RJ's tongue went inside Stella's mouth,

and her's in his.

They wrapped their arms around each other,

and began licking each other.

RJ layed on top of Stella, and grinned.

RJ then moved his head down, and began eating her out,

making Stella moan in ectasy.

Stella climaxed, and RJ licked up all her juices.

RJ then moved up again, and they began frenching again.

"Boy, you taste good." RJ said.

Stella laughed.

"My turn," Stella said.

Stella moved down, and you can guess what happened.

Stella moved up again, and RJ began licking his tongue in circles around her left nipple.

Stella moaned as he did that and massaged her left breast.

RJ smiled at her, and positioned himself at her ectrance.

"Ride me, cowraccoon." Stella said as they both laughed.

RJ slowly entered her, and began thrusting harder & harder.

Stella was moaning, and then began gasping.

RJ began thrusting into her fast and faster, until they both climaxed.

They layed together, covered in each other's juices.

"Wow. What has romance come to?" Stella asked...

They continued dating, and two years later, they got married...