires while you are gone two things, one being that Sakura is not to be hunted or even searched for for three years, and the other is to be on guard." Tsunade explained and we stared at her, what did a vampire need to be on guard for?

"On guard from what?" Gaara questioned her.

"Itachi, he's the reason Sakura can't remember either of you." Tsunade told us, I snarled and slammed down my fist on a table, first my mother and now Sakura. The bastard would pay when I found him, and to think that he was at our school, he would pay. Why didn't he suck her blood though after he knocked out Gaara, why did he just erase some of her memories and why didn't he kill Gaara?

"How could have Itachi made Sakura forget about us? No vampire can do that." Gaara asked, well, more like stated. Tsunade sighed and looked over to me before answering him.

"Its because he has the Mangekyou Sharingan. He must've used it on her, and instead of traumatizing her, he must have messed with her head just so she couldn't remember the two of you. Probably because you two are her two love interests."

I ignored the fact that Gaara was in Sakura's 'love interest' category because of one thing and one thing only.

"How does Itachi have the Mangekyou Sharingan?"

The question took Tsunade by surprise; she obviously hadn't expected me to question that. She stood there for a minute before turning and slowly answering me, "Sasuke, why do you think you aren't the king right now? Don't you think that if we knew about you already, you'd be on the throne?"


"Sasuke, your mother, Uchiha Mikoto, wasn't your father's wife, she was just his mistress. That's how you have the sharingan, and even though you are considered royalty, you have only half royal blood running in your veins. Itachi has royal blood in his veins which is why he is able to obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan if he does what is needed for it and probably would have been the king too if he hadn't killed the entire royal family."

"Wait, is Itachi's father... my father too?"


"That bastard is my half-brother?"


This just made me hate the bastard all the more, now I hated him even more because this was turning into some soap opera!

After some more arguing, Tsunade finally demanded that we go, telling us she at least wanted Sakura to have a high school education before she was bitten and have to accept her queenly duties, that or be dead. Then, we went over the plans and it was decided that we would leave the next morning. Tsunade would tell everybody at the high school that Sakura had had an accident and couldn't remember some things, such as Gaara and I (and anything relating to us) and that nobody should mention anything. Not much of a plan in my opinion. Then, to protect Sakura from Itachi (and any other vampire for that matter), Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru were making a cross bracelet, earrings and necklace (and they had even gotten a new chain for her old necklace).

I took one last look at Sakura and left the house to pack, Tao following.

Boss, why do we have to leave Sakura-chan?

'It's only temporary Tao, only temporary.'

As we headed home, the bat had sensed something wrong and landed on my shoulder before telling me,

Sasuke, Sakura-chan will remember.


If you look back on the earlier chapters, it never says that Sasuke knows that he's his brother and he doesn't mention him as a brother.


One week later...

Sakura's POV

I was running, I was running as fast as my legs could carry me. It was to get away from HIM. I raced along the dark streets as I heard him coming closer. All of the sudden my legs gave out on me and wouldn't move. Then I felt a cold hand on my shoulder.

I jolted awake at the sound of my alarm clock (currently Batman because of Naruto) and looked around. Nobody but me in my room, 'Deja vu?' I thought to myself. I had thought that the dreams stopped awhile back, around the beginning of the year, or at least, they were the last dreams I could remember. Everything this year seemed to have been a big blur now that I think about it, Tsunade-sama said it was from an accident where I fell down the stairs in the school building and that my memory was a bit messed up. Naruto had been over to my house with homework and news about everybody from school because I had felt extremely weak last week. Tsunade-sama and Naruto both didn't seem all that curious as to why I had been so weak, which I thought was strange, after all, didn't they think of me as a daughter and as a sister? I had missed the art contest, but Anko hadn't seemed to mind, saying she entered one of my early drawings in for me; Hinata won first place, I won second.

I grabbed my new cross necklace (a present from Tsunade, Jiraiya, and oddly enough, Orochimaru) that I had been wearing every day since I got it, habit I guess. I glanced at my old necklace, I had stopped wearing it, because I just had sensed something, I don't know, off with it. It seemed to be full of memories that I just didn't have, and so I didn't feel comfortable wearing it.

I took a shower, got dressed and grabbed my new strawberry (not smores) Poptarts, when I heard Naruto honk his car's horn.

Its time to go.

'Yeah, but wait, I thought Naruto wasn't driving today, wasn't it... someone... else?' I thought, I could have sworn it was somebody else's turn to drive. I shrugged, it must have been my imagination, after all, who else was there?



I took one last look at Sakura and started to walk out of the room to go to my house pack, Tao following.

"Sasuke!" Tsunade said, walking over and looking at me with a sincere expression, "Remember, you're lost, but not forgotten."

We all looked at her but Naruto was the first to say anything, "Uh, wasn't that from a Kingdom Hearts game?"


So, that was the end to Silver Cross.

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