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Mikan's Naughty Dreams

-chapter one- Oh Em Gee (OMG)

Natsume's mouth trailed from her lips down her jaw-line to her neck and collar.

"Oh," Mikan moaned. Her hands made their way under his shirt as she felt across his chest, then she raised his shirt up over his head. His hands played with the buttons on her shirt until he undid them one, by one. Mikan threw her head back at his touch. He took her shirt off and tossed it to the side.

"Now..." he said and he laid them both back on the grass.

Mikan sat straight up with a gasp. Everyone looked at her in surprise. Her face was flushed and she was lightly sweating. Mikan really wasn't aware of her surroundings until Yuu came over and put a hand on her shoulder.

"Mikan, are you alright?" he asked. Mikan's eyes darted from every face in the room.


"Oi, polka-dots. Have a nice sleep?" A voice said from behind her. Mikan stiffened and turned her head slightly.

"NATSUME!" she squeaked, falling out her chair. Yuu sweatdropped wile natsume gave her a 'Who else?' look. Mikan bolted upright and turned on her heal. She stalked across the room in the opposite direction of Natsume. She was almost at the door when Kokoroyomi's voice filed into her mind.

You have such a dirty mind, Mikan. -chuckle-.

Mikan's head swivelled around to look for him. Her eyes met his. Koko was sitting in his seat with a knowing smile on his lips that Mikan found very mocking.

"Koko!" she said. She ran over to him, but didn't stop in time so she ended up knocking him off of his chair. She looked around at everyone's confused or amused stare. Her eye caught Natsume's and she started to turn red. Mikan grabbed the collar of Koko's shirt and began to drag him out of the classroom.

"Ah, we'll be just a second!" she said nervously and closed the door behind them. Hotaru, who had yet to look up from the book she was reading, just blinked her violet eyes.

"Baka..." she said and turned the page.

"Mikan! Mikan! I think you can stop dragging me now." Koko said. Mikan let go of his collar and his head hit the ground. He sat up, rubbing it.

"You know, I was only-"

"Do you know what happened in my dream?" Mikan cut him off. Koko blinked and then smiled.

"Depends on which part you're talking about. The part where he was kissing you, the part where you took off his shirt, the part where he took off YOUR shirt, or the part where you guys laid down on the grass, or-"

Mikan tackled him. She sat on top of him, shaking him (A/N: you know, like in episode 18 where mikan tackles Natsume?).

"YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT IT! IF YOU DO I'LL RIP YOU LIMB FROM LIMB!" she screeched in his face. Koko put a thoughtful expression on his face that only made Mikan angrier.

"Hm, I suppose." he said.

"You suppose?" Mikan said disbelievingly. Koko nodded. He was a mind reader, after all, sometimes things just happened (that and he has been hanging around Mikan too much).

"Yes. I suppose. Sometimes I can be like you and say things without thinking." he said. Mikan scowled.

"Ah, well, I meant that in the best way possible." he said with a nervous grin. Mikan sighed and plopped her head down on Koko's chest making him give off a weird sound. Koko just smiled like everything was going to be fine and sat up. Mikan's head stayed in place, and her spot onhis lapon top of him was still secure. Koko placed a hand on her head and patted it lightly.

"What am I going to do? You can be as dense as me sometimes. What am I going to do?" she started to cry. She felt Koko's chest jiggle a little bit and looked up at him to see him chuckling.

"I suppose you can always follow me around and do whatever you need to stop me from making a mistake or something." he said. Mikan looked at him in puzzlement.

"Why are you laughing at me?"

"No. I'm not laughing." he chuckled. Mikan's brow furrowed.

"Yes you are!" she said.

"We can't have an argument like this." he said, meaning their position on the ground. Mikan flushed and moved to the side and sat next to him.


"It happens."

"Uh..not really."

"Yeah, you're right."

They laughed.


Unbeknownst to the two laughing friends, Someone was watching them.

"Omigosh, I didn't know that Mikan and Koko liked each other." Mimi Nanoka said. She was sitting against a tree with her friend, Momo Otsuyo. The two girls were friends of Sumire, but they were in a different class. Sumire always complained to them about how Sakura Mikan is always trying to steal Natsume. Sumire would always speak of the commotion that always happened in her class, so they were familiarized with most of the students.

