"What happened?I thought you had doctor's note to call in sick," Lilly asked."I did,but these are newspapers that

say,Hannah Montana is actually Miley Stewart an ordinary kid," I read outloud while I was biting on my nails."I hope

nobody saw that!" Lilly screamed."Dad!" I called. "Why is everybody quiet the Jacksinator is here you should be

screaming!" Jackson came in."Where's dad?" I knew he was going to say I don't know so no point of asking him."He's in a

meeting but why do you need him?" He actually answered."I just do,but do you know what this is?" I was curious maybe

this was a prank from my own brother. "Oh yeah,this is when some newspaper people found out that you were Miley and

they tried to tell but nobody saw any of this because this was the first one and dad stopped the other's from coming," he

said not even caring while eating an apple."Oh that was a relief," Lilly finally said after she was quiet from the whole

thing."By the way you guys are going to be late for school," Jackson said."Why do you care?" Lilly asked."Lilly,he's

right,let's go," I finally said stopping all the stupidness.