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Kimi no Koe

A Kyouya and Haruhi Tale

By, kuroneko-chan


Chapter Thirteen:

Haruhi watched as Kyouya headed up to the front of the room with his brothers, a solemn look resting upon his handsome features. She clutched her dress just over her wildly beating heart, feeling it thump against her fist. There were complications…there were always complications. If Kyouya was chosen to be heir, what would happen to her? And what if he wasn't chosen? Would they still be separated?

She was raised to be independent, so why was it that she felt like she wanted to depend on him?

A firm hand landed on her shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze and she glanced up to find Mori smiling at her gently.

"Everything will be okay, Haru-chan!" Hunny whispered as he held her hand tightly. "Really!"

As the entire group stood at the top of the stairs that led down to the dancing hall, she could feel all of them sending their support and their prayers to the man she adored with all of her heart. There was no need to second guess her feelings now that she was sucked deep into this beautiful world that was made up of purely Ootori Kyouya. He was like an oasis after days of chaos and work and she wasn't quite sure how she felt this way (considering she stayed out of his way at Ouran) but she was very grateful that he had decided to visit her at Tokyo University that day.

"Ladies and gentlemen," Ootori Yoshio's voice resonated throughout the hall as he spoke into a microphone. "I introduce to you my three sons."

A polite applause could be heard and it died as Kyouya's father began to speak once more.

"As you all know, the Ootori Corporation is a large business that ensures the health of—,"

Haruhi stopped listening to him as this point and concentrated her attention on Kyouya, who was standing stiffly next to Akito. She never thought he belonged up there, in front of dozens of people, speaking so formally and through hidden words and meanings. He was a straightforward man, one who strived for what he sought, intentions hidden only when necessary.

Back at Ouran, she had always thought he was an enigma. He was mysterious and dark, never wearing his emotions on his sleeve. But lately, she's noticed that he was nothing he was before. Ootori Kyouya was a normal person, one with emotions, feelings, and understanding. He was a person filled with hidden, sincere smiles, with warm, loving arms, and a gentle, trembling heart.

Haruhi was quite sure that had she never met him, her life would never be as content as it was now.

"—and in conclusion," Her breath stopped in her throat. "I have chosen the next successor to the Ootori Corporation."

There was a tension in the room but Haruhi felt numb to its pressure. Kyouya must have felt it even more than she did—this numbness in this heavy eternity. And for the briefest of moments, Kyouya raised his gaze and their eyes met.

His gaze was stormy, a mixture of emotions and thoughts that he shielded from the rest of the world, from everyone but her. She could see the anxiety, the quiver of uncertainty, and then, that vast appreciation. She was slightly taken aback as he openly offered her an affectionate, comforting smile that would have stopped any woman in her tracks, should he use it to his advantage.

"The heir of the Ootori Company shall be…"

Haruhi couldn't break her eyes away from Kyouya as he returned his gaze forward.

Please, she prayed silently, tightening her grip on Hunny's hand unconsciously.Please…

"…Ootori Kyouya."

Her breath left her in a rush and suddenly, the weight resting on her chest lessened and was carried away with the loud applause that shook the Ootori mansion. She closed her eyes and relished in the loosening of chains and weights that had been squeezing at her heart.

"Aren't you glad, Haruhi?"

Haruhi opened her eyes and found all of her friends smiling brightly at her; Kaoru with his sweet smile, Hikaru with a weak one, Tamaki with his charming one, Mori with his understanding one, and Hunny with a sugary one. And standing next to them were new friends; Akiko with her gentle smile and Fuyumi with her cheerful one. She could feel the happiness rising in her throat and she managed to push away the stinging of happy tears.

"I need a breath of fresh air," Haruhi said ruefully.

She waved good-bye to them as she headed out to the one of the balcony doors, attempting to calm her racing heart. She has never felt this way before—excited, relieved, pure joy, with hints of uneasiness and fear. What was going to happen now? He was one of the richest men in Japan and possessed everything that any man would kill for: the assets, the lineage, the power, intelligence and cunning, and the looks. But…what did she have to offer him? She was still a Law student, working as a waitress at a commoner's coffee shop—could she accustom her lifestyle to fit his?

