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chapter 3

"Of course not," she replied in answer to his question. She offered him the drink. "Here, a cup of my favorite tea."

His fingers brushed against hers as he took the cup from her extended hand. "It isnt poisoned, is it?" he joked.

She blinked naively. "What?"

"N-nothing nothing!" Better not push his luck.

"Well? Drink up!" She uncrossed her legs and it was then that he noticed her attire. The dress seemed shorter than usual and she wasn't wearing any stockings. Now her long, well-built legs were up for ogling, and ogle he did, until she cleared her throat. "Kid Flash? Try it. It's from my home country, India. A rosy hue appeared across his nose and spread into his cheeks. Luckily for him, it went unseen by the girl thanks to his mask. He was a gentleman, yet he could not help but stare at the unusually exposed flesh . Her sitting position made the dress look especially short. Was it him or had she hitched it up even more?

The hazel cup trembled as he brought it up to his lips. The warm liquid passed into his mouth and down his throat. It was sweet. As he set it down by her on the cherry oak desk, his hand deliberately brushed against her thigh.

She looked up at him with wide, expectant eyes. "Well?"

Did it seem to have an odd, tangy flavor? His ocean blue eyes locked into hers, widening as her cat-like eyes narrowed and a sulty look replaced the one of expectancy, her entire face suddenly and completely resembling that of a sly cat. He suddenly felt as if there were sharp shocks breaking out all over his body as she reached over and and tucked a strand of loose hair behind his ear. No ideas came to his mind as to how it had escaped from the clutches of his face mask, but it had caused a wide smile to break out on her pretty face.

He wanted to reach out and touch her but his hand was numb. He tried to move it and the static disappeared, but in its place rushed a wave of a pins and needles. He once again made an attempt to move his hand and once again his brain didn't obey him. Repeated attempts of movement were ignored by his every body part. The poor boy could not even shudder as Jinx's fingers created feathery electricity across his suddenly oversensitive skin.

Jinxs glee mounted as she watched him make an effort to turn his head, trying to follow the sound of Mammoth's heavy footsteps as he passed the closed bedroom door. But all he could really do was stare at her with his cutely accusing blue orbs.

"Is there a problem?"she asked sweetly.

A low sound emanated from his throat. Damn that witch, she was positively getting on his nerves . He couldn't move. His speed was useless. She was unbelievable.

"And just to show you that I'm not all bad, as of course you've been trying to tell me, I'll move you over to my bed. Kyd just stole that new comforter for me, isn't the color wonderful?" She smirked at him as she gracefully stood before him. The smirk faltered as she regarded her stance next to his. It was times like these when her height didn't help her one bit, how was she supposed to intimidate someone when she could barely reach their chin! Kid Flash made a noise that came close to that of a snort. 'Just how is she going to move me all the way to her bed?'

With a flick of her fingers he was lying on her bed. It seemed that with her new ability to create charms and spells she could also move things with her mind.

"When I took that vacation I met with a witch who taught me handy things," she smiled wickedly from the end of the bed. "Now the question is, what am I to do with you, pretty boy?"

She turned around and slowly walked towards the door. "I could go treat the boys to dinner and reward myself by having fun..."

His eyes traveled across the small of her back. "...or I could call the boys to come in and meet their new plaything." She raised her forefinger to her lips before turning around and meeting his eyes. " Or you could could be my play thing."

The fastest kid alive couldn't believe the naughty look she was giving him. Not only was she mesmerizing him with the swaying of her hips, her chest was rising with every breath she took, and her full lips and provoking eyes were creating images in his brain.

She climbed on top of the bed. "You're not a bad looking boy," she purred as she leisurely crawled on top of him. "And I wouldn't mind having a few minutes of fun with you."

Jinx laughed inwardly at her evil deed; the poor boy semed to have gone numb. She slipped a knee between his stretched out legs and dropped a hand to dance over along his left leg. She could feel the lean muscle beneath the tight fabric of his costume.

"Do you know what I'm thinking of right now? A hot dog. What with your costume being yellow and red, it remeinded me of ketchup and mustard." She giggled at her joke. "It's okay, I know you can't laugh." Her hand continued traveling upwards, all the way along his thigh, hip, and pectorals to quaintly rest upon his chin.

He could hardly breathe; she was so close. He could clearly see the irises of her exotic eyes. He gulped as her breasts came into better view. She leaned over and tilted her head, poising her lips directly above his and as each word escaped her mouth their lips touched. "You won't mind being my plaything, will you?"

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