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Summary: Lily and James are, unsurprisingly, fighting in an empty classroom about a piece of mistletoe that seems to be stalking Lily. What happens when someone's anger is pushed to its limits, and Lily and James find themselves a couple of decades into the future? Lily finds herself wanting a certain bespectacled raven haired boy, James swears he's been cloned, and Harry's own life is put into jeopardy.

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Chapter 1:

No one ever said that magic had its specific boundaries. Magic doesn't come with a manual book, telling all of its tricks and gadgets it consists of, or the rules on how to use it. The special quirks of magic throw things at you fast when you least expect it, leading you down a long road of unimaginable experiences. Simply, one may think the point of magic is to provide knowledge to younger witches and wizards, but magic can be pushed beyond that; it can penetrate through a little thing called time.

"Potter, you are unbelievable!"

Lily Evans slammed the door shut, turning to face a smirking teenage boy with messy black hair. Why did he infuriate her so much? Here they were, once again bickering, in some random classroom on the seventh floor that Lily hadn't even ever known was there before. If she had a sickle for every time she and Potter fought, heck she would be richer than the queen of England.

James Potter swept a hand through his already messy hair, an old habit, as his lips curled upward into a grin. "No need to inform me of that, Evans. I only do my best at being fantastically unbelievable at everything I do. Quidditch, school, chatting up the ladies…"

He watched as her cheeks reddened in anger and her lips pursed in annoyance, like she had just sucked on a particularly sour lemon. Her soft wavy red hair seemed to cackle with electricity as James braced himself for an extremely long, and possibly boring, lecture on his lack of responsibility, his confidence that tended to cross the line of arrogance, and his never ceasing pestering for a date with Lily Evans.

"If you think charming a large bundle of mistletoe to follow me around all day as a 'fantastically unbelievable' way to get a date for Hogsmeade, then you are quite mistaken," Lily seethed, placing her hands on her hips.

"Personally, I don't know what your deal is, Evans. If I were a girl I would be thrilled to receive such attention from myself."

James narrowed his hazel eyes at her as she snorted blatantly. "I pity your taste in guys then, Potter."

"Are you calling me gay?" James asked, decreasing the space between them as he took a threatening step towards her.

Lily rolled her eyes. She really was getting tired of this on-and-off flirtatious bickering. The stubborn side of herself wanted to hex James Potter into the next decade, but the other part, the half that would remain completely confidential, actually enjoyed their somewhat playful banter.

"It's a wonder how your head got so inflated when the size of your brain can be compared to a shriveled prune," Lily remarked, grinning slightly at her witty remarks that she knew damaged his ego no matter how hard he tried to hide it.

James laughed casually, crossing his arms across his chest. "Let us recap, shall we? What did you get on our last Transfiguration essay?"

Lily felt her ears grow warm as her feet shifted uncomfortably. Nevertheless, her deep emerald eyes glared mercilessly at him as his prominent smirk flitted across his handsome features. She mumbled something incoherent, grinding her teeth together in anger.

"I'm sorry, Evans, I'm afraid I didn't catch that," James pushed, his eyes shining from behind his glasses.

"An A," Lily grumbled annoyingly.

"Aha. And, I seem to have forgotten, what did I receive again?"

Lily clenched her fists together, fingering her wand dangerously in her robes. "I hardly see how this is relevant to the point," she said, trying to keep her voice calm and smooth.

"Oh, yes, 'the point'. You know, Evans, your know-it-all attitude can really turn a guy on." James replied sarcastically, plopping himself on a red velvet couch that had, strangely enough, appeared suddenly as James had been thinking about how much he would like to take a seat.

"You are an insufferable, arrogant, good for nothing, annoying git!" Lily exclaimed, her voice rising in volume.

"You seemed to have forgotten to list how incredibly handsome I am," James pointed out, throwing a wink in her direction, completely disregarding the insults she had hit him with; his interactions with Lily over the past six years had taught him exactly what buttons to push that would send Lily toppling over the edge. "It's a pity you insist on refusing my offers to go out sometime; we could have some good looking children."

Lily marched up to him, shoving her finger into his chest. "If you ever, and I mean ever, talk about having sexual intercourse with me again I'll hex you so bad that you will never be able to even hope of procreating with anyone."

James smirked, "As long as I still get to dream about it."

Lily's emerald eyes narrowed in disgust as she let out a strange sound that was somewhere between an agitated scream and a breath of forced control. "You are so…argh! I wish your pathetic little backside would be hauled somewhere twenty years into the future so you would be able to see how horrible your life is going to turn out! And, more importantly, so I would never have to see your face again. You make me sick!" She yelled childishly, stomping her foot on the ground.

Right as James opened his mouth to retort with a smooth comeback, the room began to spin violently so everything joined in a blur of color. Then James felt an odd sensation as the floor fell out from underneath his feet, almost as if it had disappeared altogether, plunging him into an infinite black hole of nothingness.

As quickly as it had started, it stopped. James hit the floor with a bone breaking crash, the force of the fall knocking the wind out of him. He tried to catch his glasses as they slid off of his nose. With a sickening crunch Lily fell on top of them, shattering the lenses to pieces.

