Summary: What if John found out about the picture that Bobby had taken when him and Kitty were a sleep on the couch? Follow up to "A Sleep on the Couch"

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The Picture


"He did what?!"

"Ya heard me. Bobby took a picture of you an' Kit asleep on the couch," Rogue said to a severely pissed John.

After waking up on the couch John had realized that he did have feelings for Kitty and the two -much to everyone's shock – had started going out. Rogue decided it would be hilarious if John found out about the picture.

"I'm gonna kill him!" John seethed.

"John, just remember Kit wouldn't be very happy if ya killed 'im," Rogue warned.

"I know but if I get a hold of him, he's gonna pay."

"Alright, John, proceed," Rogue drawled before moving out of the doorway allowing John to dart by her. Rogue just shook her head at the boys.

"Bobby, where are you I have to ask you a question?" John yelled.

"John?" John turned to see Kitty curled up in one of the chairs with a book in her hand.

"Hey, babe, whatcha doin'," he asked as she shifted to give him room. John sat in the chair and pulled her onto his lap.

"Weren't you looking for someone?" Kitty asked, shifting around trying to get comfortable on John's lap.

"Yea, Bobby, but I think he can wait," John smirked and leaned in to kiss Kitty. John slid his tongue across her lower lip asking for entrance which she happily gave. Kitty shifted in his lap sliding her arms over his shoulders and slipped her small hands into his hair. John rested his hands low on her waist. He smirked when he heard the small moan that came from Kitty when he squeezed her backside.

"Gag me," a voice came from beside them and Kitty pulled away startled to find Bobby standing there with a smirk plastered on his face.

"'Xcuse me, ma'am," John said in a fake southern accent. He lifted Kitty off his lap and placed her back down in the chair before chasing after Bobby down the hall.

Kitty saw Rogue come down the stairs and ran over to her to see if she knew what was up with John, "Hey Rogue, do you know what's up with John?"

"Bobby took a picture of when you an' John fell asleep on the couch an' now John's on a rampage."

"Oh, ok. So how did John find out?" Kitty wondered.

"Me," Rogue chuckled slightly, "Ah wanted to see what John would do."

"Oh well that's fine as long as he doesn't hurt Bobby…too bad," Kitty said.

"Ya should see the picture it's real cute," Rogue let out.

"Where's Bobby's phone?"

"Right here," Rogue said as she pulled a blue flip phone out. She scrolled through the pictures until she found the right one. "Here it is," Rogue then handed the phone to Kitty.

"Oh my goodness," Kitty's cheeks gained a slightly red tint to them.

"Do ya want me to send it to ya?" Rogue southern voice sounded out.

"Sure…just don't tell John," Kitty smirked. Rogue punched in a few things into the phone and Kitty's phone started ringing, "I got it."

"Good 'cause here they come," Rogue said hearing footsteps coming fast down the hall. The two boys bursted in the room and Bobby ran straight to Rogue and stood behind her using her as a human shield.

"Kitty please make him stop," Bobby pleaded his eyes wide.

"John, just leave him alone," Kitty turned to her boyfriend.

"Fine," John growled. Rogue and Bobby left the room and John walked over to Kitty and wrapped his arms around her pulling her close to him.

"We'll get him later, John," Kitty whispered in his ear causing a slight shiver to run through him. John's lips then crashed down on Kitty's in a hungry kiss. They both pulled away breathing heavily. John rested his forehead against hers and said, "I know."