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Summary: Harry reflects on his first five years at Hogwarts, all to the tune of Five for Fighting's "Superman."

DISCLAIMER: The original song belongs to Five for Fighting, and the characters belong to J.K. Rowling. The parody idea and lyrics are mine.



(Year 1)
I never thought I'd fly
I was so naive
Hagrid told me the truth
And now I believe
I'm more than a boy
I'm the Boy Who Lived
More than an orphan, more than a regular kid
But it's not easy to be me

(Year 2)
I didn't have to try
Didn't work to get this scar
Now Ron and I
We've crashed a flying car

We'll be expelled
We'll be forced to leave
'Cause we crashed into the Whomping Willow tree
But the school's in trouble
Can't you see?
The Chamber of Secrets is open and Riddle has an evil dream
Yeah, it's not easy to be me.

(Year 3)
Up, up and away the Hippogriff flies
And it's all right
Sirius, you can just sleep sound tonight
I know you're not guilty of anything

(Year 4)
I didn't want to watch Cedric die
In that graveyard where we dueled,
Voldemort and I
Now he's back, the whole world was fooled

(Year 5)
Now I'm faced with this problem; I'm having these dreams
Gotta find my way to the ministry
The Death Eaters there want the prophecy
They're looking for the secret to defeating me
Defeating me, defeating me
But they don't see
There's no stopping me

I'm only a boy, going through puberty
Training the DA, hoping for victory
Of good over evil; that's how it must be
And it's not easy
No, no, no
No, it's not easy to be me


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