Why am I getting so worried? She wondered as she walked out onto the balcony that overlooked the lighted garden of the Ootori estate. She watched the lights blink cheerfully, the music from the mansion float almost romantically out into the air before the breeze carried the melody up into the dark heavens.


She turned abruptly as the voice startled her slightly out of her thoughts. Since when was she so highly regarded?


"The Master wishes to see you," He turned away slightly. "Please follow me."

Haruhi followed him carefully, into the dance hall (catching only a slight glance at the large crowd that was congratulating Kyouya) before stepping through a door that led into a dark hallway. She followed silently, idly observing her surroundings before they turned a corner only to be greeted by a large door.

"The Master is behind those doors," The servant nodded towards the intimidating obstruction.

"Thank you," She replied before the servant bowed and left her in the dark hallway.

Haruhi took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

"Come in," came the dignified voice.

She took hold of the doorknob before the door opened on its own, revealing a luxurious study room, lighted brilliantly. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she immediately recognized Ootori Yusuke and Ootori Akito standing in front of the door.

"Fujioka-san," Yusuke gave her a nod.

"Haruhi-chan," Akito threw her a playful smirk.

She bowed to them, not trusting herself to speak. What could they possibly want from her?

"Fujioka Haruhi," The voice of Ootori Yoshio carried over to her. "Please come in."

She stepped in through the door after a moment's hesitation. As soon as she was fully inside of the room, Akito closed those doors with a soft click.

"Don't be afraid," Yoshio gave a slight chuckle. "Please sit down."

Haruhi seated herself in the seat that sat before his large, beautiful desk as his two oldest sons stood by his side. This had been the first time she had the time to fully observe Kyouya's father. He was, in every aspect, a businessman. With neatly combed hair, wrinkle-free clothing, and the natural aristocratic air, he would have any number of commoners shaking in intimidation and inferiority. However, the longer she observed him, she realized that his refined face was wrinkled and softened by time's erosion. Although he looked well-off, there was a hint of darkness behind those dulled eyes. He had not lived a fulfilling life.

"You must be wondering why I have brought you here," Yoshio spoke.

"Yes," Haruhi answered truthfully as she set her hands down gently in her lap.

"If I should remove the title of heir from Kyouya and set it upon Akito, would you be willing to wed him?"

Haruhi was struck speechless at the ridiculous question. Did all of the high society look down upon middle-class people as beggars who would take the trouble to follow the rich around like some puppy?

"No," Haruhi answered.

"And why not?" Akito spoke up haughtily as if insulted.

"Because you are not the one I have chosen," Haruhi spoke bluntly. "I love Ootori Kyouya as a human being and a man. His social status and power has nothing to do with it."

The three Ootori men were quiet and she could hear the rushing of her blood in her ears as the silence dragged on for a few more moments.

She sighed and stood from her seat as she spoke, "If you do not mind, I will dismiss myself. Excuse me."

Not a word was said as she turned and left the room, closing the door behind herself with a soft click. She breathed a sigh of relief and made her way back into the dancing hall where the crowd around Kyouya had almost dispersed, minus a few women who had surrounded themselves around him.

"Would you like to dance?" A familiar voice asked from behind her.

She turned to find Ootori Akito offering her a small smile. Had he followed her out of his father's office?


"You said you'd save a dance for me, didn't you?"

Haruhi gave a small laugh and nodded. He took her by the hand and led her out into the dance floor with a rather childish grin. As they waltzed to the soft music, Haruhi realized just how similar Kyouya was to his brothers, but somehow, there was also a vast difference hidden behind their eyes. While Kyouya was naturally giving, his brothers lacked that certain warmth. Akito was a womanizer, and a very effective one at that (she observed the number of women who swooned at his small smirk as they danced) while Yusuke stood at the punch table, watching as his fiancée flitted from dance partner to dance partner, letting out low giggles from time to time.

She risked a peek in Kyouya's direction and found that even more beautiful, rich women surrounding him. Giving a delicate sigh, she concentrated on her steps and the music.

"Aren't you worried?" Akito spoke up. "That Kyouya is surrounded by those whose pedigree is worth more than everything you will ever own placed together?"

"No," Haruhi answered simply. She offered him a smile. "You'll understand when you find someone, Akito-san."

All of a sudden, a hand was placed at her elbow, keeping Akito from replying to her statement.

"May I cut in?"

