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Her hands slowly slid over her body, the froth sliding over her shoulders, running over her curves as the waterfall of water whipped it away.

She ached, shifting from side to side aggravating them, stirring memories of what had just passed and who was currently sprawled over her bed, naked. She smiled, satisfied and sated, she'd had him and he was good as she'd imagined, hard and fast, driving her over the edge with each thrust, jolts of ecstasy running through her veins as his long hard shaft stroked the right places inside her.

Trust house to be the best at everything he did even when he was at somewhat of a disadvantage, images of the cuffs fastened round his wrists, the look of shock, present for a second, only to drain away to be replaced by lust as he watch her crouch over him, she loved his face as he watched her, loved the taste of him, the feel of him, his voice as he came, calling her name as they crashed over the edge even the memory made her tingle.

She clicked the water off, cold air closing in, wrapping the towel round her, covering her frame. She studied herself in the mirror as the mist cleared; eyes wide and sparkling, skin peppered with small scratches and bruises from his administrations and their battle for control. She padded from the room, wet hair sticking to her shoulders, droplets of cool water trickling down her spine.

She sighed, time to release him, set the wild animal free, although she did like him in her control, at her beck and call but she couldn't keep him there forever…could she?

She froze,

'Shit,' obviously not, he'd gone, and so had the handcuffs.

………… moments before……….

He'd been abandoned, lying there, exposed. She'd left him and he could do nothing but watch and wait. He shifted, she'd been in control and much as he'd love the sight of her writhing above him, she was in control of him way too often for his liking; it was time for the tables to turn, time to be on top. He started wriggling, in her hurry to fasten the cuffs she had left one loose, he squeezed his fingers together, narrowing his hand and with a few tugs and jiggles his hand came free. He rolled to the side; remaining cuff holding his arm in place, the free one flicked the draw open. Rummaging around it he withdrew many articles of interest in a variety of vibrant colors and luxurious materials which he allowed to slip through his fingers in a moment of indulgence before he returned to the search and withdrew what he required, sliding the key in the lock, he heard it click and pulled the other wrist free.

Light bruises had already started to show from when he'd struggled, desperately trying to touch her, hold her as she rode him. He had wanted to run his hands all over her body, and she had denied him this pleasure, well he'd lost, time for his consolation prize, and it was currently soaping itself in the next room.

He pulled his boxers on, stumbling from the room as quietly as he could. He was confronted with a sea of mist, a dark figure standing alone in amongst the fluffy white. He watched for a moment as she became clearer, hands gliding over her body, soap sliding over her breasts, head thrown back, a sheet of dark hair, smooth from the water, a stark contrast to the pale tone of her skin.

She shimmered in the light, skin taught and toned, just the sight of her naked frame standing inches from him was enough to stimulate him below the waist line. He desperately wanted to join her, force her against the cold tiles and have his way with her there and then, crying out his name in his ear, begging for more as the hot water crashed around them; but he couldn't, his leg wouldn't support both there weight the pain would see to that. He saw her shut the water off, steam beginning to clear; he fled from the room before she saw him. A plan had come to mind….time to put it into action.


She quickly stepped over to the bed, flinging back the covers as though he would be hiding beneath them. No house, no cuffs. Why would he take them? A reminder? She wouldn't put it past him to put them up on his wall or worse start flinging them round the hospital with a note attached…who do these belong too?

She felt a stab of sadness at the fact that he'd gone, that was it, game over, back to the mundane routine of PPTH, nothing to keep her on her toes apart from House's usual antics and any snide comments referring to what had recently past, but she could handle them, only she would know the truth no one else would believe him. But the cuffs? Her head was working through his motives, each one as unlikely as the next.

She was distracted from her musing; she heard something, didn't she? Lifting her head slightly to survey the room, they fell upon a pair of trousers, House definitely required those if he'd left, thoughts shot into her head as panic flooded through her, but was stopped short as she was flattened face down into the pile of pillows. Shit. A heavy weight was pinning her down. The feeling of strong hands, running over her smooth skin as her arms were forced over her head and she was rolled onto her back, the weight now snuggled between her legs, holding her down; blue on blue. House was looming over her; her legs splayed either side of his frame, his eyes glimmering with triumph. He had her, right where he wanted. She was lost in his expression, one she'd never seen and which she'd wished for over many years, the mixture of lust and desire, need and want, that she didn't hear the click, so gentle, as he fastened them around her, she remained oblivious.

House rose from her, leaving her cold, lines of flesh exposed; the creamy white expanse of her left thigh as the towel had given up ground; however her dignity was still in tack, if you could call being forced onto your back dignified.

