You came back.

This is when Tommy left Jude in the last episode of season 2 because he had to and he had a daughter in Montana. But he didn't he had a daughter so the had to take him to her in Montana. And Jude was mad that Tommy left her and she was afraid he wouldn't come back, but little does she know that Tommy is coming back.

Two months passed and Jude didn't hear or seen Tommy. Jude's at G majors now with kwest her producer and they're trying to write a song.

Jude: so kwest what are we going to write about.

Kwest wasn't playing attention to Jude he was thinking about that call he got from Tommy a week ago.

Jude: Kwest! Play attention I am talking to you.

Kwest still wasn't playing attention so Jude hit him in the head with her journal.

Kwest: ow what was that for?

Jude: because you weren't listening to me so I hit you to wake you up for that daydream you were having… anyways who you were thinking about Sadie I bet.

Kwest: actually no and I can't tell you

Jude: why?

Kwest: because I cant ok it's a secret sorry

Jude: it is a personal secret that's embarrassing

Kwest: no it's a secret that's got to do with you and I can't tell you

Jude: you can tell me Kwest (she gives him a sad face then kwest gave in and told her)

Kwest: ok it's about Tommy

Jude: what! What about him

Kwest: he's coming back tomorrow

Jude: why didn't he tell me or call or write

Kwest: because he didn't want you to be mad at him for leaving but I told him to least call you, you know but he was afraid

Jude: wow lil Tommy Q afraid of me Jude Harrison

Kwest: yeah that's what I said so are you mad

Jude: yeah but I missed him you know he's been gone for 2 months and didn't tell me nothing that's hurts

Kwest: yeah but he's sorry he told me to tell you that

Jude: he did?

Kwest: he misses you too like crazy

Jude: really

Kwest: really so anyways back to the song you were writing

Jude: yeah ok this is what I got so far (then she starts to sing her song):

Furtive lies and insinuation
All designed to tarnish my repetition
And devised by you without explanation
Tell me why, why you spreading all these lies

I try hard to end all this chaos
But when you disparage me you betray us
Said we'd be friends until the end and now im crushed
Tell me why, why you feel the need to lie

Baby lies,
They poison everything in sight,
Those who lie,
Can never keep track or take them back.
Baby lies,
Keep messin' with your sleep at night
You never can disguise,
Transparent lies

What you said continue to taunt me
And the way you used to wander love well it haunts me
Baby open your eyes and maybe you'll see
Your heart cries, listen and apologize

Baby lies,
They poison everything in sight,
Those who lie,
Can never keep track or take them back.
Baby lies,
Keep messin' with your sleep at night
you never can disguise,
transparent lies

I got a story you wanna tell,
about a girl who loved a guy more than life itself!
But he got overwhelmed, undermind himself
Telling lies, flaquent lies

Baby lies,
Transparent lies
Lies, lies, lies, lies,
Why you gotta lie

Then she stops and looks at kwest

Jude: so what you think

Kwest: it was great but whose it about

Jude: no one why

Kwest: Jude I know you that song is about some one so who is it

Jude: wow you sound like Tommy and it's about no one ok

Kwest: is too

Jude: is not

Kwest: is too

Jude: is not

Kwest: is too

Jude: is not

Kwest: is too in the last number in the world

Jude: fine you win it is about someone

Kwest: and let me take a wild guess Tommy

Jude: how'd you know that?

Kwest: because it's about lies and I can tell how Tommy lie to you

Jude: yeah he really hurt me but I can't wait to see him

Kwest: yeah I know he doesn't want to hurt you anymore ok

Jude: I hope so.

Later that day… 10:30 pm

Jude: kwest I going go home gets some sleep ok

Kwest: ok see you tomorrow bye

Jude: bye (then she walk out the studio and left G majors, got in her car and drove off.

15 minutes later Jude was at home she got out her car and went in the house

She walked in and went straight to her room because she was tired. She fell asleep when her head hit her pillow.

The next mornings Jude woke up at 7:15 she got up and took a shower, got dress, did her hair and everything else. An hour later she goes downstairs and sees her dad drinking coffee and reading the newspaper.

Jude: hey dad!

Then her dad looks up from the paper and said:

Jude's dad: good morning wants some breakfast

Jude: no thanks I'll just take a poptart. (Then she walks over to the cabinet and goy out the poptarts and took one out then put the box back in the cabinet.)

Jude's dad: you know that's not real breakfast

Jude: yeah but there good um dad where's Sadie

Jude's dad: I don't know I didn't see her last night did you

Jude: I got in later again and plus I fell right asleep when I got to my room

Jude dad: oh ok (then Sadie comes through the door and sees Jude and her dad talking in the kitchen. And her dad gives her a look like you are so in trouble. Then Sadie speaks:

Sadie: um he… hey guys what's up

Dad: oh nothing where were you last night

Sadie: at a friend's house chill dad

Dad: I will not chill Sadie you just can't do what you feel and do it when you feel like doing it.

Sadie: what I can't go to a friend's house now I been doing it

Dad: Sadie look you can but a least call and tell me where you are ok

Sadie: ok fine hey Jude

Jude: hey (then Sadie walks up the stairs and went to her room)

Jude: hey dad I gotta go to work I'll see you later ok

Dad: ok bye sweetie (then she walks out the door and got in her car and went to G majors)

15 minutes later she walks into G majors and seen kwest in the lobby talking to Liam. Then she walks over to them.

Jude: hey guys what's up

Liam: Ms. Harrison good morning

Kwest: hey Jude, lets get to work you've got anything, you know songs.

Jude: no but can we work on there's us because I didn't nail it last time and it needs a little work don't ya think?

