OMG!! i finally did it. i sat there thinking if i should leave you guys hanging with the none knowledge of who Conor's killer was, well i decided to be i think Rylie really wanted to know

Murderer revealed!!

Ten months ago, Harry and Draco Potter set out to find the murderer of Conor Rache, who was killed by a clocked man atop the Astronomy Tower at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The charges have been updated to double manslaughter, following the death of Anne Snape Rache, who was Conor's soul mate. Many in the wizarding community and the Ministry had said that because the mates were Vampiric Elves, that they did not deserve a investigation, but the constant pressure from Anne's friends and family prompted the Ministry to do it's job: protect the magical world, regardless of the species.

Well, the Potter's have succeeded in finding the killer, who turned out to be the ex friend of Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley. It seems the Ronald planned the murder with his now wife Hermione Granger, freshly revealed as Death Eaters. The Weasley's are in Azkaban now, awaiting trial.

After ten months, Anne and Conor's family and friends can rest easy, knowing that the killer is finally is punished. But if Anne's family had their way, I'm sure Ronald and Hermione would have clambered to go to Azkaban, rather then face the wrath of Anne's father and the some 200 thousand Vampiric Elves.

-Rita Skeeter