Title: Just A Little Crush
Author: Jessica/Tainted Hollywood Diva
Pairing: Edge/Mickie, Carlito/Maria, Jeff Hardy/Trish, Nitro/Melina, Christian/Torrie, Lita?
Disclaimer: I own no one, the WWE owns all.
Distribution: Ask first.
Rating: PG-13, Could Change
Spoilers: I wish.
Summary: Lita has a crush on one of the WWE's hottest stars, however she can't bring herself to admit how she feels...
Content warning: The only thing that could be found offensive is the language, the rating could change..

Chapter One

She'd never been in this sort of situation. She'd always been careful about seeing friends more than just friends. Her worst fear seemed to be to fall for another guy at work. It had been over two years since she'd made that mistake, a mistake she had paid for over and over again. She allowed her friendship with Edge to become more than that and she hurt the man that she thought was the love of her life. While she wasn't at good terms with Matt Hardy now, she was on good terms with Edge. However, they were just friends again and they would never allow themselves to cross that line again. And it was over two years ago that she had made herself promise not to fall for another guy at work. However, fate was not on her side when she laid eyes on him. How had she never seen him in this sort of light before she did not know, though she did know that she wanted him more than she ever wanted any other man. He was everything she could want, he had it all. The looks, the body, the wisdom. But she couldn't have him. Not after what had happened before, she couldn't put herself through it all over again. Sure, it was a different situation with someone completely different.. It was against the rules to be with him, the rules that she herself had designed for situations like this one. She knew that this crush would pass by, after all, it was just a little crush. Nothing more and nothing less.

Shaking herself out of her thoughts she went back to her previous task of wrapping her friend's birthday present. Sparing a few glances over at the other two divas that had joined her in shopping that day.

"You think she'll like this.. Or even be able to use it?" Maria asked as she taped down the edges of the wrapping paper.

"Sure, Ria. Trish isn't picky about gifts, unlike some people.." Torrie replied with a smile. "That some people was supposed to mean Mel. I just noticed she wasn't here."

Lita shook her head at her friend, trying not to laugh as the younger woman happily stuck a pink bow on the present she had just wrapped. The three divas finished easily before they would hide the presents under the bed, their ill attempt to hide the presents from Trish. However, Lita was pretty sure that Trish wouldn't be snooping around someone else's hotel room for her presents. Now, she knew to expect their hotel room torn apart by the time she got back, but that was normal.

"So, how much longer are you going to give Trish? You think she's searched your guys hotel room top to bottom yet?" Torrie questioned curiously.

Lita shrugged, "I don't know. It took us two hours to shop, maybe half an hour to wrap the presents.. You'd think she'd be done by now?"

"Who's to say she searched your hotel room, though?" Maria asked.

The older two shared a look before they laughed, Maria stared at them as if they had just gone crazy. Lita stopped laughing the second she seen the look on Maria's face, elbowing Torrie in the ribcage before she spoke.

"You serious? Do you even know Trish?" Lita inquired. "Every year it's the same deal, she searches our room for the presents, but she never really finds them.. I guess she just doesn't have enough sense to do that."

"Trish stayed with me a year and she did the same thing, I remember she stayed with Stacy one year and almost found them. Stacy moved them earlier that day, so she would have if she hadn't moved them." Torrie declared. "But then again, we warned her about Trish's habit.."

Maria sighed and glanced over at the clock, noting that they had to be at the arena in about a hour. While Torrie seated herself on the bed Lita headed to the door, informing them that she thought it was time to go back to her hotel room and see how much damage Trish had caused.

On her way down the hall she spotted a familiar form, cursing under her breath as she watched him. Part of her wanting to take the stairs as she noticed he was taking the elevator. The redhead trying her best to ignore him as she came to a stop in front of the elevator, he pressed the button until the doors opened and quickly stepped in, Lita following shortly after. She watched him, curious if he was in a hurry or if he was just that impatient. He glanced back at her as the doors closed.

"Which floor?" He questioned.

"Um..." Lita bit her lower lip as she attempted to remember which floor she was staying on. "Um, forth floor."

He nodded and pressed the number four, "Coincidence. Me too."

"Really?" Lita asked.

She wanted to slap herself for sounding so stupid, almost like a child. Probably worst than a child at this point.

"Well, I do remember being up there an hour ago, but hey, I could be wrong." He replied with a smirk.

"Shut up, I just got a lot on my mind." Lita stated as she stuck out her tongue.

The young man continued to smirk, "Am I on your mind by any chance?"

Lita froze, for a moment she considered not answering his question, however she figured he wouldn't leave the subject alone if she didn't.

"Maybe you are, maybe you aren't.. You'll never know." Lita teased.

"Oh I think I could get it out of you." He declared with a touch of arrogance.

"I'd like to see you try." Lita scoffed.

"You wouldn't want me to. Desperate times cause for desperate measures, you know. I wouldn't want to do anything you'd regret." He insisted.

Lita smirked, "You just know that you won't get it out.. Keep making excuses."

He simply smiled at her, the doors opening after a bell went off. The two still staring at one another as a new person got into the elevator. Before the doors closed again the pair quickly got off, the dark haired man winking at her before he headed off to his room.

The blonde heard the door open and close quickly, glancing up to see a happy redhead rush into the room and hop on the bed. The shorter diva blinking as she stared at her friend.

"Okay.. What happened?" Trish asked curiously.

Lita smirked, "You know that crush that I have?"

"Yes.." Trish nodded. "I remember him. You know he's still on Raw, right?"

Lita rolled her eyes, shifting on the bed so that she was sitting cross legged on the bed.

"Well, I ran into him! We talked! We stared! And we--" Lita started off quickly.


The redhead frowned sadly, "No.. We shared an elevator."

Trish rolled her eyes, the diva getting off the bed as she moved to the bathroom, pausing a moment to glance back at her friend.

"Whatever am I to do with you?" Trish teased with a smirk. "You're sharing elevators with men now.. Seems like yesterday that we walked up the stairs with men."

"Shut up…" Lita snapped, pausing as she glared around the room. "Trish, one thing.."

The blonde smiled innocently, "Hmm?"

"What happened to the room?"

.xxx To Be Continued Soon xxx.

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