She frowned confused, why would he pin her down only to release her again? She moved to rearrange herself only to fall back as her arms battled against each other, straining apart as a chain forced them together. She struggled against them for a moment, only to fall back against the pillows in defeat, the chains held fast, feeling herself fight against it just set the thought in motion, her and House, fighting, pulling apart only to be drawn together by an invisible force, joining them together in one of the most fantastic fucks she'd ever had. Even though the force was visible this time she would go with it, after all if he took it too far she would say no.

She could say no to House, even if he was currently standing before her, proud, strong and gorgeous watching as she admit defeat, the lean lines of his toned body, chest sprinkled with the lightest dusting of hair which only moments before she had been running her fingers through, light scratches over his skin where she had dragged her nails over his chest as she came.

She didn't know what game he was playing but he wasn't going to win.

She wriggled, forcing herself upright as she balanced on her elbows, bouncing herself forwards until the momentum was enough to sit up. House, obviously enjoying the view, watched as she bounced before him, face set with satisfaction, eyes never leaving her own.

The towel slid down her body, pooling in her lap. Naked from the waist up, there was nothing she could do. She lifted her head in defiance, glaring at him as she watched his eyes rove over her body, drinking her in, pearly white flesh exposed before him, the darken shade of his eyes sent shivers through her, stimulating her senses, even with the absence of touch, he only needed to look at her, lust shimmering in his eyes, for her to want him.

The shake of her body as her senses over rode her gave her need away, her eyes fell to the floor, as his eyebrow rose, mouth curling as he realised he was having an effect without touching, the desire she thought had been sated rose with a vengeance but she refused to let it show, holding her head high, confident.

He wasn't going to make her feel uncomfortable and she wasn't going to let the waves of lust drown her once more, even as she felt it begin to pool between her thighs, she shifted slightly trying to relieve the pressure that was beginning to build, he just watched, reading her, smile growing as he saw her become more and more uncomfortable, and desperate.

She shook her head, trying to dislodge any lingering thoughts and images of their previous encounter, they were only causing her lose control faster, she wanted him more than ever, now knowing what she was missing, dying for more the longer she remained still, she desperately tried to remain cool, douse the flames licking her skin, making it burn. She refused to let him indulge in his voyeuristic pleasure, forcing her eyes to meet his own,

'You know it's rude to stare.'

If possible his smile widened, 'it's rude to leave people chained up when there cold and naked, however that didn't seem to stop you, but don't worry I will be warming myself up soon.' He stepped forward.

'Yeah well I'm cold, naked and wet and it doesn't seem to have stopped you either.' Her head lifted as she watched him looming over her.

'Wet already?' his eyebrows jigged up and down, 'I am that good.'

She laughed, it was forced, harsh and breathless, 'not likely, your ok but I've had better.' Not true, he was the best shag she'd ever had, blotting her vision with stars as he forced her mind into places she'd never seen, drawing sensations she'd had never experienced, sending them flooding through her body. She was lying…and he knew it.

His head tilted, surveying her, a knowing glint in his eye, 'well I obviously wasn't on top form, being tied up can do that to a person, why don't I show you what I can really do? Repeat it until I get it right, fuck you over and over again until it's perfect.'

The words falling from his mouth sent desire coursing through her, her mind on fire with images of House shagging her in as many ways as possible, hard and fast, slow and teasing, the groans echoing in her mind, the sex was already perfect, it could only get better and her body was dying for more, her mind had other ideas.

'Come on,' his fingers wrapped round the chain linking the cuffs and yanked her upright, towel falling to the floor with a thud.

'House!' she stooped to the floor in an attempt to retrieve it only to be stopped by a harsh tug forcing her up.

'Oh no!' he was shaking his head, his body inches from her own, 'I've got you, you do as I say.'

She scoffed, turning her head away, hiding from the piercing blue currently scanning her body, drinking her in as she stood naked before him, 'I'm not going to stand here with nothing on while you get your perverted kicks and stare at my rack.'

'And what a beautiful rack it is too,' he allowed his fingers to trace a line between the swell of her breasts.

Her skin tingled beneath his fingers, tickling over her flesh sending shivers through her, jolts of desire shooting from his fingertips firing through her body. The calm sated feeling washing away only to be replaced by waves of want crashing over her just his fingers could set her senses on fire; she had to resist him, he was playing with her, his own little game and right now he was winning her over, he was like a drug, she wanted more, needed more and wouldn't relax until she had him again but she couldn't, the worse thing for an addict was too give them the drug but right now her fix was being waved under her nose.

'I'm not doing it.'

She jerked away from his touch only to have him force her body flush against his own. Right hand sliding over the globe of one cheek of her ass, squeezing it lightly as his hot breath panted into her ear,

'You don't have a choice.'

She tried to pull away, 'oh no once was enough.'

'Liar, you want more,' his fingertips were now dancing over her spine, she could feel herself curving beneath his touch, her head clouding over as she tried to fight against him.

