Title: Just A Little Crush
Author: Jessica/Tainted Hollywood Diva
Pairing: Edge/Mickie, Carlito/Maria, Jeff Hardy/Trish, Nitro/Melina, Christian/Torrie, Lita?
Disclaimer: I own no one, the WWE owns all.
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Rating: PG-13, Could Change
Spoilers: I wish.
Summary: Lita has a crush on one of the WWE's hottest stars, however she can't bring herself to admit how she feels...
Content warning: The only thing that could be found offensive is the language, the rating could change..

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Chapter Four

Something told her that there was something wrong with this picture. Although all she could see was the vanilla color of the wall in beside the bed, she knew that there was something wrong when she couldn't move a muscle. Part of her kicking herself for getting herself into a situation such as this one, while the other part of her wondered just what people would think when, or if, they found out. And as much as she'd love to wiggle her way out of his arms, get dressed and sneak out of the room.. She just couldn't. The main reason being that it was her house and that she had already attempted getting out of his grasp, only to find herself drawn closer to his muscular form. This was just great. What was she going to tell her friends? She slept with a guy who is more or less a mere acquaintance to her. And even worse was that he was her crush's best friend. How the hell was she supposed to even tell him how she felt when he would know damn well that she had already had sex with his best friend? Even if she did tell him how she felt, it would just seem like she was a whore that was trying to make her way through the group of friends. Starting with the single men first. That just made this even worse. She was not the type to sleep around, hell she had never had sex with her boyfriend when she was drunk. Yet she couldn't help but point out that she wasn't exactly half as drunk as he was.. Oh god, now it would look like she took advantage of him. Great, she'd be charged for raping her crush's best friend. That was just peachy. How she really screwed things up for herself now. Not only could someone walk in right now and see her in bed with a man, but that person could be the man she desired. A man she felt that she could possibly love, yet could never have after this mistake. The sudden sound of movement caused her entire body to freeze, not daring to even breathe, that is until she felt him shift even closer to her. His naked body pressed flush against her, she felt his breath on the back of her neck and worried of what his next move would be. She was just as shocked as she was when she woke up to find him next to her when his lips touched her neck, causing a shiver to run down her spine. If it weren't for her having feelings for his best friend she would have damn well enjoyed this treatment. Biting her bottom lip as she felt his tongue slide across the spot he had been kissing moments before, the diva fighting the urge to let out a moan of pleasure when he sucked on her skin. As much as she loved the feeling, he stopped, more or less because he wasn't sure if she was on the same page as him.. The dark haired wrestler ran his hand up and down her arm as he cleared his throat, offering an unseen smile before he spoke.

"Uhh, good morning?" He mumbled softly, unsure if she was awake or not, the diva shifting in his arms to face him.

Once face to face their eyes met, in an instant she could have lost herself in those eyes.. But she fought desperately not to, no matter what had happened just now or last night she was still in love with the man's best friend. She certainly couldn't let him think it was alright for them to be together, or that she was interested him.. But damnit, he was so handsome.

"Hey.." She whispered slowly, her glance moving down between them, though quickly returning up to his face. "I.. How did you sleep?" Great question, Lita! How the hell do you think he slept? Probably great! He just got some ass!

"I can't complain." He smirked as he winked at her, as if to think he was flirting with her now. "But I mean, I could have done without the headache.."

As she bit her lower lip she managed a small nod, "I don't know about you, but last night was --"

"Amazing?" He finished, hopefully, with a grin on his face. "You know, I may have been a bit drunk, but you're definitely the best I have ever had."

Great. This is just great! She sighed, "Um, actually, I was going to say.." The diva paused at the look she received from the younger man. "Last night was..awesome?" Awesome? What are you a child? You sound like a fucking virgin, Lita.

"Are you...okay?" He asked uncertainly, raising a brow at her. "I know we don't really..know each other, but.. You seem a bit jumpy.. Did I do something wrong or what?"

"No.. You did nothing wrong, it's just.." She started, pausing to think of what to say next.. Debating whether she wanted to tell him about her love interested in his best friend or not. "I just have a bit of a headache. I was a bit shocked to see you in bed this morning, but it was a pleasant surprise." Well, soon you could be a professional liar. Congratulations.

He smirked at that, claiming her lips moments later. Whilst Lita was a bit hesitate about returning the kiss, yet she knew that if she didn't he would question her again. And she knew damn well that just because they had admitted to 'liking' what they did last night and the fact that they were technically making out right now..it didn't mean that they were going to get together. It could be just an after effect of last night, though part of her wanted desperately to push him away as his hand slowly made it's way down her side. However, thankfully, yet unluckily, someone walked in. The visitor gasped, their eyes widening as the two quickly separated themselves, sat up and pulled the covers up to themselves.

