The Snake and the Fox

Author's notes: I have put a lot of work into this fanfic and I hope that you all enjoy it. I also hope that everyone would submit me some reviews because if I am a bad writer I would like to know for what reasons so maybe some constructive criticism because if I am doing something wrong I would like to know instead of putting crap out all the time. I have changed my mind though; instead of this being a one shot fic this is going to be a trilogy. I plan on all 3 of these being just as long as this one is so each one will be about 10 pages long.

Mitarashi Anko let out a heavy sigh, she was at her apartment door and she knew what that mean, another night spent alone, another night of eating instant ramen, alone. And of course another night spent sleeping alone, in her large empty bed. She paused outside of the door to reflect on her lifestyle, sure being lonely was perfect for being a shinobi, that way is doesn't clog her decision making skills, but damn it was ever so boring. With a final heavy sigh she put the key into the door's lock, turned the knob and stepped inside.

Her blank, empty apartment room only further added to her depression. Sighing again she dropped her bags on the floor and closed the door behind her. Her only real friend Yuuhi Kurenai was currently out on a mission with her genin squad so she couldn't go out on the town with her, and all of the other ninjas in town thought of her to be either scary or just plain creepy. But she couldn't really blame them for thinking so one thing was, she was trained by Orochimaru, and the way she acted creeped people out, she did always act a little odd even in her days in the academy.

Re pocketing her keys she grabbed the bags she had previously dropped on the floor and walked into her small kitchen/dining room and quickly put away all but one cup of her instant foodstuffs. Underneath her sink was a small cabinet where he pots were located, she grabbed her smallest sauce pan she had, filled it up with water and set it on to boil.

She had a small table in the center of the room; it was a small faded blue rectangular shaped table with a chair placed at the two widths of the table facing each other. She never knew why she had an extra chair there maybe it was so she could entertain her imagination and think that there is someone actually there to keep her company. In front of her she folded her hands together and rested her head on them. She closed her eyes remembering being with Orochimaru. One of the more recent memories of she held of Orochimaru was the first day of the chunin exams.

She remembered when he first saw her. She was right behind him and she had the perfect chance to kill him there but she didn't know it was him at the time. She laughed; she remembered how Orochimaru had gotten behind him. She threw a kunai at a young boy named Uzumaki Naruto purposely missing him but grazing his cheek so she could freak him out. She licked the blood off of his cheek and grinned. Then she laughed again as she remembered why exactly she wanted to scare him like that. It was all because he had made fun of her while she was giving instructions.

Again her brain focused on herself licking the young boy's cheek again. This memory invoked some strange feelings inside the pit of her stomach, it made her feel slightly queasy as well as made her entire body feel like it was heating up. This time it was slightly different when she remembered, she started to feel her "juices" going to work. Before she even knew what she was doing her hands had snaked themselves to all of her sensitive spots, her left breast and the outside of her clit. She worked with her hands to maximum efficiency rotating her left breast counter clockwise while pinching her nipple and rotating it back and forth, rubbing inserting her finger ins and out of herself.

"Narutoooooooo…." She called out as she finally climaxed.

Breathing heavily she laughed, and then laughed again, she wasn't quite sure whether it was just the fact that the loneliness had finally gotten to her or if it was actually because she found Naruto attractive.

"Uzumaki Naruto huh…wow what a kid." Anko said breathlessly.

She laid there for several moments waiting for her head to come out of the clouds. Her head was filling itself with strange far off romantic thoughts of forbidden loves between herself and Naruto Uzumaki. Her head ran through several different simulations of forbidden loves themes but in reality it was only 5 minutes before she fell asleep. She slept a deep sleep that night; she dreamt that she was all alone in a room completely covered in darkness; she was the only person in this personal hell. She started to cry she was all alone, and no one would ever be able to save her from it.

As her tears reached a point where she thought nothing that would stop her, she felt warmth heating her all the way to the bone. This heat was generating from all around he, specifically from her shoulder where she could feel a force pressing on it. She looked up and saw a tall slender male with long dark hair.

"Orochimaru?" She asked quizzically, "why are you here, and why do I feel comfort flowing from you?"

"Because," he said while laughing,

"You have a mission from the hokage." He said giggling.

