Sakura Blossoms

Her short light-pink tresses lightly blew in the gentle wind. Her face held a content look as stray pieces of her hair and falling silky petals caressed her face, as a light breeze blew by. Her lithe hourglass figure stood admiring the colorful sunset, beneath the tree which she was appropriately named after…Sakura.

It seemed that no matter what happened on their missions, she always held that delicate grace and serenity to her. Like a sakura blossom.

Even just watching her from afar brought a small smile to Sasuke's usual stoic face. She had always had this affect on him. And maybe one day he would return her affections. He could already see the surprise written across her face in his mind, letting a smirk play over his handsome features.

But perhaps that day would never come. At least until his dear brother was dead.

His need for revenge was the one thing keeping him from showing his love to her. He would never permit himself to fall in love until his mission was complete. For to love is to show weakness. And weakness is something he already had enough of.

Besides, love was something he didn't deserve.

And so he continued to admire his sakura blossom, unaware of the pain he continually bared upon her heart, which would only ever beat for him.