'Game over, I win! Don't be a bad loser,' she was trying to hit low, sting him hard enough to make him release her and leave. The sex was a one off thing, part of a game, this had nothing to do with rules, no reason except for the fact they both wanted it, once was ok twice was a pattern, a habit, a need and she couldn't, wouldn't need him.

He giggled into her ear, unflinching against her accusation, 'I'm not bad at anything,' his smug tone only served to drive her higher, reverberating through her body, seducing her senses turning her on beyond belief with only the lightest of touches, his forehead coming to rest against her own, lips barely touching hers as he spoke, 'besides, I want my consolation prize.'

'What's that?' She knew the excitement was evident in her voice, anticipation flaring up, this was still part of the game, if she told herself that she could give in but she wouldn't, yet, she wanted to hear him say it, the words of desire leave his lips, tell her what he wanted, tell her he wanted her.

'You, you're mine.'

'Yours?' her head pulled back, smiling, teasing him, his expression matching her own.

'Yes,' his hand curled behind her neck, sliding beneath the curls pulling her head forward, 'mine,' there lips crashed together, hands roving over he naked body as she pulled him too her, wanting to drown in him, losing her self in the kiss, tongues twirling together, sucking and nipping, harsh heavy breaths as there mouths worked over one another, her eyes tight shut as she drowned in her desire for him, the mist clouding her once more, he wanted her, she wanted him, desperate to feel him, his touch, his kiss, his fingers playing over her, the constant pounding between her legs as he drove her higher.

His lips left hers, she panted in his ears as he allowed his mouth to trail over her skin, her back bending to his will. He abandoned her body, causing her to whine from loss of contact, curling even deeper against him, trying to prolong the tender touch of his lips, he flicked his head back, looking at her from beneath hooded eyes, a smirk rested firmly on his face, his voice rumbling through her, 'and you have to do exactly what I say.'

She snapped out of it, trying to pull away, his arms wrapped round her, squeezing tighter holding her in place. She shook her head, 'no I don't!' her nervous laugh, disbelief tainted with fear, edged with excitement of what was to come, want emanating from his fingertips as they slowly slid lower.

'You're forgetting,' he tugged at the cuffs pulling her off balance so she crashed against him, fingers splayed over his chest as she tried to steady herself on already desire weakened legs. 'And,' his fingers slid over her ass, 'I know exactly which buttons to press.'

His hand slid between her thighs, her gasp was muffled against his shoulder as he managed to turn her on with the lightest of touches.

'See,' his voice was satisfied, pleased with her response, her reaction to him, his effect on her, as he forced her thighs apart, parting the folds between her legs, fingertips circling her clit.

Her groan turned into a squeal of annoyance as his fingers abandoned her once more, it was stalled when he tugged her forward, stumbling, maintaining her balance as she followed him down the hall, so desperate to be touched she'd do anything.

Entering a room to the left, he flung her forward, her body crashing over her desk; face down, ass waving at him, tempting and teasing, his property, she was all his.

She tried to wiggle, weak resistance only increasing his level of lust, his hard chest pressing against her back as he leaned over her, hard cock nestled between her thighs hand resting against the chain holding her down.

She ground against him, his moan into her ear escalating her frenzy, her breathing heavy and fast as she felt his hand slip between her legs once more, fingers sliding inside her, hot and wet, coating his fingers as he worked them in and out of her, little squeaks emanating from the back of her throat as he plunged them in deeper, her teeth latching onto her arm resisting the sensation as he continued to rub, working her higher with each stroke.

She could feel the pressure mounting, a cry of frustration escaped as she felt his fingers slip away, she was left for mere seconds before she felt his hard prick glide over her briefly before sliding inside pumping it hard and deep as he fucked her from behind. His breath panted in her ear as she gripped onto the desk, forcing herself back against him, hips rocking in time with his thrusts.

His hand rested between her legs, forcing himself deeper inside, her voice crying out his name as she came closer to the edge, he dragged his fingertips over her stiff bud, her body writhing beneath him, his pace increasing as he felt her muscles contract around his hard shaft.

The pressure was un-bearable, lost in her own frenzy as he pounded into her, his harsh whispers into her ear barely entered her thoughts so lost in the sensation of him inside her,

'come on Lisa, come for me, I want to feel you shake, feel you quiver beneath my fingers, god I've wanted you for so long, I want to make you mine,' he was growling into her ear, his voice deep and breathless.

'Nnnrgh…Harder…faster…just more!' her head was thrown back against her shoulders, eyes tight shut,

His fingers worked harder against her clit, cock pounding in and out with increased speed; they were both so close, an explosion of noise, simultaneous cries echoing out as she exploded round him feeling his cum surge into her.