About to question why an enemy of Konoha was telling her she had a mission, the world around her started to spin, and slowly the darkness was infused with color. She now found herself back in her kitchen, with her head on her hands which were folded on the table in front of her. Someone else was in the room with her; it was a chunin by the name of Kotetsu he was standing in front of the stove examining a pot with a hole burnt through it.

"Is this a way of relieving stress, leaving pots on the stove and falling asleep?" Kotetsu asked with a genuinely puzzled look on his face. "Well anyway the Hokage has a mission for you." And having said his piece he vanished

"A mission?" Anko asked looking at her watch, "But It's still 11:30."

Shrugging off the tiredness she sped off towards the Hokage's office. In a flash she found herself outside the door with the label fire that would lead her to Tsunade's office. Politely knocking Anko waited to receive permission to enter. she waited patiently until receiving permission to enter.

After entering she bowed down on one knee asking, "Did you call for me ma'am?" she was being quite polite because she had a bad memory of the time where she unwittingly took her last dango and therefore she wanted to be polite as possible.

"Mitarashi Anko your next mission has been decided, you are to take be the leader of a 4 man team of the four nearest available ninja and head out to the country of tea, you are to be there by sunrise tomorrow so I suggest not spending time looking for certain ninjas because of their power level take genins if they are there. The mission is to crush a rebellion against the lord, We have no idea how many there are or what they have at their disposal, so this will be considered an A rank mission and remember not to alert the rebels of your presence or of your purpose being incognito will be your greatest weapon in this mission. You are dismissed"

Anko stood up quickly and vanished out of the room, she had to make it to the country of tea by sunrise so as quickly as possible she wove her way through the streets of Konoha checking every possible open spot for ninjas. She ran in and out of several buildings but still she had not found one single ninja. 'Damn that Orochimaru; she thought to herself. 'If it weren't for his attack during the chunin exams, I wouldn't be running around looking for ninjas right now.' She heard some voices coming from a small ramen booth from a little ways down the street.

She stopped outside of the small booth. On the awning in front of the booth were small strips of paper hanging down to spell Ichiraku Ramen. She bent down slightly so as to not hit the papers hanging down. Not expecting any one to be there like everywhere else she was pleasantly surprised to see Naruto eating a bowl of ramen with his female team member. Anko appeared directly behind Naruto with her kunai out and placed against his throat and licked his face.

"Hello again Naruto, the Hokage has ordered me to arrange a 4 man team of ninjas and I choose you and your "girlfriend" over there because you 2 are convenient."

A shiver was sent down Naruto's back as her tongue made its way up his face, "W-why do you always do that to me?" Naruto asked in a mix of fright and disgust.

"Stop complaining, we need to make it to the country of tea by sunrise and we still have another ninja to find to complete our team, needless to say we have very limited time to jack around, so I want you at the gates of Konoha in 5 minutes ready to go."

"Are you senile you hag, there is no way I can prepare in 5 minutes." Naruto screamed pointing his finger at Anko.

With fire in her eyes, and a look of supreme anger, "who did you call a hag?"

"Heh heh um nobody." Naruto said with a huge sweat drop rolling down his head.

"Good now go and get ready, and by the way, not you only have 4 minutes and 45 seconds so I suggest you hurry up." Anko said with a sadistic smile on her face

'Damn old hag' was what was repeatedly running through Naruto's head as he threw clothes, money, toiletries, and other essential things (instant ramen). 'Why did she decide to take me anyway I always thought she hated me' ran through his head as he left his apartment and locked it up. Having no more time to think about such things he bolted off in the direction of the gate. His only worry lay not on the mission that lay ahead of him but instead on what that lady would do to him for being late. Already he had almost been killed 3 times by her, and all 3 times she had put a kunai to his throat and licked his cheek.

Naruto stopped on a weathervane and shivered wondering if she does that to all people who anger her, if so she must be a very skilled ninja especially if she does it to enemies who anger her. The only thing that he knew is just like Kakashi her movement was too fast to be seen by his eyes. With a sudden jerk back to reality he looked at the watch on his wrist, 45 seconds left he had to get going. Pushing his legs harder than he thought possible he whizzed through the streets focusing his chakra into his legs and feet.

