Soooooorrrrrrryyyyyyyy, for not updating loyal readers but it's finally here!


Jazz Fenton's Heck Chapter 9: The Insane Ending

3 Months later

Jazz sat on the couch, her hair was frazzled, her clothes dirty, it appeared as if she hadn't slept in days. At the other end of the couch sat a 3-months pregnant Sam. (Two people left on her and Danny's honeymoon, three came back.) She was very hormonal and had already sent Danny to the hospital. The super-intelligent Scottish beavers had now taken up permanent residence in the Op Center, and had sacrificed Chip and Vlad in some weird ritual that involved worms, lots and lots of worms.

Ember on the other hand was now at a Ghost Zone weight loss clinic, when the specter finally came to she was so embraced that all thoughts of taken over the world vanished and were replaced by getting into shape. Lancer-Foot became the new star attraction at the Amity Park Zoo he turned more animalistic each day. It was cool. No one ever saw Tucker again; some say he's a woman now. Not-so-mega-rump-anymore-Valerie was also never seen again; lots of people are becoming never seen again these days, weird. But one question still remained in everyone's mind (except Vlad's because he was dead from the neck up): What happened to Jack and Maddie?

The End (For Now)


Well I've scrapped the idea of the epilogue, it will be the first chapter of the sequel but for it I need ideas about Danny and Sam's child. Is it a boy or a girl, what is its name, and how many babies are currently in Sam's womb in the first place? Twins, triplets, quadruplets, sextuplets, who knows! But for now I leave you. DUM!