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Chapter One

She stood in front of him defiantly. Her shoulders were high and her hair pulled back into a smooth plait. The bag at her feet was full to the brim with the collection of items from her desk; he glanced at the bag and then at her, his eyes fixing on hers. She stepped forward and placed the envelope on the desk, her eyes shut briefly as his hand reached forward and grasped hers.


"Cameron?" She sighed and her eyes shot up and met his once more, pulling her hand away she rubbed her temple, frustrated.

"House I don't have time for this."


"I have to go."


"I'm going to be late."


She stepped back and folded her arms, her eyes wandering around the room wildly. "House, stop it. I accepted the position in New York and I'm leaving. Stop being so childish."

He glared at her leaning back in his chair. "I'm not the one running away."

She scoffed. "Not this time."

He almost smiled and she unfolded her arms. "I gave you three years, three loyal years, I was the perfect employee. And you…you couldn't even give me a real relationship." He continued to stare at her and she sighed once more. "You couldn't give me you, not the real you, all you could give me was a physical relationship. And that was fine for a while, but I need something more. I'm sorry."

Picking up her bag she swung it onto her shoulder and turned and began walking away. Reaching the glass door she turned her head and saw that he had turned around to face the window. Staring at his back and said softly. "Goodbye House." With one last look around at the familiar office and at the man she loves she pushed her shoulder against the glass and pushed it open leaving them behind her.

House heard her heels click against the floor, his heart sank as they grew quieter, she had done it, she had left. He turned slowly and faced the empty office, staring at the glass door he swallowed and opened his cracked lips to mutter. "Goodbye Allison."

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