He stopped on a roof 100 meters from the gate, he looked at his watch, he still had 15 seconds and he could see 3 figures pacing back and forth in front of the gate.

"Now its payback time." Naruto whispered while putting his hands up and forming a cross with his middle and index finger on each hand, "Shadow replication."

Three other Naruto appeared from his sides and behind him, "You know what to do." The original Naruto said to the three replications while nodding at them.

Two of the replications jumped off into the darkness while the original and one clone jumped down digging rapidly into the earth. In 10 seconds Naruto was directly underneath where Anko and the others were standing

"Damn that Naruto where is he is going to be late!" Inner Sakura exclaimed as she had finished that thought a breeze kicked up and the branches stated shaking releasing several leaves forming a whirlwind shape at a spot directly behind Hinata, Sakura had seen this happen once before it was in the chunin exams when Sasuke came late.

"Could it be…" but before finishing the sentence she got her answer as out of nowhere a figure seemed to flash into being with a kunai out grabbing Hinata and placing a kunai to her throat.

"The future Hokage Uzumaki Naruto is here directly on time, now you are at my mercy Anko, how do you like it." He said as he licked Hinata's right cheek

With a sudden shriek and then and a kick Hinata fell on the ground and fainted. The results were instantaneous Naruto fell to the ground from the kick releasing Hinata then both Sakura and Anko came and started to inflict massive pain on him.

"HOW DARE YOU TAKE ADVANTAGE OF A WOMAN USING NINJUTSU!" Sakura screamed while kicking his face into the ground

"AND HOW DARE YOU TRY TO SNEAK UP ON ME AND FAIL AT IT damn it I would have enjoyed that unlike her!" Anko screamed while digging her shoe deep into Naruto's stomach."

They continued beating Naruto until Hinata finally got back up and Naruto stopped twitching. "Now apologize for your crimes Naruto." Sakura said while sitting him up.

"I-I'm sorry Hinata." Naruto choked out

After seeing his face and how badly messed up it was Hinata fainted again. This time she regained her composure quickly and started to walk off trying to hide her beet-red face. Following her example Naruto shook of the "anime" wounds and followed after her with the rest of the team following behind him. After a short time of walking the need to pick up the pace arose, and they all began to jump from tree branch to tree branch. As they flew through the forest at top speed Anko explained the mission that had been handed down from the Hokage. She also explained the plan of how she was going to infiltrate the country.

"Naruto you are very good at the transformation technique so I want you to envision a tall ratty looking male and transform into that, then I will also transform into a similar looking female we will be going as a married couple, and I want you 2 Hinata and Sakura to dress up into these," she explained as she threw them each a dirty robe and a dusty black wig, "Since I have no info on how well you 2 can transform I would feel safer if you 2 just dressed up. Now we are going under the guise that we are a family who would all like to contribute to the rebels in anyway that we can. And if anyone asks we are from small near the border who are tired of being policed by the lord of this country then when we get rest we will go to the lords castle and from there we will defend him at the costs of our lives."

"But what are we going to do if they don't believe that we are married?" Naruto asked

"Well…" Anko said with a blush forming on her face and being glad she was in the front, "We will just have to do something to prove it to them."

"Prove it to them…?" Naruto did not like the sound of that.

The sun had started its steady rise into the sky to light the world around them and still they were still 10 kilometers away from the meeting place. Anko quickened her pace as well as the rest of the team as if they were all in sync with each other. The sun was rising ever so quickly but soon the meeting area came to view; it was a large area with a large amount of tents popped up in a chaotic fashion. There were guards who were patrolling the area were pacing back and forth not really checking the perimeter effectively.

"We change now." Anko said after a quick observation of the area

Simultaneously Anko and Naruto transformed while Hinata and Sakura went behind a bush to change. After a small amount of fumbling around with his transformations Naruto had finally managed to get the right looking version male, making him the last one to be finished.