Haruhi glanced up to find Kyouya smiling amiably at his second older brother. To the side, the large group of women were pouting and whispering.

"Of course," Akito released her waist and hand, bowing gracefully.

As Kyouya pulled her body into his, Haruhi glanced over his shoulder to find that Akito had approached those pouting women with a charming smile on his face and a sly smirk resting upon his lips.

Thank you, she thanked him silently as the group's attention was captured by Akito.

"I'm sorry, Haruhi," Kyouya murmured into her hair, "for dragging you here."

"I don't mind," Haruhi whispered as she rested her forehead on his chest, closing her eyes to relish in his warmth. "Congratulations, Kyouya."

She could feel him smile down at her warmly as he said, "Thank you." And then there was a slight pause. "Haruhi…"

"Yes?" She gazed up at him in inquiry.

"Would you stay with me?" He spoke softly. Kyouya stopped dancing and placed a slightly trembling hand on her cheek. "Would you stay with me forever?"

Unable to contain herself, she allowed the welling tears to fall as she answered with her most beautiful smile, "Yes."

She wasn't quite sure what happened afterwards. There were different sounds surrounding her, attempting to break into her paradise, but she couldn't understand them. All she was aware of was a set of soft lips pressing against hers and nothing more.


Kyouya awoke in the morning, feeling slightly groggy.

It had been a few months since they had announced their engagement and he had managed to persuade Haruhi to move into the Ootori mansion with him before their set wedding date. Though she had firmly stated that they were not to make love before their wedding, she allowed him to sleep in the same bed as she did and he found it satisfying enough to last another month or so without any intimate contact with Haruhi.

His father had not yet approved of Haruhi, nor did he disapprove of her. Yoshio required meeting with Haruhi once every other week for dinner (since he was hardly home, Kyouya didn't have to worry too much about him) and each meeting went along smoothly. There was no doubt that Haruhi had managed to melt a little bit of the famous icy heart of the Ootori family.

A loud thump could be heard down at the entrance but Kyouya ignored it, glancing down at the beautiful woman he held in his arms. Even though she was dressed in only an over-sized T-shirt and her undergarments, he found her to be one of the most alluring creatures on this planet and couldn't resist but place a gentle kiss at her forehead. Haruhi stirred lightly but did not awaken.

He could see why everyone was so entranced by her. Her honest statements, her large, innocent, but perceptive brown eyes, and her voice—the voice that reached their hearts and helped them realize that there was more to life than money and riches. She possessed the voice that captured his interest and his frozen love.

"KYOUYA!" The door slammed open as Suou Tamaki charged in with an excited smile on his face. "GUESS WHAT? AKIKO IS COMING HOME FROM THE HOSPITAL TODAY WITH OUR—,"

Tamaki was cut short as his violet eyes rested on their rather intimate position.

"What do you want, Tamaki?" Kyouya growled, feeling irritated that Tamaki had the nerve to barge into his room in the mornings when he clearly knew that he was not a morning person.

"I'm sorry to disturb you two," Tamaki muttered, covering his madly blushing face with a shaking hand. "I'll take my leave of you…"

In a flash, Tamaki disappeared, closing the door with a soft slam behind him.

At the sound of the slam (however soft he found it to be), Haruhi moaned lightly and opened her eyes sleepily.

"Kyouya," She murmured, smiling up at him with a tired smile. "Did something happen?"

"Go back to sleep," He pulled her into his body securely. "You had a difficult case yesterday."

"Mm," Haruhi nuzzled his chest contentedly. She yawned a bit sleepily and asked subconsciously, "Why do you love me, Kyouya?"

"Because you're perfect," he murmured in return, feeling sleep tugging at his eyelids, "sore tomo…kimi no koe."



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- "Haru-chan!" The suffix -chan is used for those either younger than you, or someone you are affectionately close to.
- "Fujioka-sama" The suffix -sama is used as either "master" or "king" (in this case "queen") by servants, or those of lower lineage/positions in society
- "The Master" is what Kyouya's father is referred to at home. However, anywhere else, he is known as "Ootori-sama" and the sons are "Ootori-san"
- "Fujioka-san" The suffix -san is used for those who are not close to you and is unisex.
- "Sore tomo…kimi no koe" translates to "because of your voice."

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