"Oh my god... I... I was just leaving." They exclaimed quickly, their eyes still wide as they turned and shut the door behind them. "Holy shit.. Did I just see what I think I saw?"

"What'd you see?" Trish asked, eyeing the man as she placed her hands on her hips.

The diva certainly didn't have good timing, and now he had to explain to her what he just saw.. She would obviously want to go in there to see for herself. And that would just make matters worse, not for himself, but for the two in the bedroom. While he thought of an excuse Trish grew more and more impatient. A sigh escaping her lips as she rolled her eyes, crossing her arms as she informed him that she wouldn't leave him alone until he told her.

"Well, I uh.. I seen Lita with a man?" He offered honestly, although Trish didn't seem to buy that.

"A man? And that was shocking..why? I mean, I realize how farfetched this sounds and you probably know that I don't really believe you, but humor me." Trish stated, sending him a warning glance.

He shrugged as he rubbed at the back of his neck, "I just didn't know they were together. You'd think he would have told me, we are pretty good friends. Most guys brag about sleeping with girls like Lita.."

"You're serious? Right behind you, in Lita's bedroom is a man who she is 'with'? How do you know they're together?" Trish inquired quickly. "Answer me, Christian!"

Christian blinked, "They were making out.. When they noticed I came in, they pulled away and Li covered herself.. From what I seen they were both pretty naked, but I trust you that I didn't see any body parts..private body parts that is."

Trish rolled her eyes, "Well.. Why the hell are you still in my way! I have to see this for myself!"

Before Christian could open his mouth to object Trish shoved him out of the way and quickly opened the door, the diva gasping as she placed a hand on her chest, as if she had just had a heart attack. Christian peaking in over her shoulder to see Lita still attempting to cover up, while the man she had just slept with had been searching for his clothes. The two blonds stared for a moment, the dark haired wrestler holding a shift over his lower region as Lita still grasped onto the sheet.

"TRISH! GET OUT!" Lita exclaimed suddenly, a bit embarrassed as both Trish and Christian wouldn't stop staring at her.

The second time she had been 'caught' in the act. This was just great. If it wasn't enough that Christian seen, now Trish had too. Both more or less known for telling things that people Lita just didn't want to know about her little mistake. Yet the man she had slept with probably wouldn't mind.. For he was still under the impression she enjoyed last night. While she didn't have the heart to tell him it was a mistake she knew damn well that later Trish would not only be getting an earful, but she would be getting the four-one-one on what went down. Not that Lita would dare give the blonde any details what-so-ever.

"I am so sorry! Wow, I... You need that entire shirt to cover up?" Trish asked suddenly, Christian's eyes widened before he grabbed the diva's arm and tugged her out of the room as he muttered apologizes.

Lita sighed as she started getting up, the redhead quickly making her way to the door, only to lock it so that no one else would walk in. The Stanford native glancing around the room for her clothes as well. Every so often she spared a glance at the man on the other side of the room, noting that he had his shirt, boxers and was in the process of putting on the dress pants he had worn last night. While she simply had a sheet and her undergarments on so far. He licked his lips as he plopped down on the edge of the bedding, watching her as she searched for her clothing.

"You know, you could always get some clean stuff out of your closet if that'd be easier?" He offered as he smirked at her, receiving a dark glare from the redhead as she moved to go grab some fresh clothes from the closet. "So, I know this isn't exactly the best time, but.. What are we going to do after this? I don't think I could go on acting like we never slept together. I meant it when I told you that you were my best, I don't want to put any pressure on you, but.. I want to be with you."

She froze, shaking off the feeling as she took a moment to drop the sheet to slide on some jeans and quickly slide a thank top on before she turned to him. "I.. I don't think that's the best idea --"

"Why not? You said that it was 'awesome'. I don't think I'm alone when I say that I want to do that again, and soon.." He interrupted quickly.

"I.. I need some time. I know that you know what you want, but I don't know what I want." She lied easily, knowing that she would be turning him down within minutes.

"You take that time." He stated. "Take as long as you need."

She was a bit surprised when he told her to take her time, half expecting him to beg for an answer now.. Though part of her thought this was best, now she could have some time to talk to Trish about this. Trish was bound to have an idea how she could break it to him slowly and in a way that wouldn't be so harsh that he went bitching to his best friend in order to feel better about himself. She just hoped that her image wouldn't be trashed after this incident...

xxx To Be Continued Soon xxx.

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