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Hinata eyes widen as her face went pink. She would be traveling with Naruto! That would mean sleeping near him! And three other men! Her face went a darker shade of red and stared dizzily at the letter. Placing it on the bed she picked up the phone and dialed the number of her most trusted friends Shino and Kiba.

"Moshi Moshi?"

"S-Shino I have a s-slight problem…."

- - -

Sasuke grabbed his bag staring at the dark house hold of the Uchihas. The young avenger could fell the ghosts of the house walk about his home bringing unwanted child hood memories. Rubbing his forehead subconsciously, he walked out of his room as he swung his pack on. Walking out the door staring at the bloody fans in front of him he narrowed his brows.

Soon revenge would be his, yet Sasuke need to figure out how he was going to ditch them. Them meaning Naruto, Hinata, and Swei, they were going to slow him down. "I'll sneak away tonight…" He muttered not realizing that he was about to bump into the young Hyuuga heiress.


The white eyed girl rubbed her rump to fine herself on the ground and Uchiha stood their not even offering his hand to her. "G-Gomen…" she mumbled pushing herself off the ground. Brushing her now dirty pants she blushed fiddling with a loose jacket. Getting a stare from Sasuke she blinked blushing.

"S-Shino I have a slight problem…"

"Hmmm what is it Hinata?"

"I need K-Kiba and you guys to help me get ready for a b-big mission!"

"Gomen. Hold on Hinata."

Hinata sat patiently as she heard a small click and waited and instead of one voice coming onto the phone but two.

"Konbanwa Hinata!" the sound of Kiba's voice surprised her but smiled a little bit, "Three-way calling is awesome!"

It was now Shino's voice, "Hinata what were you saying earlier?"

"W-Well y-you s-see N-Narut-"

"That baka!"

"What about Naruto-kun?" Shino's voice soon drawled in after an awkward moment the heiress took a deep breath.

"I need help l-looking through m-my clothing!"

Hinata fiddled with her new jacket that had less bulk and fell on form quite loosely, with cute Capri's, and stylish sandals, Sasuke couldn't help stare. She brought her fingers up to her lips to make the small 'barrier' between him and her. Then abruptly the avenger turned.

"Damn teenage hormones," he muttered walking away from the confused Hinata. What was going on in his mind was clearly opposite of Hinata's innocence. Shaking his head putting on the cold aura again the young heiress fallowed closely behind. Wondering why he so rudely left her there.

"O-ohayo g-gozaimasu…." Hinata fiddled with her bag strap perking her ears for a greeting in return, but instead silence. She returned her gaze to the ground she decided to count each step mentally. This only went so far until bumping into the same person a second time that morning. Gazing up to meet reds ones she decided at that moment, the ground was oh so more interesting.

Then a plan was decided to scare off the shy kunoichi.

(Warning Sasuke decides to bash Hinata D:)

"Why are you even on the mission?" the Uchiha stated glancing at the girl who decided to look up her eyes wide in surprise. "You're weak; just recently became Chuunin… Neji who is not even in this 'main' branch can surpass you, did I forget to mention your younger sister. You're a failure to li-"

"Hinata-hime, didn't you spar wonderfully last night with your friends Shino-san and Kiba-san, hmm?" a brown haired Nin waved playfully at the two. "Ohayo!" Sasuke glared at Swei, his plan was ruined. "Now Uchiha-san that wasn't very nice to say our Hime! Now say you're sorry!" he mock scolded though in his hazel eyes were completely different to his happy tone.

Sasuke could have sworn he saw a flash of red in the hazel eyes.

Staring at the happy young man twirl the fox mask around his fingers he stole glances at Hinata who wiped tears away unaware of the small gazes she was getting. Then at last came a loud, "OHAYO!" As the hyperactive blonde came running at them tugging on a pack.

"O-ohayo g-gozaimasu N-Naruto-kun…" Hinata mumbled out her face obtaining a new shade of red as Naruto glanced at her then kept staring.

"Erm… Ohayo Hinata-chan….you look awesome!" The fox continued to stare at her. Swei glanced at the two noting the darker shades of red his hime was getting. Growling at Naruto and then stepping in front of the blonde hiding Hinata from him. Naruto looked at the elder man who smiled at him a little too sweetly.

Moving away from the two Naruto could feel a new type of emotion towards the ANBU for stepping in between his little moment with Hinata. But the burnette just smiled and spoke out loud for the three of them to hear, his voice ringing through the quiet morning of Konoha.

"I am Hakaru, Swei. I'm a leader for this mission. Our objectives, hunt down Uchiha Itachi, and kill him. Currently Tsunade-sama (our large breasted Hokage)," Making Hinata blush uncomfortably, Naruto snort of contained laughter, and Sasuke just hardening his glare as Swei smiled innocently continuing.

"As I was saying before, our Hokage, just happens to know that Itachi is near

Sunagakure and the honorable Kazekage Gaara is having trouble with sound. Such as spies, assassins, you know the deal." He waved his hands for a bit of a dramatic effect, but his hands stopped mid way as he placed him to his side. Sighing he looked at all three with dead seriousness, "This is a highly dangerous mission. So I'm making a promise to all three of you. Here and now."

"No matter what. I'll make sure you all return home, if best, in one piece. This is a team work mission. No I's, no I can'ts, no just me. We work together," he glared at Sasuke but his gaze soften, "Let's go."

- - -

Hinata couldn't believe she was on the go to hunt down the missing Nin, what surprised her most was how fast a day could go by and how far a place could seem at the end. Resting her tired feet near the fire she couldn't help but glance at Sasuke. His eyes gazing lazily at the fire he did look quite handsome. Hinata being a girl couldn't deny that, but what about his personality? It just seemed… ugly.

Swei came dancing in, placing fish on the pan then dancing over to the fire and putting it in the middle. Soon after him, her blonde haired prince Naruto soaking wet took a spot next to the kunoichi. "Hakaru-bastard pushed me in the water!" The fox whined childishly at Hinata. "Now my cloths are wet!"

"heh, heh, you smelt badly so I thought you needed it. Am I right Hinata-hime?" Swei laugh was pleasant as she blushed more not daring to move. Getting from his spot he grinned at Naruto childishly, "Uzamaki-baka please watch our food, and Hinata-hime please watch Uzamaki-baka so he won't eat all the food. Uchiha-san may I talk to you?"

Silently Sasuke moved from his spot gracefully towards the trees an even more silent Swei fallowed.

- - -

Swei's hazel eyes stared at Sasuke's now flickering red and black ones. The trees rustled softly giving the young ANBU member a chill, "Sasuke-san, I must warn you… it was very difficult for Tsunade-sama to choose you for this mission so please listen to my warning."

"I'm listening…"

"Hokage knows you will most likely escape us… you did leave the village for awhile for means of revenge. But Sasuke, I'm a highly skilled Missing Nin hunter, and I could track you down like that," snapping his fingers Sasuke smirked as he could feel cold steel across his neck glancing side ways as Swei held the blade besides him. "Please understand I won't hesitate to kill you if you run."

"I'm not afraid of death."

"That's what most people say until they are an inch of their lives."



"I know you," Sasuke spoke up his voice slightly harsh, "But how?"

Unknowingly to him Swei could feel the smirk tug at his lips, "Sasuke-san don't think you were the only one mourning on the night of the Uchiha massacure."

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Hinata could feel herself blush, how the hell did she suddenly feel her limbs were ten times as heavier before! Staring at the boys her blush deepened, how the hell did she become everyone's pillow!



"Please Swei-kun Hinata-hime!"

"G-gomen n-nasai but h-how d-do we know e-each other?"

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