Liam: kwest I thought Jude was the artist and you were her producer not the other way around

Kwest: Man! Don't you have to work to do with Sadie or someone who needs you?

Liam: actually when you mention it I do have to talk to Sadie bye. (Then he walks over to the front desk where Sadie was doing paper work)

Kwest: yeah anyways want to get to work?

Jude: yeah but first I've to get my coffee then we're record ok?

Kwest: ok bring me a cup alright

Jude: no get your own cup I not your maid ok

Kwest: whoa sorry I'll get my own cup then geez.

Jude: kwest I'm just kidding I'll get you a cup but don't get used to it ok?

Kwest: ok man you had me there for a minute

Jude: yeah I saw your expression, well I am going to get my coffee ok(then she walks in the kitchen by the coffee pot and go to the cabinet to get two mugs out and put them on the counter and pour the coffee and each mug and put cream and sugar in it).

Kwest was in studio A and was listening to Jude's song and trying to find what the song needs and then the studio door opens and Jude's comes in the studio with two mugs and kwest didn't hear her because he had on headphones working on Jude's song. Then she tapped him on the shoulder and he turns around and grabs his coffee and took off his headphones and said:

Kwest: thanks took you longer enough (he took a sip)

Jude: hey you're lucky I'm getting you coffee (sitting down in a seat next to kwest)

Jude: so what does the song needs?

Kwest: oh it just needed you vocals in the back ground and chores from a guitar.

Jude: that's it wow now I record right

Kwest: yep get in their girl and sing (then Jude got up and went into the booth and began to sing her song)

About hour later they were finish with there's us

Kwest: you did great girl!

Jude: thanks hey when did time did Tommy say he'll be here

Kwest :( looking at his watch) in about in an hour or so why?

Jude: no reason just curious that's all

Kwest: yeah you just want to see your man candy don't you just admit it you like Tommy more as a friend.

Jude: no and shut up and you like Sadie more than a friend you don't see me complaining or telling you to go after her do you

Kwest: um………………

Jude: didn't think so

Kwest: let's just get you another hit so you can be all over lover boy when he gets here alright!

Jude: fine but I can't think of nothing I've got writers block

An hour later

Kwest: I'm hungry I' m going to order pizza alright that ok

Jude: yeah fine and thank for the help you're so thoughtful. Said Jude sarcastically

Kwest: why'd your welcome Ms.harrison, I'm going to order that pizza ok (then he leave the studio into the lobby to use the phone and called homerun inn pizza place)

Jude was just playing so notes on her guitar when someone open the door and say:

: Hey girl miss me

Jude :( looks up from her guitar and sees Tommy standing against the door of the studio, she smiled and pick her guitar down and jumped into Tommy's arms and he hugged her not wanting to let go then she pulled away and said: I missed you so much don't ever leave again ok?

Tommy: ok and I missed you too, where's kwest?

Jude: he's ordering pizza as usual

Tommy: let me guess

Jude and Tommy: home run inn

They laugh and then kwest coming in the studio and sees Tommy.

Kwest: hey man long time no see (they hugged a man hug)

Tommy: yeah hey so what's been happening while I was gone.

Jude: well I hit number one and that's about it.

Tommy: what that's amazing Jude (then they hug again but stop when kwest clear his throat and said: I'm still here.

Tommy and Jude just laugh and said: oh really I didn't even notices

Kwest: ha ha very funny

Tommy: I thought it was funny

Kwest: you would

Tommy: whatever man

Jude: yeah anyways kwest can me and Tommy catch up you know have the rest of the day off

Kwest: no Jude darius said you need another hit soon

Jude: please kwest

Kwest: no Jude
Jude: please (then she gives him the sad face).

Kwest: ok ok just don't give me that face ok?

Jude: yes I knew that would work.

Kwest: yea whatever but you're telling darius

Jude: fine

Tommy: so how's everyone been?

Kwest: well everyone's great you know same o same o

Jude: well I been miserable while you was gone Quincy

Tommy: sorry I left but I'll tell you all about it later ok

Jude: yeah you better; well I'm going to tell darius that were going to lunch you want to?

Tommy: ok I'll go with you I have to talk darius

Kwest: ok man it was good seeing you

Tommy: yeah but were talk later alright

Kwest: yeah ok

Jude: okay dokey let's go Tommy

Tommy: ok (then they leave the studio and goes to darius office)

They knock on darius door and he answers: come in

(They open the door and darius looks at Tommy immediately and tell them to sit. And they did darius was the first one to talk.)

Darius: hey tom where you been these past months

Tommy: hey d I been in Montana I had family problems

Darius: yeah but you could of call you know and not have us worried about you

Tommy: yeah I'm sorry about that but I was wondering if I can get my job back as a producer you know

Darius: you're lucky because Jude hit number one and she been there sense you left.

Tommy: I knew she hit number one but I didn't know sense I was gone why didn't you tell me.

Jude: sorry it slipped my mine

Tommy: uh huh (then he smiles at her)

Jude: (then she smiled back)

Darius saw them staring at each other and said something: what I'm invisible now

Jude and Tommy just laughed

Darius: did I miss something here

Jude and Tommy: nope not a thing

Darius: ok and tom you got your job back and if you leave tells us first ok?

Tommy: ok darius and thank you

Darius: yeah just make me another hit ok?

Jude: d can me and Tommy have the day off and catch up for old times please!

Darius: fine but you better have a kickass song for me k?

Jude: thanks d see you tomorrow

Darius: yeah see you two later

Tommy; k bye d

Darius: bye

Then Tommy and Jude left darius office and left G majors and got into Tommy's viper.

Tommy: so……

Jude: so tell me why you left