This is my first Hannah Montana story so I hope you like it.

Miley was just sitting on the couch, reading a magazine, when Lilly just crashed in.

Miley:"AAH! You scared me!"

Lilly:"Oh did I?I didn't even know,anyways,did you get the letter?"

Miley:"No,what letter?"

Lilly:"Here,read mine's."

Lilly handed over the letter,Miley got it and it read:

Dear Students,

We have a special guest coming on Monday. It is the popstar that you guys all like, Hannah Montana. The staff decided that she would sing our school spirit so you guys pay attention about what our school is all about. All students must participate in this school activity.




Miley screamed really loud after she read the letter."Miley calm down,you could just call in sick," Lilly said after she fainted when Miley screamed. "Your right!" Miley looked through a lot of stuff and found a paper. "Oh my god! These papers areā€¦.