"Now let me do all of the talking okay," Anko said in a voice that was high pitched and raspy

They continued the rest of the way walking slowly with transformed Naruto and Anko walking in front side by side and Hinata and Sakura walking in back side by side. The camp was only 200 meters or so off in the distance so the walk was a short quiet uneventful walk. When the neared the entrance to the camp they were halted by 2 guards with spears, who crossed them barring their entrance

"Halt." The one on the left barked

"State your name and business here." The right one barked out in an equal tone to the left

"We are the Mitarashi family and we come from a farm on the outskirts of the country, my husband is here to join this army and me and my daughters are here to help out with whatever we can." Anko said while taking a step forward

"And for what reason are you joining this army?" the left guard asked

"Because we are tired of the lord demanding money from us for taxes as well as taking our crops for himself leaving us barely enough to survive on, and he offers us no protection from the bandits that continuously attack our farms and we have gotten tired of it so when we heard about a secret rebel organization we thought that this would be the perfect way for us to repay that evil bastard." Anko pled as tears started to form in her eyes.

For a moment it seemed like neither of the guards bought the story until the left one started to sniffle and the right one wiped his eyes, "we both know how you feel our story is the exact same, please come in and rest you must be exhausted from walking here, and when you recover go see the general he will assign duties."

They both lowered their guard and pulled back their spears and let them pass or so it seemed, but as they went by the right one grabbed Naruto's arm and stopped him saying, "I don't believe that you 2 are married after all how does such an ugly woman end up with an attractive male like you?"

About to say something that would make him seem like a smart ass Anko came forward and planted a huge kiss on Naruto's open mouth delving her tongue into his mouth, she tasted like miso ramen. Naruto was too surprised to fight back or to go with the flow so he just sat there paralyzed. But the other 2 girls didn't Sakura felt about ready to kill the woman who just kissed "her" Naruto, and Hinata was just barely fighting back her tears.

"Give it up." The left one said, he isn't gay after hearing this the right one reluctantly let go of Naruto's arm as Anko and Naruto were still locked in a fiery kiss Anko had one arm wrapped around Naruto's back and the other one running through his hair.

"AHEM "mother"" Sakura interrupted, "but I do believe we should go rest up "father" should be tired!" She walked up to Naruto and grabbed him by his arm and dragged him away still thunderstruck.

Hinata walked along with deep blue lines of depression carried around her, making her seem unapproachable. As for Anko she walked forward rubbing the back of her head laughing nervously she couldn't believe she had done what she just did, even though she had been thinking about since she picked him for this mission.

All of the members of the team met back up at the center of Warfield. Navigating through this was a like a nightmare they had be careful not to step on humans pr animals or tents, or fires, which would have been a nigh impossibility for any normal human. But after much perseverance the 4 ninjas made it to the center where at least there was some room to breathe.

"Alright I want you to set up the tents right here as you do I will go and scout the area better and get an approximation of how many guards there are here as well as the next location they attack."

Anko scanned the area quickly to make sure no one was looking and vanished. Naruto began to pull out his tent as the girls followed suit, he tried to set up his tent but it wasn't long before he was getting angry and beginning to swear at the tent. 'Damn it I never needed to use a tent I was always fine sleeping out in the open, so I never learned how to set one of these up.' He took a quick glance over at the girls' tent for some pointers but they had already set up their tent and had already gone in it.

Embarrassed Naruto didn't know what to do, if he asked for help from one of the other males they might find out who he really was, but if he didn't set it up, there was no telling what that creepy lady might do to him as well as the insults he would hear from her and Sakura. So he just had to try it again this time trying to copy the model he now had in front of him.

After an exhausting hour of backbreaking labor drenched in sweat Naruto was finally finished. The sun was now high within the sky beating down on Naruto but he didn't care all he really cared about was being able to get some sleep. He went inside of the tent and rolled out his mat, as he lay down on the mat he was very thankful for it being so close to the cool shady ground. From the position he was at he had to fumble around a little to get his clothes off, but was glad when he just in his boxer shorts enjoying the breeze that kicked up just as he got his clothes off. 'She actually tasted pretty good, like Miso Ramen' was the last thought that ran through his head as it span into the dream world.

He dreamt his normal nightmare that night that he was being chased and hurt by the villagers he was a cast out who's shadow was Kyuubi, he would never be able to escape this loneliness there was a feeling of just absolute dread in the pit of stomach spreading through his veins like poison. He cried even though it did him no good all he wanted to do was cry. He was tired of it, everyday he was treated like this and he wasn't sure if the villagers would ever accept him. And no matter what the 3rd Hokage said to him it seemed that they would never love him or believe in him. But then it hit him like a ton of bricks, if he wanted to be accepted unconditionally all he had to do was become Hokage. Even though this offered him some solace, with the knowledge that one day they will acknowledge it still didn't do much for the pain he was feeling now.

