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Path of Restoration.

Summary: It has been nearly four thousand years since the Giant Tree gave its Prophecy to its creations, the Summon Spirits, the Protozoans and the Alurannai. Now their waiting is over. The Chosen of Restoration has been born...and now it is time for their journey to begin.


Chapter 1: An Unexpected Conversation

Iselia, the Village of Oracles. Home of the Chosen of Mana. It lay within the north-western corner of the Trietian continent, on the edge of the Iselia Forest. To the north of the village was the Martel Temple, the sacred altar where angels decended to the earth to speak with mortal man. Iselia was a village of peace, and on this day, this glorious summer day two weeks before the Day of Prophecy, one boy's world was about to be turned on it's head.

"Make way, comming through!"

A brown haired figure, two white ribbons trailing from the collar of his red shirt, dashed down the main street of the village. Ducking and dodging round people and carts in a desperate attempt not to be late for school...again.

It is to be said that this was concidered a common occurence, for not one villager was supprised to see this particular boy running flat out for the schoolhouse. It was then that a bell began to ring.

"Aww, crap! I'm late again!"

The boy raced across the final street, through the schoolhouse door...and failed to see that the hallway floor had just been washed.



His fellow students, having seen him slide past the classroom door at considerable speed, winced when they heard him hit the wall. As for the teacher, she stepped out into the corridoor, pulled him to his feet, then guided the disorientated youth to his desk.


Outside, two huge pale blue eyes, lit with humour, peered at the schoolhouse from the depths of the forest. A quiet chuckle rose from the watchers scaled throat.

"Like father, like son."


Back in the classroom, the teacher glanced at the boy with a look of sympathy on her face.

"Really, Lloyd, you need to be more careful. That's the fifth time this month you've hit that wall. I'm beginning to think I should get it padded."

With that the silver haired, blue eyed, twenty-four year old woman, straightened her orange overcoat and walked towards the front of the classroom.

"As for your tardyness, you were only just late so I'll let you off this time."

The boy grimaced as he rubbed the lump on his head. He'd been having contant headaches for two days and banging his head off the school wall had hardly helped.

"Thanks, Professor Raine."

Raine Sage, or as the students called her, Professor Raine, was a self taught scholar of unknown background. Despite this lack of a known past she was well respected in the village. No one knew where the elf had come from. She had arrived in Iselia ten years previously, with her two year old brother in tow. When the villagers discovered her conciderable knowledge she was promptly asked to be the teacher of the village school. A post that had been vacant for several months.

Raine, who had reached the front of the room, faced the blackboard, picked up a piece of chalk and wrote:

'The Prophecy of Restoration'

As she turned to them she knew that none of them, except her brother, would know more about the prophecy other than that it was a prophecy. After all it had taken her months to track down what she did know. But still she decided to give them a chance.

"Right, who can tell me what the Prophecy of Restoration is?"

A small hand near the front of the class shot into the air, and it was the only hand in the air. It belonged to a silver haired, blue eyed twelve year old. As you may have guessed, it was Raine's little brother Genis, who also, ironically, happened to be one of Lloyd's best friends.

Raine sighed inwardly.

Why do I bother?

"Yes, Genis."

He stood up.

"The Prophecy of Restoration, is the prophecy made by the Giant Kharlan Tree, to the Summon Spirits, just before it died."

Lloyd frowned, his head pounding as Raine nodded to Genis.

Why do I feel like I know this already?

"That's correct, Genis. When the Tree withered it entrusted the prophecy to the Summon Spirits, who then told it to the people. Every two generations, two of the Spirits, Krishka and Maxwell, visit the people to renew their knowledge of the prophecy and ensure it will not be forgotten."

Lloyd continued to frown.

I have heard this before...and that name...Krishka? ...Why is it so familiar?

"Now, can anyone tell me the Prophecy itself?"

Lloyd, overcome with a sudden sense of knowing, quickly put his hand up. It was like a small door had opened in his mind. Through is came a memory of a firm but kind voice, reciting the ancient words while he and his creche mates sat beneath the speaker's watchful gaze.

Raine blinked once, twice, three times..

"A-All right Lloyd...Let's see if you can answer it."

Lloyd got to his feet and spoke with complete confidence for the first time since he had started at the school.

"A time will come, a time of suffering.
A time where the light of mana will blaze then fade.
A time where hope rests on the journeys,
of children led by crystals and wing'ed messengers.
It is in this time that a child will be born of the forest,
but they will not greive for me.
The new Bond of their spirit will be the flame of the future.
The flame that will lead the way to the Restoration of the Balance,
and fuel the birth...of the next...Giant Tree..."

The students looked at Raine, then immediately stared at Lloyd. Raine had been rendered speechless, jaw practically dropping to the floor as the stared at Lloyd. Then her notes. Then Lloyd. Her notes. Lloyd...

It took me months to find that out!... But he rattled it off like it was nothing...

"Are you ok, Professor?"

Lloyd was rather freaked out by this point.


Genis was as stunned as his sister, but his concern for her overroad his shock that Lloyd would know the answer to such an advanced history question. After all, Lloyd hated history, the only subjects he liked were P.E and Art.

