The Truth is Painful

A Felix/Sheba ((Sandshipping?)) fanfic made by the all-powerful Leoshi!

!Disclaimer! I, regretfully, do NOT own Golden Sun 1 or 2, the awesome characters, the gripping storyline, any of the locations, or…sniff… the Sol Blade. YOU, however, may have this cookie! It over there, on the floor.

Okay, so this story takes place a few days after Felix and co. manage to save Weyard and make it back to Vale, which practically isn't there anymore. The characters may seem OC, but hey, who do you think I am? Hertz? On with the story!

Chapter 1: The Circle is Complete

Sounds of toil and other work could be heard from the base of Mt. Aleph as the residents of Vale proceeded with rebuilding their quaint town. Even though it was thought that all of Vale was swallowed by the earth, most of the plaza remained intact, including the Psynergy Stone. It stood near the edge of the massive hole where the former Vale remained.

Once Felix and Isaac, along with their friends and family, had returned, the whole of the town gathered and celebrated through two nights. After the merriment had finally subsided, the townsfolk got to work, rebuilding what they could and rebuilding what they found. One of the first things built was a long fence, running along the edge of Vale's new hole, to prevent any accidental falls.

"Isaac, mind that post! Be sure you attach the poles correctly this time!" yelled a frustrated Jenna, trying to mend a crooked pole so the whole fence wouldn't collapse.

"Easy for you to say, Jenna!" Isaac shouted back. "You just need to Pound the stakes in! All I have is my own two hands!"

Jenna scoffed as she used Pound on a third post, accidentally causing a crack in it. She silently cursed, trying to push the two broken ends together again. "Great! Now I've got this to deal with!" she said, throwing her arms in the air in exasperation.

Laughter was heard behind her as her mother walked up, carrying the trademark hammer and nails. "Now, now, Jenna, I warned you about that Psynergy! It might be too strong for the wood. Here, see what you can do with these," she said, dropping the items in her daughter's arms. As she returned to her house, she smirked at Jenna's annoyed sigh.

"Aw, blast it! Where is he...Felix! Mom has something for you!!!" Jenna called out. Of course, she had every intention of leaving the tools with her brother - it meant less hard work for her.

Jenna continued to call out a few more times before he finally ran up. "What? What is it, Jenna?"

"Here!" She forced her poor brother to hold the tools. "Make use of these!"

"Wha-Jenna! I thought mom gave these to you! She means for you to use them!" Felix returned the tools, backing away a bit as he did so.

Jenna wouldn't stand for this. "Oh, no she doesn't! Take them, and get moving!" she yelled, about to throw the bag of nails at her brother. However, when she did, she ended up throwing them at the dirt - Felix had once again escaped work by using Sand.

This, of course, angered Jenna greatly, and proceeded with chasing the lump of dirt around the plaza, trying to beat it with the hammer she still held.

All Isaac could do was stand by and watch the antics.


Work on the town ended shortly after dusk, and all the townsfolk proceeded to Vault, where they had the inn reserved for the next few days. Felix caught up the end of the lines, not only because he kept a sharp eye for any Vermin, but also because Jenna had trapped him between a rock and a hard place. She had managed to unearth him by visiting with Isaac, and - by persuasion and a threatening hammer - he had given her the Scoop Gem. She used the spell when she managed to contain her brother, and he emerged, covered in dirt. He still had some grains of sand stuck in his long hair.

She had warned him of what she would do the next time he used his Psynergy to escape from her, all the while waving the hammer around like a madbeast. Felix had barely heard her - his eyes were fixed on that tool, his mind cooking up many different foul and cruel things a hammer could be capable of.

He shuddered at a thought of Felix Stew.

"Alright, everyone, we're here! Welcome back to Vault!" Garet's grandfather cried out, informing everyone of the arrival.

Felix looked up, glad to be back here. It's not a long walk between the two towns, but he had his sister to avoid. As he gazed around, he caught sight of Ivan and Sheba, both waiting for the townsfolk at Vault's gate. A soft wind was causing their hair to flutter about, and in the gathering moonlight, Sheba looked like a goddess to Felix. His face became rosy at the mental image.

"...Er, Felix? Hello? Is anyone home in there?"

Felix's blush deepened greatly as he realized he had Sheba's attention. He tried to spit out a reason why he was so red, but the only words understandable were "Uh", "Well, you see..." and "...oh, um...". Luckily, Isaac came to his rescue...even if he didn't mean to rescue him.

"Ah, good to see you two! How have things been, Ivan?"

"Just fine. I came up from Kalay not too long ago - figured I'd stop by and greet you. I was surprised to see Sheba here...I though she went to help to Vale, too...?"

"Oh, no, didn't you hear? Those three bandits we caught here have returned, and they actually know how to hide this time! Oh, uh, speaking of which, Sheba? Have you caught them?"

Sheba chuckled lightly as she recalled the antics of the three thieves. "Yes, I did. They managed to climb up that little hill at the edge of town, and hide in the tunnels. I managed to find an easier way in...oh, how many times have I said I love Reveal?"

It was Ivan's turn to laugh. "I stopped counting around thirty-something."

'Forty-two, actually, counting this time.' Felix thought, glancing at Sheba.

"Well, great," Isaac continued, looking toward the town's dungeon. "Ivan, why don't the two of us find Garet, and pay those three a little visit?"

At this, Ivan dawned a mischievous grin. Without a word, the two of them headed for the mayor's house, hoping to find Vale's mayor there, and finally, Garet.

"...So, Felix how have you been recently?" Sheba asked, looking at the boy curiously.

Because of the way she looked at him, Felix flustered for the second time that evening. "Oh, uh, fine! Just fine!"

Sheba giggled at his behavior, and tilted her head as she continued her questions. "Did you find anything during the build?"

Again, for the second time that evening, Felix's blush deepened, this time because, when she cocked her head, the growing moonlight had caught her eyes, making them sparkle, thus dazzling him. He began to wonder if she could hear his heart pounding - he was sure everyone else in town could.

"Um...yeah, actually. I found out that I don't like hammers!" He laughed a bit as he said this, only increasing Sheba's curiosity. He proceeded to relay his run-in with Jenna, the nails, and her new favorite toy. As he finished, he self-consciously picked at his hair, trying to get rid of any more grains of sand. As he was running his hands through his hair one more time, he brushed against some hard and metal.

He turned around, and nearly fainted at the sight.

Jenna's new favorite toy was so close to his face, he could smell the odor of iron and feel how cold the metal was without even touching it. His sister had a devious smirk playing her features, and Sheba, who has sized up the situation in a heartbeat, laughed hysterically.

Felix didn't have time to think of how beautiful her laughter sounded - he melted into the sand beneath him on instinct. Bad move.

End chapter 1

Author's comments: Haha, Felix gets his head smashed in! Okay. So let me know what you people think of this so far! And if you didn't see it at the top, this is a Felix/Sheba fic, and they will seem out of character. I'm a romantic guy, okay? Oh, and about the chapter title, I meant a circle of journeying – Golden Sun began in Vale, and Golden Sun: The Lost Age ended in Vale. Since this story begins at the end of their quest, the title seemed nice.

Next chapter: More Sandshipping goodness when Felix and Sheba, as well as four others, get caught in a storm! Maybe Mia will find some screen time; she was off tormenting Garet by using Douse while this fic was being written.