HeeroXDuo: I just love seeing the Great Uchiha Sasuke get jealous!

Sasuke: (Glare)

Naruto: I'm singing…

HeeroXDuo: Yup you're singing to Sasuke!

Sasuke :..dobe (smirks at Naruto)


HeeroXDuo: Well anyway I don't own Naruto or the songs I'm going to use in this story!

Naruto was looking at the mirror. He was surprised at what he saw.

"I actually looked good."

Naruto was wearing a red sleeveless turtleneck that Iruka gave him for his birthday, black baggy pants with red trims, black Vans shoes, on his left wrist is a black wristband and his right a red one. He didn't gel his hair so it looked like the fourth's hair, he pieced his ears, on his left had a 4 inches silver chain with a half moon in the end and in his right ear has the same, but instead of silver it's gold and the sun replaces the moon.

"Hey Naruto hurry up! Your next!" Sakura turned as she heard the door opened. The girl stared and stared…

"…Sakura…hey Sakura!" Naruto waved his hand in front of her face. Sakura shook her head.

"Wow Naruto!" TenTen yelled.

"Well you better get ready cause it's your turn any minute now."

"Do I really have to do this?"

"Yeah!" (TenTen)

"Yup" (Ino)

"…O-only if y-you w-want to Na-naruto-kun" (Hinata)

"You have no choice whatsoever." (Sakura)

"If this doesn't work I'm going to kill you guys…" Naruto sighed, how did this happened again. Oh yeah it happened earlier this morning.

o Flashback o


Naruto was looking at his teammate as if she had grown an extra head. I mean just a while ago Naruto was on his way to go eat ramen and then without warning he felt hands grab him. Naruto looked at the girls and started to back away slowly when he saw their faces.

"Ok let me get this straight…you interrupted me on my way to eat ramen, you dragged me here to Sakura's house…and you want me to confess my feelings for Sasuke by singing on the festival tonight in front of the whole villagers…where I can humiliate myself in front of a bunch of people?" Naruto asked calmly.

"Well yeah it would be perfect!" Ino cheered.

"Yeah Naruto it's about time you tell Sasuke how you feel about him" TenTen said as she grinned evilly.

"Yah plus it's romantic this way!" Sakura had hearts in her eyes as she said this. The blonde sighed.

"I understand you guys participating… but what I don't understand is how you got Hinata to join you."

At this the Hyuuga heiress blushed.

"Well she's into yaoi like us!"

"Well anyway first you need to sing a song to make him jealous!"


"Because we say so!"


"Then after that sing a love song and don't look at him so mush keep him guessing!'


"Then looked at him during the romantic parts."

"…What makes you think I can sing?"

"It will sound good because you're singing from the bottom of you heart!"

And with that said the girls squealed.

The blonde only sweatdropped.

What have I've gotten myself into…

o End Flashback o

Naruto sighed again.

" Okay I already picked the songs, I practiced for hours, I look good…nothing will go wrong…OOH! Who am I kidding! What if he doesn't figure it out that the songs are for him? Or worse what if he does figure it out and he ignores it or what if he rejects me? Ok Calm damn. You wouldn't until you try right? So I'll just sing my best and hope it works. I hope…"

Naruto's thoughts was interrupted as Sakura signaled him that it was his turn. Naruto sighed and started walking to the stage…

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