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You, Me, and Them!

Swei's Thinking

"Tsunade-sama," A cheerful voice greeted the hokage. Glancing up at the nin she could already feel her temple throbbing. She hated the visits with young ANBU member being once a pupil of Jiraiya himself he seem to pick up the perverse attitude. Not as bad as the hermit himself, but still bad enough where the hokage wanted to beat the shit out of Swei...sadly he was the best for the mission along with three others who she would be sending him to meet soon. Tsunade blinked back into reality as he spoke.

"Huh?" she soon replied to what was he was saying. Swei smiled his hazel eyes gleaming behind the messy brown hair at the great senin in front of him.

"I said what a mighty bust youhave gotten, since the last time we talked. Are you using more of your chakra to hide your age?" That caught Tsunade's full attention as she pushed herself out of the seat. Her brow twitchingthe fifthgrowled, "Why you little-!"

"Hokage-sama now that I have your completeattention will you mind telling me the mission?" the man spoke in a pleasant voice ignoring her death threats. Taking a deep breath she sat back down already feeling her hand itch to the 'hidden' compartment in her desk that just happened to have a nice bottle of sake in it. Taking a breath to fight temptation Tsunade turned to the young man infront of her.

"You're going to be put on a multiple mission. Truthfully that will result of finding Uchiha Itachi, and the help of Gaara of the sand." The hokage watched as his expression change at the mention of Itachi's name. Itachi the prodigy of the Uchiha clan and the mass murderer had a quite the bad reputation with the ANBU team and now the Hokage was desperate enough asking him to go. He could feel a head ache coming and eyeing the 'secret' compartment thinking sake sounded good.

Sighing the old woman continue, "Your partners will be Hyuuga Hinata…"

"Hinata-hime!" Swei headache instantly disappeared at the mention of the shy girl's name. A blush tinting his cheeks he went back standing straight mumbling, "H-Hinata-sama." Chuckling Tsunade smiled raising a blonde brow at him.

"You know Hyuuga-sama?"

"We met a f-few times."

"Ah, well you'll get to be getting to know her better along with Uzamaki Naruto, and Uchiha Sasuke." She watched as Swei frowned at their names and cocking a brow at him she continued, "Their two of our best Ninjas even it doesn't seem so. Hyuuga Neji and Rock Lee are on a mission of their own. These are best three I can pick with them gone."

"Even Hinata-sama?"

"Her Byakugan is what we need most to find Itachi. I would have sent Neji with you, but like I said;he's on a mission," Tsunade drawled looking at Swei who looked like he was about to object but nodded in the end. "Now get out of my office." Bowing he placed the fox maskover his face and made for the window.


"Yes Swei?"

"Your boobs really have gotten bigger." Giving her a charming smile behind the mask he quickly jumped out the window before he could hear the hokage's stream of curses.

Sasuke's Thoughts

Staring at his table there a note was unfurled giving details on a mission with three other people. But his mind was far from the mission truly it was on one thing revenge. He was actually shaking with excitement. I'll finally get my revenge on Itachi. Sasuke thoughtthen frowned going through the names in his head, Hyuuga Hinata, Uzamaki Naruto, and Hakaru Swei.

Two of the three he knew both in his minds he considered failures to life. Now Hakaru Swei stumped him. Sasuke felt the itch in his mind like you know you know something but you can't recall. He glared at the name softly, "Swei what type of name is that?" Coal eyes trying to analyze the name hoping something jumped out at him, but nothing.

Growling theavenger walked to his room to pack, "Swei-baka… now I won't be able to rest."

Naruto's Feelings on the Matter

The blonde hair fox boy sat near his own messy table reading the note the Hokage gave him. Next to him ramen steamed from the instant noodle cup as he glanced over what they were going to do, "Find Itachi?" The name clicked in his head remembering what Sasuke went through just kill Itachi… and still was unsuccessful.

Picking a pair of chopsticks and cup of noodle the fox began slurping away. Glancing at the note his brow furrowed. Naruto wasn't just doing this with Sasuke but with Hinata and a guy named Swei as well. The kyuubi glanced at Hinata's name most, on a dangerous mission like this… well he knew the shy eyed konichi was no strong ninja but what was her use?

Narutoate his noodlesloudly in wonder Sasuke, Hinata, and Swei… what a weird combo.

Finally her eye on the Matter

Hinata was greeted by an ANBU in morning panic flashed in front of her face her first thought firmly on Neji. But the man nearly chuckled, "Your cousin is fine! So please wipe that look off your face it really is quite depressing." The girl blushed and nodded. Swei had to catch his breath after seeing her embarrassed She's so cute! Pulling his mask off her grinned at the Hyuuga heiress he began telling her the details of the mission.

"I'm Hakaru Swei and I'm going to be one of the members on our… team. We'll be going to Sunagakure to help Gaara of the sand and while we're out look for the missing Nin Uchiha Itachi. We will be in need of your special tracking skills," Swei concluded doing his best to make it as short as possible. He stared at his 'princess' who sucked in the information then frowned.

"I-Isn't Itachi-san a d-dangerous ninja… very d-dangerous?" Hinata stared at him with her lavender eyes feeling his heart quicken nodding not exactly trusting his voice at the moment. "I-I'm not v-very s-strong…y-you see…" Looking down at the ground breaking the spell on him he took a deep breath of air.

"But we need you got that?" the shy girl nodded, "Meet by the Konoha gates tomorrow at dawn. Get a good rest Hinata-hime," Replacing the mask on, he handed the letter to her before her brain just caught up to what he called her. Hinata blushed as he hopped away staring at the letter.

Making her way through the gates and passing fountains and Hyuuga house cleaners she was glad to get to her room before Tou-san appeared. Placing the letter on her bed Hinata opened her window getting a breeze. Grabbing the letter and prying it open she scanned over the contents then froze. Uzamaki Naruto.

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