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It's all that matters

"Okay, girls. You know what you have to do."

They nodded - well, all besides Cornelia, who smiled viciously and flinched her hair, in her specific way of showing agreement. Will didn't care; as long as Cornelia helped guarding the Veil, it was completely not important whether the Earth guardian was overly sure in herself. She did the job, just as Will did… and it was all it mattered.

But that fact couldn't help Will feel that annoying, painful feeling in her throat while watching her friends fly off. It didn't help her feel better about being alone; about being cold; about being… useless.

That's what you are, Will, a voice muttered softly in her head, use-less… You've been given a precious gift, the ultimate power, yet you are not capable of using it…

Keeper of the Heart of Candrakar. How bitter - but truthful - that sounded all of the sudden… because that was all she was doing; holding the shining, pink crystal, and pretending to do something while her friends did all the job.

It was the end, that day. Final battle for Meridian was about to began… and she was bound to watch it from far away, being warned by Caleb not to close in to battle; since, after all, he might be powerless, but he at least knew how to fight.

Once upon a time, Will has been free. There were no nightmares to disturb her sleep… there was no pain. Her friends always understood what happened to her, because they usually suffered all the same; but now, she knew she was the only one getting through that torture - and that nobody would ever understand her.

Battle got fired up, but Will barely saw it. She felt tears filling her reddish eyes until monsters, rebels and Guardians became but smudges; and all the screams and cries for help were lost in her sobs. But there was nobody to ease her this time; while she was loosing herself in self-pity, people were dieing.

But Will had no power, and no will, for stopping that.

There was no surprise, no screams or flinches when she felt somebody's eyes on herself; she's been through that so many times, that it almost felt like routine. Her dreams prepared her for everything… or so she thought.

What she didn't expect was to feel an arm - maybe cold, and lifeless also, but an arm nonetheless - creeping at her shoulders. What she didn't expect was to hear the whisper - brushing her ears like a soft, southern wind, yet piercing her heart with a thousand daggers.

"You are not destined to be a failure", the voice said, and Will felt a sudden urge to cry and laugh at the same time; because, out of all people she knew, and out of all people she loved, she got her soul-medicine from her enemy.

Silent, tears slowly fading from her eyes, Will turned to face him.

"You were meant for greater things, Guardian" he hissed, his green eyes shining of malice; but Will has never felt a greater urge to trust someone.

She closed her eyes as he folded his arms around her, and she knew he transported her away from battle. But, then again, it just didn't matter. Someone was embracing her, someone was talking to her, promising her things she wanted to hear; and Will just wanted to believe him, and to give into his arms, as she has done so many times before, during her countless nights full of dreams; just, this time it was real… and she didn't knew whether it was good thing or bad.

"There was a promise, a long time ago" he whispered, as she tensed under his arms "Dark wizards of all worlds came together to resolve their destiny… And so it was decided that you would come along."

Will breathed briefly, as his arms found their way around her flaming skin; she was fire as much as he was ice. And, in a strange way, she fitted him perfectly; every curve of her body, every motion or sound, found its counterpart in him.

It was like the very moment they touched, they locked together… never to be separated again.

"From the light you slid into darkness; you let it color your heart. Even your eyes are turning dark, Will… you resemble darkness more than you ever resembled Candrakar. Give into it… because it is your destiny. You will get power as no mortal has ever dreamed of…"

And with those final words, Will felt her world spinning; fire was in her bones, in her chest and in her heart. She pulled herself closer to him, so close that she could feel his breath on her forehead; and then she forgot herself in his kiss.

"Dreams are a very useful thing, my Prince" she muttered into his lips, and world finally disappeared around her.

Will opened her eyes.

Yeah, she thought as she shut down her alarm clock, yeah, they really are…