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He was lecturing her. Jack Sparrow was lecturing Elizabeth Swann on the dangers of walking around Tortuga alone. The bloody man just didn't have it in his head that she might be able to take care of herself.

Will's rubbed off on him, she thought with a frown. A slight smile then graced her face. I'd really wound his pride if I told him.

"You know, Sparrow," she said nonchalantly, interrupting his rant, "to be perfectly straightforward with you, I'd say you're beginning to act like Will did. And, when it comes right down to it, that would make you… well, predictable." She grinned widely. "Wouldn't you agree?"

Elizabeth could see that she'd just incensed Jack even more and she giggled a little. It's ever so funny when he's mad.

He was off on another verbal rampage, throwing his hands about and yelling, but Elizabeth didn't hear a word. She was watching Jack's reaction, amusing herself in how he acted when he was positively enraged. It's rather funny, Elizabeth mused. I never thought that little me, the governor's daughter, could make Jack Sparrow go off the deep end.

Was he still yelling?

Then, Elizabeth got an idea. It was the most awful, terrible, but hilarious idea she'd had in almost a year. Usually she was the serious one and Jack was flopping about, claiming she needed to have fun. Now the tables were turned.

But it's still just an idea, she thought. I'd actually have to DO it to make it count. She weighed her options, taking in the fact that Jack had no discernable weapons on his person (he had just fallen out of his bed). Pleased, she decided to put her plan into action.

With a grin of pure delight on her face, Elizabeth whipped out her pistol and shot at the deck between Jack's feet. Jack gave a kind of shriek and leapt backwards, a look of shock on his face. The intensity of said look worsened when Elizabeth, grinning ear to ear, reloaded her pistol and did it again.

"What in BLAZES are you doing, woman!" he yelled, staring at the lady before him, his eyes wide. Elizabeth didn't answer, reveling in the fact that she'd finally put Jack Sparrow off balance.

"Made me feel better." With those words, she quickly reloaded and shot at his feet yet again as Jack tried running away backwards.

"STOP IT!" he barked, looking like a battered puppy. Elizabeth giggled like she was 8-years-old again and crossed her arms, trying desperately to suppress the fit of laughter that had crept into her throat. She knew if she outright laughed at his reaction, he wouldn't speak to her for a week.

Honestly, he was as bad as a woman about those sorts of things.

"Are you bloody well finished!" Jack asked, incredulous. He couldn't believe what she'd just done to him! And now, the blasted woman looked like she was actually thinking about continuing her little charade. She wasn't reloading, was she?

Then the pistol came up and she shot at his feet once more, causing Jack to fall over a bucket in his attempt to get away. A bigger smile spread across Elizabeth's face. "Yes, that'll do for now."

"For now!" Elizabeth merely shrugged, winked at Jack and strode away, walking up to the helm to speak with Barbossa. Jack gaped after her before glancing down at the splintered deck and frowning.

I'm not altogether sure I enjoy being her plaything when a bed isn't involved.


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