He collapsed, holding her against the desk, weak and limp, trying to catch his breath, deep gasps as the cold air flooded his lungs. He rose, she remained, chest down, arms still chained above her head.

He pulled his boxers back up, fingers massaging his thigh trying to lessen the throbbing, pain flickering over his expression in brief bursts.

He limped away, leaving her sprawled, naked, returning moments later, cleaning her, and unlocking the cuffs, slipping them from her wrists. Light bruises were already starting to show, a colourful reminder of the night's events.

She lifted herself up, legs like jelly, wobbling forward as she allowed House to drag her into the shower. Frothing his hands he allowed them to slide over her, caressing her breasts, placing tentative kisses over her skin as his hand slipped between her legs washing him away.

She allowed her hands to run over his broad shoulders sliding up his neck, pulling him forward, placing a soft, lingering kiss against his lips.

She winked as she walked out, 'best game I've ever played.'


His eyes watched her as she wandered from the room, robe wrapped round her, laughter floating in from her bedroom until it softened and she fell silent.


She slid between the covers, head falling heavy against the pillows, eyes shut as a post coital haze engulfed her, dragging her into a deep slumber.


Sunlight coated her body, golden circles darting round her room. Her eyes adjusted to the light, ears adapting to the quiet. The house was empty, she had expected it to be, it had been a game, she knew that, still she found herself wishing that night had never come to an end.

Stumbling from her bed, aching, legs screaming in protest.

She wrapped her fluffy gown around her, abandoned on the floor from the previous night. The pearly white in contrast with the dark curls cascading round her face, she flung them over her shoulder as she made her way to the kitchen.

Once coffee was clasped in her hands, she allowed her thoughts to flow freely, memories she wished to keep for ever floating through the walls of her mind; his smile, his touch, the way he felt beneath her, over her, in her, she never wanted to forget.

The chime from the clock disturbed her, bringing her back with a bump. Mind a blur as she got ready for work, a constant stream of colours, clothes covering the physical evidence left from the night before.

She ran through the house, teetering on her heels. As she grabbed her keys, she halted, a piece of paper slowly fluttering to the floor. She stooped; paper held firmly between her fingertips as she lifted it to her face, his scrawl peppered the page with one simple and rather interesting question,

Any chance of a re-match?


He was limping through the deserted halls of PPTH, stagger more pronounced than usual after his late night adventure, a smile alight on his face. It was doused as he wondered passed Wilson's office, he had a feeling his friend would sense the change and he had no desire to share his experience at the moment, if ever. He wanted to keep the images and memories to himself, keep her to himself, after all she was his and that was how he wanted it to be and how he intended to keep it…he hoped.

His fear of Wilson was un-required; the Oncologist's attention was obviously elsewhere as House's gaze fell upon the blond he'd seen roaming round the hospital with increasing frequency. She was currently perched on the edge of Wilson's desk, lost in conversation. He and Lindsey were happy and for once House was happy for them, she was easier to handle than the last three that was for sure and as far as he was concerned that was all that mattered. Now he could host the games at Wilson's house rather than his own and make use of his rather wonderful TV, no point in having the equipment if it was never put top good use and good house keeping programs, in House's opinion was pointless, hopefully Lindsey thought so too.

The conference room was empty, ducklings absent, clinic or patient he didn't care. He flopped into his chair, reclining behind his desk, feet up, ball between his fingers, his thoughts returning the previous expression to his face.

He heard her, before he saw her. The tell tale click echoing down the halls. His door swung open, dark hair pulled back, blue eyes sparkling in his direction, his smirk spreading over his face, he'd seen her naked.

She was silent, slamming a file on the desk in front of him and turning to leave, professional aura emanating from her, face not giving anything away.

'Patient I want you to have a look at.'

'What's in it for me?'

She looked over her shoulder, face still blank, 'a job.'

'What job?' he was curious, desperate to know what she was proposing.

'Keeping the one you currently have.' She smiled, knowing she'd won, spun on her heel and walked from the room without a backward glance.

House frowned, no fair, shagging the boss was meant to have perks wasn't it? He would see to that later.

He flipped the file open. Scanning it quickly, taking in the necessary information, his eyes fell on the paper pinned to the top.

Cuddy's neat curly writing sprawled across it, a note nearly as short as his own, but much more exciting,

Let the games commence, round one my house 8:00 see you then. X

He looked up, blue on blue, she was watching him, waiting, nurses mulling around unknowing of what had passed between them.

He nodded, relief spread over her face, a smile blooming over it, a brief nod back, a subtle wink and she walked away down the hall, head held high.

He laid back, arms resting behind his head. He'd found his perk, cases were going to be easier to handle if he was receiving that in return. He let out a contented sigh.

This was going to be fun.

The End :D


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