Title: Aragorn's Ice Cream

Author: Faramiriel

Rating: G

Chapter 1: Prologue

The Fellowship was resting on their couches in the chamber that Galadriel had given them. Most were thinking deep thoughts, grieving for Gandalf, and marveling at Galadriel – but one there was whose mind took a rather lighter turn. Or, that is, lighter to most people who did not think along the same lines as Aragorn. Aragorn was thinking of Ice Cream, and mourning the fact that he had not had a single bite of his delicious frozen cheese since they had set out from Rivendell. He felt that he should go insane with desire if he didn't get some soon. Suddenly he moaned, jumped up, and began pacing violently.

"What is wrong, mellon nin?" asked Legolas.

"I need Ice Cream! I have not had any for weeks. It is terrible! I cannot survive this much longer."

Everyone stared at him blankly.

"Oh, it should not be too difficult to get some Ice Cream in a place like this," Legolas consoled him. "Perhaps we can get some from Galadriel."

"No hope of that," Aragorn said listlessly. "She says I eat to much Ice Cream. She wants me to stop."

"Then…let's get Haldir to pilfer some!"

"Brilliant! Oh, Legolas, if this works, you will have my undying gratitude! Ice Cream, my beautiful frozen cheese, at last!"

Some time later, a tall Elven figure slid almost invisibly into the chamber. Inside, he dropped his hood and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Aragorn!" he hissed. "Here's your Ice Cream." Aragorn squealed and jumped up and down, then opened the first of the Ice Cream and downed it in two minutes flat.

"You better appreciate this, Man," snapped Haldir. "The guards almost caught me. I had to crouch in the pantry for two hours before they left. I am extremely stiff."

"Of course I appreciate it," said Aragorn. "Name whatever you want, and it shall be yours."

"Some of that Ice Cream?" Haldir said hopefully.

"Uh…no can do." Said Aragorn. "Pardon me, I should have said anything but my Ice Cream."

"Surely you aren't going to eat all of that, alone!" Haldir gasped.

"I most certainly am!" Aragorn retorted. Haldir stumbled out to be sick.