Pokemon The Next Generation!
Sibling Splash

The hot morning sun bounced off the shoulder length blonde hair of a young seventeen year old girl who was sitting near the waters edge of Beatrix Island fishing for her favorite type of pokemon. Water types! Her soft blue eyes twinkled in the sunlight, her fare skin was just starting to pick up a bit of a tan. She wore a blue jean dress jumper and black shorts underneath, and a good pair of blue runners to match.

She yawned, there had been better fishing days better than this, at least from the day she had arrived in this weird world. So being a fanfiction author had its perks, this being one. She sighed to herself. Just then the sound of hollering, laughter, splashing, and screams caught her attention. She looked behind her up towards the path she had taken to get here. It was coming from that direction. I wonder? She asked herself as she quickly packed her rod and got her stuff, then she ran off down the path.

Guys No! Shouted a desperate plea, but to little to late.


Jamie was the last to take the plunge into the cold crisp waters of Long River on Beatrix Island. She quickly broke the surface and took in a deep breath. The boys had gotten tired of the girls complaining of the heat so they simply threw them into the river. Melissa was the first victim to hit the water as she now stood in the shoulder deep waters of the river.

Jamie had tried to make a break for it but Eric was faster (though it took him long enough to catch her) and in turn picked her up, carried her to the water and all three boys flung her into the river Slingshot' style!

The boys stood on a two and a half foot cliff above the water, the only high point on the shore, laughing until their guts hurt. Both girls were flashing the guys dirty looks and eyeing them for revenge but not one word came out of them. In a way, they savored the chill of the fresh water, but they weren't going to show it.

Jamie swam towards the cliff and then looked up. Eric leaned down on his elbows and knees, his hands holding up his head. He smiled cunningly at her, she only continued to give him a dirty look. Jamie only wondered how he couldn't complain of the heat even with that blue sweater on. Jamie smiled slyly. Then with out warning she jumped up, flung her arms around Eric's neck and pulled him down into the river.

Eric was the first to emerge and he took a quick gasp for breath. Jamie and Melissa were a safe distance away, laughing hysterically, in case the boy decided to retaliate. What are you laughing about?! Eric demanded.

Jamie and Melissa couldn't breath, they looked as if they were about to dye. Finally Jamie answered between gasping breaths Eric you look like a drown rat! The girls couldn't hold it back any longer as more heavy laughter took over them and they collapsed onto each other from weakness.

And how many rats have you drown? Eric demanded.

Jamie shouted as a very weak Melissa pulled the laughing girl up onto shore and collapsed back down to the ground and continued to laugh.

Eric had a look of disgust but it quickly turned to a look of solitude as he realized something. He too had been hot. Hey, this isn't so bad Eric looked up towards the two DRY boys who were finally settling down to a chuckle. Why don't you two come in? Eric asked.

Paul shook his head, and Mike opened his mouth to say something when he unexpectedly flew into the river. Eric shielded his face from the heavy splash of water. A burst of laughter roared from behind Paul, the girls had shoved Mike, and now it was Paul's turn, but Paul was quicker and stronger because he grabbed the girl's by their wrists and flung them back into the water.

Paul laughed a victory laugh as he proclaimed Unlike you guys, I prefer to stay high and dry! HA HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAA Paul had spoken to soon because a strong blast of water came out of no where and shot Paul off the cliff and into the river below.

This had set the girls off again causing Eric and Mike to hold them up just so they wouldn't drown. The boys laughed at Paul as well when he came up for air. Paul wasn't to happy. Just then a light happy giggle broke everyone's attention and they all looked up to see a Starmie appear and a young girl with short blond hair appear from another trail. She was laughing hard and pointing at Paul before she said You are so pathetic! towards Paul.

Paul scowled at the girl then replied Not as pathetic as you Katie!

But I'm not the one boasting about how great I was for knocking everyone Katie, the girl, was to over taken by laughter.

Paul quickly climbed out of the water and ran over towards the laughing girl, her Starmie only blasted Paul and sent him back into the river; More laughter only followed. Admit defeat! Katie demanded.

Paul shrugged and sighed, he was not one to give in to a girl. Fine, you win THIS TIME! he heaved another sigh.

