I suppose a least of few of you out there have been wondering the hell I've been these past four years. Did she die? Maybe she's sick. Perhaps her computer broke and she is stuck in the forest like a hermit.

And to these imaginary wonderings of my existence I must say; no, no, and no.

Some of you obviously figured out that the author was just lazy. And you're not wrong.

But you're not completely right either. If you actually care to know why, feel free to read ahead. Otherwise there's nothing else happening here, folks.

Admittedly, laziness was a major factor but there were two other things that stopped me from updating.

One was lack of ideas. Stupid as that sounds, I honestly had no idea what to do with this thing. So instead of giving it an ending that I know I would hate, I just left it to rot.

Ouch. Insensitive, I know.

The second thing was a sin so terrible it transcends all those promises of never abandoning a story and 'I'll always update no matter what's!'.

I fell out of fandom. And unless you are a truly dedicated writer, those stories almost always go on permanent hiatus no matter what the author promises.

Thankfully, I'm the sort of person who does rounds- I stay with one fandom for a while then go to another and then another.

But I always go back. Even if it takes some time, I always end up back in a fandom.

But you wrote a bunch of one shot's for DGM over the years! How do you explain that?

One shot's, if you haven't noticed, are my forte. I'm able to think up an idea and turn it into a one shot without mucking up. I do this because trial and error shows I suck at updating and this way I don't leave people hanging. As for why most are DGM, those are the characters I know best so more often than not they're the ones that I will use.

And in all these years you never once thought of updating W&E?

Well, sure I thought about it, but like I've been saying, anything that popped in my head I tossed because it sucked. I did try twice but my hard drive fried both times. I took that as a sign.

But we pleaded for an update!

Yes, I know. I read each and every last review asking for an update. I winced at each and every one because I know your position, I've been in it myself, but I have another confession before you call me a hypocrite.

I am deeply ashamed of this fic.

No. For real. I wouldn't even click the link to open the story because I knew it was that bad.

But you got lots of review! So it couldn't be bad!

Uh, yeah it could. It bit balls. I think the reason it got so many was because this was the first DGMxHP crossover, back when there was only four or five pages to the DGM fanfic list.

Yeah, I saw that trend coming. A bunch of people saw that trend coming. Only difference is I was the first to jump on it. So of course people found it interesting because it was different and it had Harry Potter. Anything with HP is bound to gain interest. That's a fact.

FYI, if you only do fanfics for reviews, do a crossover with HP. You will usually get reviews. Why? Because people love the HP world. It's almost a universal rule. But I would still advise you actually think on it first before you go jotting something down. Crossovers get clich├ęd awfully fast.

And if you still don't believe me about W&E sucking like the dickens, here's a sentence from the first chapter:

"Their located in the Muggle world, that's why you never heard of them." What's wrong with this? The very first word. Trust me, this is only one of many.

And the second chapter:

"Hurry, Riba! Catch it before it eats meeeee!" Komui wailed.

Who the hell is 'Riba'? Re-reading through I thought I had somehow butchered Ravi's name beyond comprehension but then I discovered that no, it wasn't Ravi, it was Reever.

Sorry Reever. You may only be a side character but you deserved better.

The whole fricken' thing's riddled with typos and grammatical errors. It's truly shameful. If this fic was a laptop, it would have a lot of viruses on it and no one would want to buy it.

But so many people like it!

Yeah, I don't understand that. It boggles the mind.

So what if it sucks? That's no excuse not to finish it!

You are correct! But I was scared. I had been away for so long and even back then I knew I didn't have very many chapters left. I feared the readers would hunt me down the moment they saw that I only posted one chapter after five years. It was a stupid fear, but a fear all the same. Plus, I didn't feel right by it either. I felt like I would be cheating you guys even more. Like, 'Oh she's been gone for so long and all she posts is some cruddy ending? Thanks a lot, you 'ho.'

Not really a response I wanted.

So I thought and I thought and I thought.

At first I was going to do a whole chapter of background stories but, again, I lacked ideas.

Then I realized I really didn't remember much about my story- only that I didn't like it.

So I bucked up, took the plunge, and re-read it.

And wow. How did I pass English 101? No one knows.

So I started a little project I like to call the W&E Reloads. At first it was just to fix typos and what not, but then it grew and I couldn't stop myself. I went back through the chapters' one at a time. I fixed what I could, added details, and made most chapters twice as long as they used to be. An accomplishment if I do say so myself.

A bunch of things got changed in the process. My writing and humor changed, so that changed the story quite a bit just by itself. I happen to enjoy crack!fics so some characters became a little OOC. Some people will like that and others won't but I'm not about to apologize because I find it funny.

I was influenced greatly by Novelist Pup and his story 'Any Way You Want It'. I just dig that kind of humor.

It also helps that I broke my foot in a brief but painful golf cart-met-light pole accident (no joke, that's how it went down) so I've been laid up these past few weeks. I guess if you really want to write but can't find the time, go bash your foot really hard against something. :D

I don't think I have much else to add except that this is the only explanation I have.

p.s- If you really, really, REALLY, want to read the original W&E I will keep it on file, but I have no plans of finishing it or editing it. If you want to use at as a template to start your own DGM fic or you just liked the story, PM me and I'll send it your way. Hope you have Microsoft 10.

p.p.s- Y'know I actually found someone had plagiarized W&E on Quizilla a few years back? I lawled over it because of all the bad fics to pick- dude didn't even correct anything or change the title! Humorous though it was, I still reported him because I don't like people stealing my work, no matter how crappy. If you see it happening, please let me know.

Ok, for real. That's all I've got. I'll be moving this into the crossover section in about a week. I don't think changing categories or whatever takes it off any fav or alert lists but just in case, you'll know where it went. Thank you to the people who had the patience to read this the whole way through and thank you all for reading and/or reviewing. I know I didn't deserve most of those.

Hopefully we'll meet again under nicer circumstances and no, I'm not doing a sequel. My lesson has been learned.