Pokemon The Next Generation
A Monster

The kids watched as what was once a kind and sweet creature evolve into a horrible and terrifying monster. Jamie whispered and she blacked in Eric's hold.

Jamie, Jamie wake up! Eric cried but she didn't respond, she felt limp in his arms. No it can't be He felt for a pulse he said in a shaky voice. He looked up at Diseno who was snapping at the air viciously.

Diseno had to be as tall as a 24 story sky scraper. Its pericing blood red eyes showed its lust for death and destruction. It was white with green patches on its back, and blue poisonous fins lined its back. It had front webbed claws and back hind flippers. It's long powerful tail had three spikes on the end which Eric surely thought were poisonous as well. Diseno's roars of vengeance echoed through the night. Startled people were now starting to evacuate their homes, and brave trainers came to help fight the demon.

Eric watched helplessly as Diseno flailed wildly about in the water destroying the coast and tall buildings with its powerful tail and water attacks.

Eric looked over to see Sparky holding Arty's pokeball and Arcanine clutching the weapon between his teeth. Then Eric remembered Yee who hold the strong title of water shall be able to release the light, and forever drive away the darkness of water and return peace to the ocean

It was making sense, Eric knew who had to do Diseno in. Katie. It made perfect sense, she was a water trainer and the best of the group, she also released the weapon so it was her destiny and her duty to kill Diseno!

Eric yelled. Katie wasted no time in joining Eric. She saw Jaime lying limp in Eric's arms, a wave of worry washed over her. Is she alright? she asked.

No time. You have to kill Diseno Eric ordered.

Katie was shocked What? Why me?

You remember what that inscription on the rock said. You're the best water trainer of the group, you released the spear, it your job to kill Diseno! Eric proclaimed.

And how would I do that? She asked.

Take Arty he's big enough to carry you around. Have him use Mist to hide yourself then go in for the kill Eric explained.

Katie looked at Eric, she looked at the pokemon, she looked at Jamie. I'll do it she said.

Arty cooed softly as him and Katie soared though the night sky towards Diseno. She held the spear in her shaking hand, she was nervous but she had to do this or else no one would live to regret it.

Down below Eric watched as trainers ordered their pokemon to attack the giant beast but Diseno easily took them out with one hit. The other pokemons attacks didn't even phase it.

Just then the air started to thicken. Visibility was becoming more and more difficult, Eric smiled. It was Arty's mist attack. Finally everything came to a deadly stand still as the soft white fog made visibility almost nothing. People stopped running, pokemon stopped attacking, and Diseno couldn't locate the city or the attacking pokemon, so he stopped as well.

Everything was at a deadly silence, only Diseno's breath could be heard. Just then a faint eagle like cry could be heard and it was quickly followed by a roaring cry of pain and the huge splash of something enormous hitting the cool ocean water.

The fog slowly cleared up, and people all looked on in horror as they saw the still form of Diseno's body floating in an ocean of red, a spear running straight through its heart. No far from the carcass was a young girl and an Articuno both covered in the stains of Diseno's cold blood.

Suddenly the spear started to materialize and so did Diseno's form to reveal Nuevo. Katie ran up to the still pokemon. Eric only watched until something moved in his arms. Eric looked down in surprise to see Jamie squirming in his arms and moaning miserably. He smiled happily, he couldn't contain his happiness any longer as he hugged Jamie tightly. She was alive!
1 week later
The calm night air of the forest valley was musty and hot yet it didn't seem to bother Jamie and Melissa as they slept peacefully. The boys were still up planning out tomorrows course of action on where they would head to next.

Well I'm glad everything turned out for the best Paul remarked.

Eric answered as he looked back to see Jamie sleeping in her sleeping bag. Paul and Mike looked near a river to see Katie playing with her new water pokemon Nuevo!

Nuevo wasn't dead but Diseno was. It turns out that a long time ago, Nuevo and two other pokemon had been cursed. Every night of a blue moon she would evolve and turn into the demon. The poison that Jamie had in her was also that of Diseno's and once Diseno was destroyed the poison was too, thus Jamie could lead a normal and healthy life.

The kids made the antidote and kept it on hand just in case. The boys soon want to bed, as well as Katie. Everything seemed peaceful enough when suddenly a scream of pure agony filled the air. Everyone awoke to see Jamie clinging to the back of her neck, cringing in pain.

Nuevo watched the chaos among the children when something caught her eye. She looked up to at the cliff hanging over the forest valley to see a glowing pair of red eyes. Nuevo growled in anger, she knew who those eyes belonged to. Quickly she fired a powerful water gun attack at the glowing eyes. They quickly vanished,as a result, Jamie wasn't in pain anymore but they were still puzzled as to what had brought it on.

Off in the lone distance the melancholic howl of a pokemon echoed over the valley and through the night.

To Be Continued

What was the voice Ash was talking to? Who is this Legendary Elite?Will they be able to help Jamie and the others? What had caused Jamie's sudden outburst of pain? Find out soon in the next episode of
Pokemon The Next Generation

Author's Note: SORRY THAT TOOK SO LONG! I'm running behind in this and school work so production will be a little slow. I'm getting help though so please forgive me until the 15 of june. then school's out and i can type like made to catch up! By the way, look for a pic of Diseno and Nuevo in my profile! Sparky16