RJ & Stella.

Note: this is what might've happened had Stella not met Tiger.

Chapter 1

Stella lay awake watching RJ while everyone else was asleep. She liked him, yet didn't know how to tell him. She had always wanted to ask him out, yet never had a chance.
She then thought of an idea.

Chapter 2

Stella had it all planned. She was going to go with RJ to help Hammy find his nuts, and would let Hammy go off for a while, and tell RJ.

Chapter 3

Stella, RJ, and Hammy were going through the backyards. Then Hammy smelled some nuts, and while RJ & Stella rested, Hammy wen off to find them. Stella looked at RJ and asked,"Will you go out with me?"


"Will you go out with me?"

"I'd love to."

Chapter 4

On their first date, they made love. RJ rammed himself into Stella over and over again, while Stella moaned,"RJ" over and over again. They then climaxed, and layed toge-
ther the rest of the night.

They later got married, and had a kid.

The End.

Note: this was my very first OTH story, so I know RJ & Heather is better.