Raine stood there, with her mouth open, for a few moments longer before she recovered enough to speak.

"Y-You're...right Lloyd,... absolutely r-right." She began to sway on her feet. "I..uh..think I...need to lie down." She brought a hand to her head as she sat down on her stool. "Class is..dismised for the rest of the day..."

The students sat for a moment longer before exploding from their seats, cheering as the charged out of the door. Lloyd, after looking at Genis who was headed for his sister, followed them out. Deciding that he was the last thing Raine needed right now.


Lloyd walked down the dusty street, oblivious to the gossip of the other children.

How did I know that? Was I really remembering something from when I was little? But why now?...And why that? And why did Raine have to freak out? Sheesh, I don't know whether to be happy I got it right, or depressed that no one though I could answer it. But still...that memory. I was being taught about the Prophecy with my creche mates...'creche mates'? What are...?

An image of four faces flickered through his mind, but only one stood out. A girl with large brown eyes, slightly spiky black hair, and a kind smile.

I know her...she's my best friend...Alysii? ...We were being chased...there was a...Sentinel?...then we...


He snapped out his trance of half remebered images at the sound of an all too familiar voice. A voice whose high pitch now seriously grated on his suddenly sharper hearing. The sun, so bright it felt like it burned into his eyes. He squinted through the glare to see the second of his two best friends, or is that three? running down the street towards him.

"Lloyd, you got out of school early? That's great! I finished my lessons at the Chaple too! Let's go down to the river and see if we can skip stones out to that big rock in the midd..."

A cloud of dust rose into the air as the white clad girl landed face down in the middle of the path, as a result of tripping over her own feet. An event that was as well known as Lloyd's mad dashes to school.

The girl looked up at him.

"He he...whoops" She giggled as she lifted herself off the floor.

The girl was Collette, the Chosen of Mana. Sylvarant's hope...and a complete and utter klutz. She had long blond hair, bright blue eyes, and was almost always smiling. Her name was the shortened version of 'collena ette'. Angelic for 'Golden Grace', and while the angels who chose her name got the 'golden' part right, 'grace' couldn't be further from the truth. Collette's clumsiness was practically a legend. This was a girl who would often trip on 'thin air', and who had at one point, tripped and literally put a Collette-sized hole right through a wall.

" you want to go down to the river?"

Lloyd hated to dissapoint her, but he had a lot he wanted to think about. Added to that his headache had gotten even worse, and his elbows, shoulders and a few other places had begun to itch like crazy. It seemed Raine wasn't the only one who needed to lie down.

He lied.

"Sorry, Collette. I was on my way home to finish my art project for school tomorrow."

Collette's happy expression was replaced by dissapointment. After a moment she shrugged and smiled again.

"Oh well...I'll see you tomorrow then."

Collette waved as she turned and walked off in the direction of her house, while Lloyd continued towards the South Gate. You see, Lloyd lived with his 'Uncle', Dirk, in the iselia forest. Dirk, who was a dwarf, had found a five year old amnesiac Lloyd wandering though the woods and he had looked after him ever since. The only other 'family' Lloyd had was his 'dog', Noishe. Noishe, had been given to them by a 'wanderer' as a companion for the young Lloyd... Though strangly Lloyd who was six at the time had already known the canine's name. He was a large green and white, wolf-like creature who was far too big to be a dog. But since Lloyd and Dirk didn't know what else to call him...they simply called him a dog.

Lloyd reached and walked through the south gate. Then turned west and headed into the forest.


Raine, a frown on her face, stared at her desk as Genis sat nearby reading a book.

How did Lloyd know that? Of all the people he's had contact with since Dirk found him, Genis and I are the only ones who know the exact wording of that prophecy. Neither of us have told him so he could only have learned it before then...But Lloyd has amnesia. The only way he would remember it would be...

Raine suddenly looked up, startling Genis.

The only way would be...if his memory were coming back.


Noishe usually waited for Lloyd at the South Gate, but today there had been no sign of him. Of course, Lloyd was too lost in thought to notice. He was halfway home when he was finally 'ambushed' by his 'dog'. However the ambush wasn't the only supprise.

"Ahh, Noishe! Get off me right n... What the?"

Noishe leapt off Lloyd, his fur standing on end and crackling with sparks, just like Lloyd's fingertips.

What did you do that for?

"Huh? Who said that?" Lloyd, oblivious to his sparking fingers, looked around trying to find the source of the voice. Noishe, forgetting his 'bad hair day', quickly noticed this. He charged up to Lloyd and looked him right in the eye.

You can hear me?

Lloyd blanched.

"No... way. I've gotta be hearing things."

Noishe's ears twiched, his mouth opening in his equivalent of a grin. He leapt into the air then started racing round the clearing, jumping around and chasing his tail.

Woo hoo! Finally! Yes! He can hear me! He can hear me! Yay! (A.N You get the idea)

Lloyd however did not appear so pleased. In fact he was as white as a sheet. His 'dog's' voice echoing in his head. His eyes getting wider with every circuit of the clearing Noishe made.

"That's it! It's official!...I've gone completely NUTS!"


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