"Gotta go Pee." Naruto said as he stood up abruptly ending his dream. Slowly and groggily he made his way towards the flaps of the tent.

Something snagged his arm as he was lifting the flaps, "Naruto you need to go back into your disguise before going outside, apparently they are onto use, they somehow heard that the lord of this country hired some ninjas." Anko said in small voice.

"Right, Transform." And with his disguise back in place he set off. It was slightly less difficult to navigate through the area since most of the tents were picked up, but now everywhere he went there were either tactical meetings or soldiers training,

With a sudden bolt of speed as he felt it could no longer be held in Naruto ran off into the forest from which they came from. Hiding himself behind a bush he pulled his boxer down in the front slightly and began to relieve himself. It seemed like all the feelings of dread and hopelessness that came from the dream were just shot out as he urinated, or so it felt that way as he realized how badly he had to urinate.

"Wait a second, what was that?" he said as he heard what sounded like a faint giggle. Then he heard the faint sound of water running.

So he went off to investigate the strange noises. The answer was only a few hundred meters down the way as he saw a small lake which had a waterfall 10 foot waterfall running into it from a stream above. He continued on a little further still curious as to the giggles. He walked forward another meter or so and was greeted with the answer two teenaged females came clearly into view one a tall female with pink hair and the other was a shorter and slightly more busty female, with short black hair. Naruto immediately recognized the 2 females as the two young shinobis Sakura and Hinata.

"Hmmm… I need to investigate this further how about that tree branch." He swiftly and quietly jumped onto the tree branch.

Luckily Jiraiya had taught him how to peek saying that it can also be used to spy on the enemy not just for peeping. He watched them intently it seemed like they were just swimming around in the lake and talking about girly stuff. But he didn't care about mush about that, he was devoting all of his attention to the red 2 piece swim suit with cherry blossoms on it that Sakura was wearing, and the even tinier plain black 2 piece that Hinata was wearing. 'Can that even be considered a bathing suit.' Naruto asked himself staring at it, all it did was cover the nipples and barely anything besides that it seemed like nothing else, but her wearing this definitely meant she waxed herself down there or at least shaved.

Naruto could feel his face very hot he had a steady line of blood running down from his nose dripping onto the branch he was standing on. He wanted to get closer to them but another thing he had learned from the perverted monk was to always resist those feelings because it would result in broken limbs and lots of pain. He stared on intently watching the 2 females, he was actually surprised to find himself watching them both equally 'It's surprising how much sexier a female looks in a 2 piece' he thought while chuckling to himself 'because even that weird timid Hinata looks equally as beautiful as Sakura the flower of my eye.

"Hey Hinata, I always noticed that you get choked up and nervous around Naruto, what exactly are your feelings for him?" Sakura asked as she swam towards Hinata

" that is to say um." She was just going around in circles with her speech tripping over her every word.

"So you love him" Sakura interrupted with a large sigh, "I figured as much,"

"Um Sakura unless you don't wish to talk about it I would like to know what are your feelings for Naruto?" Hinata asked in the tiniest voice she could muster

"Well he's annoying, stupid, a brat…" Hearing all this made Naruto's spirits go down to the pit of despair "But I love the way he makes me feel when I am around him, he is always so happy and carefree it's like he makes it contagious, he is also the hardest working ninja I have ever seen in my life, he is also one of the deadliest ninjas alive because of Kyuubi being sealed inside of him. But I don't care about that I love him with all of my heart and soul, because never once did he insult me, never once did he say no to all of my selfish requests, he tried his hardest on numerous occasions to bring Sasuke back to me, and when I was all about Sasuke he never once interfered with me and him, all along he has been there for me but I have been too stubborn to realize that I loved him."

All was quiet Sakura quietly tread water while Hinata simply kept herself afloat by holding onto 2 rocks behind her, Sakura was the one to break the silence, "So Hinata why do you love him?"