Everyone was looking at Paul and the laughing girl. Melissa passed him a curious look that seemed to ask Who's she? Paul started to get out and ring out his shirt. He gave Katie a death glare then sighed This is my temporary sister, Katie. She's known as Evil Cassidy on ff. net

Paul was about to continue when already the three girls were making conversation. The boys could've dropped at the site Well, that was pointless Paul remarked.
So now you know who we are Jamie said.

Katie nodded Jamie, you were Sparky16 and Melissa, you were Pikajenn

The two replied.

Katie smiled, Good, now at least I won't be alone anymore. Thanks for letting me follow you guys. Training alone has its benefits and its downsides

I know Melissa replied I had trained alone for a while before I ran into Jamie
What do you mean! Ash yelled furiously. It's suppose to be sealed up, we made sure of it in the last battle

I could only sense it so I'm not totally positive an echoey voice replied.

Ash turned his back to a single pokeball, where the voice seemed to originate. Ash restrained his voice to a calm firmness, but he couldn't hold back some of the anger as he asked Well, did you tell him?

He's the one who told me, but he wasn't the only one to sense it, so did the others the voice answered.

Ash looked at the set of six pokeballs, he was the Professor's lab. If those balls didn't have a memory lock on them I would ask you Ash's voice faded. Cruel memories had come back to him, thinking of the past. The voice decided to intervene Listen, you can't open the bond lock but there is a way we can all help the process to get them back The voice emphasized the word bond as if to correct Ash.

That would take a miracle. Our time is running short and the Legendary Elite needs more time Ash said.

The Legendary Elite has all the time they need if this plan works, even more if they're smart enough to figure it out. Listen, it's late, get some rest

Ash sighed I hope you're right about this Snuggles or else we're all domed

Give it time The voice replied.

Ash started out the door but just before he turned out the light he turned around Time is something we have little of and he snapped out the lights and closed the door.

Give it time Ash, just time

The stars seemed to dance about in the sky above as the group of six had gathered around the campfire. Katie and Mike were playing a card game, Paul and Eric were discussing things quietly, Melissa was passing in and out of sleep, and Jamie had her nose buried in the old book she had found.

Find anything good in that novel, bookworm? Paul addressed Jamie.

Jamie didn't take her eyes off the book, her voice remained an equal and uninterested tone as she answered Uh huh

Well, don't hold back Eric said.

Jamie sighed and continued It says here there are three types of demons, and three weapons to kill them

Jamie had caught the groups attention when she said three. Jamie looked up to see all shocked but intrigued looks, she went on There's the demon of water, its weapon is a spear, next is the demon of Darkness, its weapon is a bow and an arrow made out of pure light

Seems reasonable, Darkness and Light never did mix Paul said.

Go one Jamie Eric insisted, she did.

Finally there's the demon of Fire Everyone shuttered at the name, Katie noticed this right away and she asked Don't tell me you believe in that load of bull?

they all shouted.

Prove it she stated.

Jamie said as she stood up and moved her long copper colored hair to one side to reveal a scar on the back of her neck. The fire demon gave me this. It's a black Growlithe with hot blue flames instead of white fur

Well, you got me suspicious but I won't believe it till I see it Katie responded.

Jamie, what kills it? Eric asked.

The book says a golden sword of light. The spear is the spear of light too which kind of makes sense because the demons represent darkness, the weapons are the light

Point well taken Paul agreed.

It's getting late if we want to head to that next gym guys. We need to catch some shut eye Mike pointed out as he pointed at his watch. It was half an hour past midnight.

Good idea Melissa yawned.

The girls climbed into their sleeping bags as the boys soon followed.

Good night guys the girls said.

Good night they answered.

Eric couldn't sleep, not yet. He looked at Jamie's sleeping form resting in the bag next to his. Good night Jamie he whispered softly as he turned over.

Sweet dreams Eric came an equally quiet reply from the girl. Eric blushed, he thought she was asleep.

3:32 a.m.

Jamie opened her eyes, sat up and looked around, everyone was asleep. She nodded to herself and quietly but quickly got out of her sleeping bag, grabbed her pokeballs and took off down the trail.