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Chapter 2: Allies

Jenny was tossed off the boat… it wasn't any boat… but the Marines… and not just any marine boat but Smoker.

"Oh come on! My enemies are banding together with your enemies why should we be allies?" yelled Jenny.

Smoker and Tashegi now completely bald looked over the side of the ship.

"One thing is that YOUR TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!" yelled Smoker.

"But my enemies are banding with your enemies…" said Jenny.


"I know that but like I said your after the Straw Hats… so why won't help me?" asked Jenny.

"We already said no! There is something seriously wrong with you!" said Smoker.

"Especially when you shaved most of the crew…" said Tashegi.

"Fine I'll go find someone else…" muttered Jenny.

She began to swim away, while muttering some about killer afro.

"I have never seen you act that way…" said Tashegi to Smoker.

"That girl is insane… talking about other dimensions and taking over the world by cutting hair…" said Smoker.

"Should we report?" asked Tashegi.

"No… but I think we should go an island and find a wig shop!" said Smoker.

"Yes sir…" said Tashegi.

Meanwhile back on the Merry Go… or Going Merry… which ever the ship is called.

"So let me get this straight… there's an evil empire in another dimension called the Chrome Dome Empire?" asked Nami.

"Yeah…" said gasser.

"And they came to this world to take over…" said Zoro.

"That's right…" said Suzu.

"And you're the group that fights them…" said Usopp.

"Yeah…" said Softon.

"And you want us to you help you?" asked Sanji.

"We're helping each other… people in this world don't know how to fight the Hair Hunters… and we don't know the terrain in this world… in order to fight them we must join forces…" said Bo-bobo… his speech would have more of an effect… if he wasn't wearing a tutu and tiara…

There was an awkward silence.

"Why is he wearing a tutu..." asked Luffy.

"Who knows…" said Beauty.

Meanwhile with Jenny she was on her back while relaxing the water.

"Great I can't get Smoker's crew maybe I should get Hina's crew…" said Jenny.

(Probable scenario if Team Bo-bobo fights Jango)

Don Patch was dressed like Captain Hook… and Jango.

"Why am I dressed like Peter Pan!" yelled Jango.

"Because I'm a meathead!" yelled Don Patch.

(End of Probable scenario if Team Bo-bobo fights Jango)

"Then again, maybe not…" said Jenny with a sweat drop.

As she relaxed she saw a ship… not just any ship… Buggy the Clown's ship.

"Interesting…" she thought.

Back on the Merry Go…

"Maybe we should introduce ourselves…" said Beauty.

"I'll go first! I'm Don Patch! And I'm the star of this fanfic!" yelled Don Patch.

No your not Bo-bobo and Luffy are.

"Shut up!" yelled Don Patch.

You shut up! Now for your punishment... Suddenly Don Patch… uh D'oh! I forgot it's extremely hard to make Don Patch do something that will embarrass him…

"Ha ha! I'm unemaraasable!" yelled Don Patch.

I'll find something… I'll find something… anyways Team Bo-bobo continued introductions.

"I'm Jelly Jiggler…" said Jelly Jiggler… then he noticed Luffy was drooling over him, "I don't like the look you're giving me…"

"The name's Softon…" said Softon… then he noticed that Luffy was also drooling him too, "May we should feed him something…"

Sanji sighed, he went to the fridge and grabbed a piece of meat, Luffy saw it began drooling, Sanji tossed it to Luffy who began to happily eat it.

"Don't mind him…" said Sanji.

"Uh… right… the name's Gasser by the way…" said Gasser.

""I'm Beauty." said Beauty.

"Hatenko." said Hatenko.

"I'm Dengaku Man." said Dengaku Man, "Any one want grill tofu dipped in miso on a stick."

"Okay…" said Nami with a sweat drop.

"I'm Suzu." said Suzu.

"And my name is Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo! But you can call me Bo-bobo." introduced Bo-bobo.

Everyone in the room that weren't used to Bo-bobo's antics (and some that were) sweat dropped.

"Well… we're the Straw Hat Pirates." said Nami blinking, "I'm Nami, the navigator."

"Zoro… and I'm the first mate." muttered Zoro who wanted this to be over with.

"I'm Sanji and I'm the chef." said Sanji who began to flirt with Suzu, "If you need anything just ask me."

Suzu laughed and responded, "Thanks." she replied.

"I'm Chopper and I'/m the doctor." said Chopper.

"How can a Jackalope be a doctor!" yelled don Patch.

"I'm a reindeer human!" yelled Chopper going into heavy point.

"My name is Nico Robin." said Robin changing the subject in a clam way.

"And I'm the brave captain Usopp!" yelled Usopp.

"Objection!" yelled Bo-bobo dressed like Phoenix Wright (don't play the games, but I know enough about to do a decent joke), "If you're the captain why aren't you wearing the hat that's on the flag?"

"Why are you suddenly dressed like that?" asked Usopp with a big sweat drop.

"I'm the real captain and my name is Luffy!" yelled Luffy.

Bobo-bo and Luffy's eyes met, they both knew they were the leaders of the group and both knew that it was going to be the start of a rather interesting alley-ship.

Meanwhile on Buggy's ship and he and Jenny were having a conversation.

"So you want to be allies? Why?" asked Buggy.

"You see my group wishes to take over this world so. However my group's enemy has come to take care of us." said Jenny with a smirk.

"What does this have to do with me?" asked Buggy.

"Have you heard of the saying "the enemy of the friend of my enemy is my friend"?" asked Jenny.

"What?" asked Buggy who was really confused.

Jenny laughed, "It sounds confusing but it makes sense it mean that my enemies has made friends with your enemies'." explained Jenny, "You see a "freedom fighter" by the name of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo has come to this world with his friends… and has become allies with the Straw Hat Pirates."

Buggy smiled, "Are you serious?" asked Buggy.

"Completely… So… how would your crew like to join the join the ground up of the Pirate Come Dome empire?" asked Jenny, "And since last time I tired to recruit some people, you get to keep your hair."

"What do you say men?" asked Buggy.

Much of the Buggy pirates cheered, while Alvida looked at Jenny, who just smirked. The two defiantly was not going to get along.

And so both Team Bo-bobo and the Pirate Division of the Chrome Dome Empire gained some key allies in the war. What would become of the world government… then again who cares… it's highly unlikely that they'll even play a roll ion this story at all… very, very unlikely…

Next time: Team Bo-bobo and the Straw Hats face off against another block... and the more sensible of the Straw Hats realize that by the end of it, they may not have any sanity left... Can Beauty help them out? Find out next time!