Hinata's entire face turned red and she buried it in the water for a short amount of time before resurfacing with a still red face, "I love him because he has always been there, not for me but he has always been there standing strong and tall like some unbreakable wall, courage and honesty seem to radiate from him, every time I see him he inspires me to work harder, and most of all I love him because he is just like me, he is shunned by others and considered an outcast by many. We both know what it's like to not be loved by others and we both know how lonely life is, that is why I love him."

Surprised that she had managed to say so many words in one paragraph about Naruto the rest of the world seemed quiet waiting for what would happen next, "I suppose that we should get back to the camp now, we don't want anyone to worry."

With a mutual nod from both of them they got up dried themselves off and took off their swimsuits, Naruto's Heart was beating like a jackhammer and blood was trickling down his nose at a dangerous speed, his breaths came in fast heavy gulps as he watched the 2, 16 year olds change. Never in all of his life had he seen anything so beautiful. The world slowed down around those 2 as they stood naked letting their hair be manipulated by the wind but all too quickly from the eyes of Naruto did it end. They once again had their disguises on and were headed towards the camp.

With a sigh Naruto leaned back on the branch, "I might never get another chance to see something that unique again, I am glad I saw that, but it is also interesting to know that both Sakura and Hinata love me, though really it does clear up a lot of questions like why Sakura always hurts me and why it seems like Hinata can never get a whole sentence out when I am around, oh well time to do what I do best and act oblivious."

After having the discussion with himself and wiping the blood out of his nose, he made his way back to the camp navigating through the many soldiers doing various tasks and made it back to the location that his was to be found he crawled back inside of it and found another body laying in there, it was the sleeping form of a mostly naked female (except for a fishnet shirt and a pair of lacy panties). Upon of a close "Observation" he recognized the form as their team leader Mitarashi Anko.

Naruto was too tired and had too much to think about to worry why the team leader had decided to sleep in his tent, instead he simply lay down next to Anko on his mat and began to think. He found however that in the state that he was in it was almost an impossibility to think, he had just heard some ground breaking news that very well could change his life. So instead Naruto decided it would be better if he tried to sleep. But he found that this was also a near impossibility as it was very cramped in the tent and the sun was beating directly on the tent.

He looked at the watch to check what time it was, "Only 1:00 huh?" he looked over at his sleeping companion 'how long is she going to sleep? And why is she sleeping half naked if she knew that this was my tent?' 'Because you dolt' another nagging voice butted in, 'you were gone at the time so she might have figured that you were done sleeping for the day.'

He shifted again in his quest to find sleep now he was facing Anko, She had a gentle expression on her face, much different from the way she looked normally, her lips a light rosy pink color, lay loosely closed, he noticed that she had rather thin lips but one could tell that they were definitely there. Her ample chest puffed in and out pressing farther against her already skin hugging shirt with each and every deep breath she took. She had beautiful skin, it was a very lightly tanned so that it wasn't dark or orangish but it also wasn't milk white, she had a very good complexion and everything about her complemented something else on her. He followed his gaze down further to where he panties lay they were looked like they were made from some sort of smooth material possibly silk and they were see through in all parts except where the lace lie. Releasing his transformation technique he inched himself closer and closer to the sleeping beauty next to him. He stopped leaving about 3 inches in between them fearing getting to close to her and waking her up.

She opened her eyes for a second and shut them just as quick. The young boy had woken her up when he entered the tent 15 minutes ago, but she did not wish for him to know that she was awake. She could feel his hot intent star on her for 5 or so minutes, she had to resist blushing as she felt him examining her with his eyes. But now he started to inch towards her he could feel his hot breath hit against her chest. She wanted to open her eyes and lock him another passionate kiss but she knew that she must take it slow 'Nothing good ever came from moving quickly in a relationship'

Suddenly he stopped moving towards her, he was still breathing quickly and heavily she could feel it on her chest 'God this is enough to make a woman go mad!' ran through her head. As it seemed he was not going to move any closer the rest was up to her. Making it seem as though she were still asleep she stretched her arms forth grabbed Naruto and pulled him closer to her body. He seemed at first scared but then settled and placed his head on her chest. For a second he lay still and she actually began to wonder if she was asleep but then he lifted his head and rubbed his face against her breasts. Anko had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing.