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The air was cool and refreshing as the dying sun cast its last rays of light on a neighborhood of old money. Creatures of the night began waking up as the people of Grimmauld began to rest for the night. All around the lights turned off at the leisure of the home's occupant.

All that is, except one.

There was one house, Grimmauld 12 to be exact, that was just as alive and buzzing as the nocturnal animals. Not that this would bother the neighbors, who didn't even realize that Grimmauld 12 existed.

Such is magic.

The Order of the Phoenix had just called their meeting to order. A fair amount of witches and wizards where gathered in a brightly lit kitchen with a nervous air all about. The group was created to stop the dark wizard Lord Voldemort; which is why this particular meeting was so special.

Strange things have been happening in the Wizarding World and for once, Voldemort didn't seem to be behind it. If he was then he wasn't taking credit. Wizards and witches kept disappearing and the only thing left from where they were last seen was their robes and a weird chalky substance that could not be identified. What's worse is that they were all dangerously close to Hogwarts.

"This is horrible! What on earth are we going to do about it!" Molly Weasley finally burst out after spending the first half-hour going back and forth between feverishly cooking and wringing her hands in worry.

"Now Molly, just calm down and take a deep breath. It's going to be ok." Arthur told her in a soothing voice as he took one of her hands into his and squeezed it tightly.

"No it's not!" She snapped at her husband. "These disappearances are close to Hogwarts- too close for my liking! Our children go there, in case you forgot, and I don't feel safe letting them go! What if they're next? Or Hermione? Or Harry-Merlin forbid! Any child for that matter?" Mrs. Weasley let out in a huge huff of motherly worry that caused the nervous air turn to one of muted panic.

"We can't do anything if we don't even know what's doing it." Lupin suddenly spoke up in frustration at being unable to do anything, but also at the fact that Molly had just made everyone more nervous. Normally he'd be more sympathetic but the full moon was coming soon and that put more stress on his body than he'd like to admit.

"No doubt that Dark Lords behind it." Sirius snarled in an angry tone which made all the hushed conversations around the room stop. Remus shot his old friend a mean look because this caused mummers of panic to begin to move about in whispered conversations.

"It must be a curse!" Someone shouted out, breaking the quiet.

"I never heard of a curse that can do that." A witch responded back after a moment of pondering.

"Just because you haven't heard of it doesn't mean it doesn't exist," Someone near the back scoffed, "It might be a new creation by He-who-must-not-be-named!" This made the people go quiet as they thought on this new accusation. Not that they needed to think too deeply about it.

"That's plausible. It does sound like something he would do."

"If so then there's a new unforgivable curse!"

That last shout had most of the group up in arms. The chances of them becoming an upset mob where pretty high, until an icy voice stopped them dead.

"Don't be foolish." Severus Snape snapped, speaking for the first time from his chair. He had been content to let them all squabble over this and wait for his turn but it became obvious to him that that wouldn't happen unless he got rude. Thankfully, that that wasn't much of a problem for him.

"I cannot say for sure how these strange occurrences are happening, nor can I tell you how high the danger is; only that we must proceed with caution. Children, despite their actions, are not completely stupid. Once they are aware of the disappearances they will take heed of the teachers' warnings." 'I hope.' He though silently, but was glad to see the panic die slightly.

"As if we could trust you!" Sirius spat. "I bet this is all some big set up and you're just waiting to lure Harry into a trap a swoop him off to your master you lying snake!" The ex-convict ended with a rather dog like snarl.

In the past, Snape would have responded with an equal of even harsher barb. However, spying on the most dangerous and deranged wizard of the time took effort and, honestly, he was becoming tired of having to spar verbally with every Gryffindor the moment Black started up.

"Firstly, if I wanted to lure Potter into a trap I would have already done it; not like it would be that hard," He added as an afterthought, ignoring the glares sent his way before continuing, "Secondly, I know it's not the Dark Lord because he hasn't gloated about it. Be assured, if this was him the whole wizarding community would know. Morsmordre wasn't created for Death Eaters to pop off just for the hell of it."

Like most times after he had finished speaking, the group just looked at him with disgust and mistrust. Most seemed to think he got his kicks off by lying to their faces. Honestly though, that would just be a waste of time for him. Sometimes he just wished he was allowed to shake some sense into these people.

All the while, the leader of the Order and yet to say a single thing on the matter. He sat with his blue eyes closed stroking his beard deep in thought as the others continued arguing.

"I don't believe you Snape! Once a death eater, always a death eater!" Alastor Moody yelled, slamming his fist on the table. Others took this time to voice their own opinions of the spy and none were positive.

With everyone talking all at once they failed to hear Dumbledore clear his throat to get their attention. After three times he stood up and yelled to gain their attention.

"SILENCE!" The old wizard's voice boomed throughout the room and everyone stopped and looked at him, waiting for him to continue. It wasn't often that Albus Dumbledore had to raise his voice and when he did everyone knew they had stepped out of line.

