Title: A Gift and a Curse

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PROLOGUE: A Dream before Waking

In Europe, there is a county called England. In this country there is a county called Surrey. In this county, there is a city called Whining. In this city, there is a street called Privet Drive. On this street there is a house. A house that looks just like all the other houses. Inside this house is a boy, a boy who looks just like other teenage boys. But this boy, unlike the rest of the street is anything but normal.

He's an extraordinary young man, the pride and hope of an entire world. And it was his birthday. Most birthdays in the past few years would see him sitting anxiously on his bed in his cousin's second-hand room, wearing his second-hand clothes staring with happy anticipation out the window for the gifts and well-wishes of his true family. But tonight he sleeps, hiding from a sorrow that he clings to with grief-stricken desperation, holding it as he would the family member he's lost. His burden grows heavier everyday as he mourns the food he eats, the water he drinks, the air he breaths, things his loved ones will never experience again.

A part of his wished for death, longed for it with a yearning usually spared for more loving things. He never asked to be extraordinary. He never asked for the fate of the world to be laid at his feet. All he wanted was love, peace of mind, and a home.

So, on a night he should be rejoicing his new-found stasis of adulthood, when he should be waiting eagerly for his inheritance, his gift from the abundance of magic, he was sleeping. Dreaming of Utopia, sun-hued and silken veils, and the warmth his cold-heart now lacked.

He never saw the serpentine thing crawl through his window, he never heard it's almost metallic slither as it made it's way across his floor. He shivered, however, when something bitterly cold slid across his skin, hissed as a cold burning blazed for an infinitesimal second along his back. It was over in seconds, the last blast of icy wind fading as the clock on his bed stuck midnight. He was never even fully awakened.

So Harry Potter, Savior of the Wizarding World, Boy-Who-Lived, Champion of the Light, never knew that he had just received the first part of his inheritance. His world had just shifted. With a timeless twirl of Penelope's hand, Harry's fate had be irreversibly changed. As he had wished, he got the power to bring about the world he so craved.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might receive.

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