"Wait until we tell Sumire. Then maybe she'll like, you know, stop whining to us."Momo said. Mimi nodded.

"Yeah. It's fun to hear about natsume and everything but she whines about thetiniest,little,thing." Mimi said. Momo nodded. They stood up and walked off to go find Sumire.

Sumire was walking down the hall, back to class from the bathroom when she heard someone call her name. She turned around to see Mimi and Momo walking her way. She waved at them.

"Hey guys." she said. When they reached her, Momo was the first to speak.

"You'll like, never guess what we just witnessed!" she said eagerly. Sumire gave a confused look.


"You know that Sakura Mikan girl you always complain to us about?" Mimi asked. Sumire nodded slowly, her mood darkening.

"...Yeah. What about her?"

"We just saw her with Kokoroyomi out by some trees." Mimi said. Momo nodded.

"Yeah! We just saw them all on each other and stuff, and laughing and hugging. I think they're going out." Momo said. Sumire's eyebrows shot up in surprise.

"No!" she said in disbelief. Mimi and Momo nodded.

"Yes!" they said dramatically.

"Oh my God! Wait until I tell everyone!" Sumire said. She turned on her heal when something Mimi said stopped her.

"I wonder what Natsume will say about this." Mimi said to Momo who only nodded.

"Pfft! Like he'll care. He doesn't even like her." Sumire said. Momo and Mimi share confused looks and then turned back to her.

"But, the way you talk about them, I thought-"

"You thought wrong, Momo! He doesn't even care about her! She's really stupid." Sumire said, and walked away before they could say anything. She turned the corner and walked some until she came to her classroom. She busted the door open, catching everyone's attention.

"You'll never guess what I was just told!" she exclaimed. Everyone looked around at each other. natsume looke dup from his manga for a moment and then when back to reading it. Ruka, who was sitting beside him, just cintinue dpetting his rabbit, and looked on at Sumire.

"Aw now don't start any rumors Sumire!" One of the girls reprimanded. Sumire growled and rolled her eyes.

"This isn't a rumor! It's true. I just heard it from a very reliable source!"

"What is it?" someone in the back of the classroom said. Sumire smiled smugly. Mimi and Momo then popped in out of nowhere and were standing behind Sumire. The three girls coughed and hacked as the cloud of mist wafted around them. Sumire waved at it to make it dissipate.

"Jeez! Can you not try to scare me to death!" Sumire exclaimed. Mimi and Momo nodded.

"Sorry. It took us three times to get here. I'm the one that's been to your classroom before. Not the Teleporter Tragedy here." Mimi said. Momo glared at her.

"Well like,excuuuuuuse me!"

"Whatever! Anyway, You guys know how Mikan and Koko left earlier? Well, they actually went out to the trees to have some alone time because they're going out!" Sumire said. The class gasped.

"No!" the class said in unison.

"Yes!" Mimi, Momo and Sumire said. Natsume looked up from his manga and satred.

She's got to be kidding me, he thought. Ruka, who was sitting beside him, scooted away from him a littl ebit, throwing worried looks to Hotaru who simply shrugged. Hotaru was thinking that if Sumire wanted to start trouble, that was her business.

"Oh my gosh! I never even suspected it!" one of the girls said.

"Wait a second, how can you even make sureof this?"

"Because we saw Mikan on top of Koko by the trees. They were laughing and talking and totally looked like a couple!" Momo said.

"Yeah and they were about to kiss!" Mimi lied. Momo and Sumire along with the rest of the class looked at her in bewilderment.

Natsume stiffened and gripped his manga tight. He three a death glare at the Three girls, Momo, Mimi, and Sumire, who didn't notice.

"Really? I didn't know that!" Momo said. Mimi smiled triumphantly.

"When you turned your head, I saw it." she said. Momo nodded but narrowed her eyes.

"Yeah well, when you got up and started walking away, I heard them pledge their undying love!"

"NO!" Mimi said. Momo nodded.


"Wow. I never knew..."

The room temperature went up fifteen degrees and everyone started looking around, wiping off their sweat and fanning themselves off.

"Jeez, what is this, some radioactive A/C?" someone said. The class erupted in murmurs.

"I don't know." someone else said. Hotaru had herself inside one of her inventions where she was nice and cool and reading a book.

"Something tells me," she said, "That I am going to be making a lot of money real soon."


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