"If you would all stop badgering my spy, whom I trust indefinitely and who has never once lied to any of you, we can go back to the matter at hand. After hearing the details of this problem I can assure you it's no curse, nor is it something of Voldemort's own creation as Severus has already informed you." The old man told them sternly.

"Then what is it?" Moody asked, his magical eye spinning around wildly. He had been an Auror for years, fought and hunted hundreds of dark wizards and other creatures, and had seen more horrors than most people could handle. He knew the dark arts from experience and not knowing of even recognizing what caused these disappearances left him agitated.

"The thing that is causing this is a creature called an Akuma." Dumbledore said calmly. People cast confused glances to their neighbors. They had never heard of an 'akuma' before. Snape, however, just raised an eyebrow in surprise and waited for Dumbledore to continue.

"What's an Akuma?" Tonks asked after a breach of silence, knowing full well she wouldn't like the answer.

"An Akuma is a machine."

"But electrical devices can't work in the Wizarding World.!" Sirius said.

"This is on ordinary machine Black." Snape said gravely.

"Oh please, don't pretend you know more about this than the rest of us Snivellus." Sirius sneered. The spy just sighed for what felt like the hundredth time that night.

"Unlike the rest of you, I actually kept to my studies after leaving school. An akuma is made of 3 things: a tragedy, a machine, and a soul." Molly, Lupin, Tonks and many others gasped at the information. Dumbledore continued on before anyone else could accuse Severus of something ridiculous.

"The Wizarding World only has the barest of basics on them. I myself have run into one once but I was not in the position to study it. I do know that the more they kill the stronger they become and that we have no spells that can stop them." Dumbledore concluded. Everyone paled at this. It was silent until a quiet voice spoke up.

"If there's no spells for these akumas, what will we do?" The question came from Remus, who looked more haggard than he usually did near the full moon .

"We have no hope." Another stated darkly.

"Yeah, I mean no one except you and Snape have even heard of them." Tonks stated her hair turning a dull black to match her mood. Suddenly, Dumbledore began to laugh lightly making everyone looked at him strangely.

"I assure that although we have no spells for akumas, there is hope and I'm certainly not the only one who's heard of them, nor is Severus." The rest of the Order looked at him in shock.

"Who?" Was all Lupin could get out of his mouth as hope began to fill in his chest.

"Why the Black Order of course." Dumbledore said it as if it was the most ordinary thing on earth.

"I've never heard of this 'Black Order'." Moody grunted. If you haven't heard of it then it's not to be trusted was one of the many things Moody believed.

"They're located in the Muggle World, that's probably why you never heard of them." Dumbledore told the grisly man kindly.

"I didn't know there were wizards in the Muggle World!" Molly exclaimed.

"They're not wizards Molly." Dumbledore stated calmly with his eyes closed.

"Then what are they?" Sirius asked. Dumbledore opened his eyes and looked at everyone and spoke.


"What the bloody hell is that?" Sirius muttered and in turn Remus kicked him in the shin for being rude.

"They specialize in taking care of akumas." Albus said innocently. "Now let us take it to a vote; who's in favor of brining one in to help with our problem?" He asked and gave a tight smile when only Severus half-heartedly raised his hand. Everyone else looked hesitantly at each other, unsure of what they should do.

"Perhaps this should put things into perspective; they are the only option we have that will work." Their leader stated when he realized they were getting nowhere. This moved some people into agreement.

"I don't like it," Moody growled gruffly, "But if it's the only thing we've got then we'll go with it. However, I demand to meet this 'Exorcist' when they come!"

"Yes, I would like that as well." Molly spoke up. "I'd feel much safer meeting them first." She ended with several others nodding in agreement.

"Then it's settled. We shall call in an exorcist." Dumbledore told them, with finality in his voice. "Meeting dismissed!" That said Molly told everyone that wished to stay that she was making dinner.

"Won't you stay and eat Head Master?" She asked him as soon as she saw him heading towards the door.

"I'm afraid I can't tonight, Molly. I have some things that needs taken care of back at the school." He replied to her gently.

"Just have Snape do it." Sirius yelled, calling attention to their spy who had been the first to leave. "Not like he does anything."

"Severus has his own duties to attend to Sirius." Dumbledore replied evenly as he opened the door.

"I hope we don't regret this." Was the last thing he heard, muttered by a still skeptical Moody.

Later that night, after spending hours crafting a letter that would reflect their desperate situation without sounding to pleading, Dumbledore sat in the Owlery staring at the stars that lit up the dark sky as the owls hooted softly around him.

"Perhaps this Exorcist shall be like a star." He mused out loud, stroking the feathers of an owl that had landed in his shoulder. "Able to pierce through our darkness, small though the light may be." He grew silent as he absentmindedly attached the letter to the owl.

"Come along my dear, we haven't much time." He told the owl as he took out a special necklace and began to spin it between his two weathered hands; a similar one hidden deep in the pockets of his robes.