"I'm going to change." Kayla said after they stepped inside their room.

"I'll be waiting." Jett said huskily, giving her a quick kiss before she disappeared. When she was gone he quickly began the task of making the mood as romantic as possible. He went into the master suite and set up strawberry scented candles. Then he ran into the kitchen and prepared a bowl of sliced strawberries marinating in champagne. And for the final touch, Jett scattered a trail of rose petals from Kayla's door to the master bed. He even pulled back the giant comforter and scattered some on the bed.

"Perfect." Jett said to himself.

"Knock, knock. Can I come in?" Kayla asked, pushing the bedroom door open.

"Sweet mercy." Jett said. Kayla stood in the doorway wearing a pink teddy. The thin silk contrasted beautifully next to her caramel skin.

"Do you like it?" Kayla asked shyly. She debated with herself for ten minutes before she thrown it in her bag at the last minute. Jett blinked rapidly. Was she serious?

"Baby…you're beautiful…ravishing…words don't do you any justice." Jett stuttered, walking towards her. Kayla blushed and looked down at her freshly pedicured toes. Jett tilted her chin up with his forefinger and tears forming in her eyes.

"I'm sorry." She whispered, wiping the tears from her eyes. "I just want this night to be perfect. We've both been waiting-"

"Hush now." Jett caressed softly. "This night is going to be perfect. Just let it happen. Come with me."

Jett led Kayla to the bed and sat down, leaning against the overstuffed pillows. Kayla maneuvered herself between Jett's legs and rested against his strong, broad chest. Jett planted hot kisses along her neck and ran his hands along her creamy thighs. Kayla sighed with pleasure as her head rolled around and her eyes fluttered. Jett picked up the bowl of sliced strawberries and held a slice to Kayla's lips. She took the strawberry in her mouth along with Jett's finger. Jett feared he would lose consciousness when he felt Kayla's tongue sliding up and down his finger. His mind immediately thought of how her mouth and tongue would feel elsewhere.

"Let me feed you." Kayla whispered. She turned around and straddled his waist. Yup, Jett thought. I'm not gonna make it. She took a sliced strawberry and ran it across his lips, then slowly licked it off.

"Why don't you get more comfortable?" Kayla suggested in a sultry voice, lifting Jett's shirt. He eagerly lifted his arms, allowing Kayla to undress his. Kayla held his gaze as she slowly undid his belt buckle and he raised his hips to be rid of his pants. Jett slowly took off Kayla's silk teddy and held her closer to him. When flesh met flesh they both sighed with pleasure at the satisfaction of a dream finally fulfilled.

"You feel so good." Jett whispered as her cupped Kayla's breasts in his hands. Perfect fit, like her body was made just for him. Kayla arched upward, placing her erect nipple in front of him to taste. Jett teased them with tiny bites using his lips. "You taste too good."

Kayla used her right hand and grabbed his throbbing manhood in her hand. His size scared and satisfied her at the same time. She slowly ran her finger over his head.

Jett cried out in pain and pleasure as his juices started to flow into Kayla's hand. He laid her down on the bed next to him. If he wasn't careful she would make him explode before he wanted to. And he didn't want that to happen.

"You are so beautiful." Jett said. He picked up a rose petal and ran it along Kayla's shoulder. The feathery touch sent Kayla's mind spinning out of control. Jett continued down between her breasts, pass her belly button, and stopped when he reached her mound.

Jett kissed her thighs gently as he slowly forced them open. Oh my God, Kayla screamed in her head. Kayla screamed out for real when she felt Jett's tongue invade her sacred spot. Jett stared up at her grinning as her body shook out of control. She called out his name fueling his desire to please her further.

Kayla thought she had died and gone to heaven as another orgasm ripped through her body. And then just like that, he was gone.

"Don't you dare move." He wanted to quiet the gasp of dismay that came from the loss of contact. Kayla watched Jett run out of the room and couldn't believe it. How could he leave at a time like this! She ached with the need of him so bad she thought she was going to die.

Jett reappeared with a CD in one hand and a small brown bag in the other. He put the CD in the player next to the plasma TV and came back to the bed and stood before her. Kayla stared at the magnificent man as Raheem DaVaughn's voice smooth voice filled the air and completed the mood with his latest hit 'You.'

Jett took out a small foil square from the bag. "I have to protect you in everyway." He whispered, setting the bag on the table. His hands shook as he opened it with his teeth and rolled the thin piece of protection over himself. Jett positioned himself over Kayla and was careful not to crush her with his weight. Their tongues met as he slowly began to push himself inside her. Kayla tensed and cried out when she felt Jett fill her completely and then some for the first time.

"Baby, it's okay." Jett comforted as he gently stroked her hair. He placed small kissed around her chin and neck as he entered her again. Jett shuddered the third time around and stilled himself within her, not wanting to lose control. Kayla looked at Jett with tears running down her face, and at that moment, no words were needed. They spoke the language of love softly and everything else seemed to fade away. Jett felt fire running lose through his blood. He tried to hold a slow stroke, but the way Kayla's body was responding to his made it impossible. Kayla felt her body become familiar with his as she began to move in sync with Jett.

The wave of another release sent Kayla over the edge as she screamed Jett's name. Jett called out to everything that was good and holy as he felt himself explode into the sheer barrier that kept a new life from forming.

Jett removed himself from inside Kayla and discarded the condom. He rolled over taking Kayla with him. She made herself comfortable in his arms as sleep took over her body. Jett couldn't help not to watch Kayla sleeping soundly in his arms. His Hawaiian delight. He grinned at the new name he had given her, and soon fell asleep holding her in his arms.