James struggled to sit up to make sure that all of his vital organs and bones were still intact. Once he was completely positive that he was still alive, he turned towards Lily and held a hand out to her to help her up, which she openly refused with a killer glare.

"What the bloody mess did you do, Potter?" Lily demanded, brushing off her robes and looking around their surroundings. The room they had landed in was the exact same place they had left, yet something seemed to be out of place that Lily couldn't quite put her finger on.

James gaped at her, as he picked up his glasses and repaired them with a tap of his wand. "You're blaming me? You were the one caressing your wand as if you wanted to strike me upside the head with it! If anybody did anything, it was probably you, because my wand hasn't left my pocket! You can even check if you want," James added suggestively.

Lily gagged reflexively. "Where in the world did you get the idea that I would ever, under any circumstances, reach my hand down your pants? Wait, you know what, don't answer that."

"Easy girl, I never said anything about my pants. I mentioned my pocket, but if you want to, be my guest." James grinned, as he stepped closer towards her.

Lily shoved past him, hard. "Shove off, Potter." She made her way toward the door, perfectly content with the thought of heading back towards her dorm where she could rant and rave all she wanted about Potter to her friends. She wondered why she just hadn't done that sooner; it would have saved her from further interactions with the boy she despised the most.

"Wait," James called out. "We still don't know what just happened!"

"Knowing you, it was probably some immature prank you and Black decided to play. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back up to the common room where I have an unfinished Charms essay waiting for me. Goodnight, Potter," she said. James watched, flabbergasted that Lily didn't feel the least bit curious to find out what had just happened, as Lily marched over to the door, threw it open, and walked out of the room. He winced as she slammed the door with all her might behind her.

"Women," James muttered darkly, following her out of the door, planning on retelling what had happened to his three best friends Sirius, Remus, and Peter, knowing they would appreciate it and share his interest in finding out what had caused whatever had just happened.

As he closed the door behind him, a voice reached his ears, startling him. "Thirty points from…what house did you say you were from again?"

A girl, around James' own age, with thick dark hair was talking to Lily as James stepped into the hallway. Upon hearing his arrival, the tall girl turned to face him. "Well, well, well," the dark girl said, sneering at the sight of James. "'The Chosen One' is out of bed after hours…accompanied with a girl. Rumors say you have a thing for that blood traitor Weasley. Two-timing, are we? Maybe you have a bad side to you after all, Potter."

James took a closer look at this chick. Aw, Slytherin, typical. Just their luck to get caught by a Slytherin prefect, who would most likely deal out a much harsher punishment then any other house prefect would. And technically, Lily and James weren't out after hours…It had only been ten minutes after dinner time the last time he had checked. And, more importantly, he didn't know who the heck this Weasley girl was supposed to be; after all, he and Sirius had dated almost the whole school's female population.

"First of all, I think you have the wrong idea. And second of all, it's only," Lily stopped to consult her watch, "8:25."

"And who are you to give out detentions? You're not a prefect," James brought up, eyeing the girl up and down. She definitely didn't have sharp face of Narcissa Black or Bellatrix Black, who James was positive were both Slytherin girl prefects.

"Others may think of you highly, Potter, but I know better. I will not take this kind of cheek. I believe a week's worth of detention is in order for you and your so called friend here." The girl squinted her dark eyes dangerously, as if warning him to continue.

"Excuse me," Lily broke in, "I am a Gryffindor prefect, and as you claim it is after hours, I was doing my nightly patrols," she finished. Lily Evans didn't get detentions; a girl like her couldn't survive in detentions.

Snorting disbelievingly, the girl pulled herself up to her tallest height for a more dramatic effect. "You don't look very much like the mudblood Granger."

James whipped out his wand and held it threateningly under the girl's chin. "Watch your language!"

Lily took hold of James' wand arm and pulled it down to his side. Her mind was buzzing with confusion as she tried to figure this whole thing out. The spinning, the falling, the sudden erratic time change, and this pestering Slytherin she had never seen before in her life claiming she was a prefect…this was either some seriously messed up dream or one of the Marauders' infamous pranks. Still, only one person could explain what was going on; Dumbledore always knew the answers.

Lily suddenly rushed forward, clamping a warm hand tightly over James' mouth as it opened once again to most likely cuss the Slytherin out. "You're right. I really shouldn't be wandering the halls. I'm sorry, it won't happen again. We'll just show ourselves to the headmaster's office, thank you," Lily responded quickly, before taking off at a run dragging James behind her. The Slytherin prefect could be heard yelling insults and other obscenities after them.

Once they were three floors away from the seventh floor corridor, Lily cast a look around before shoving James against the wall, igniting the tip of her wand in order to see.

"Evans! What the—"

"Potter, if this is some cruel nasty prank you and your twisted friends have decided to play on me it needs to stop, now," Lily whispered quietly, very much aware that her voice would echo off of the stone walls and call attention to another Prefect or worse, a teacher. She really didn't want to have another embarrassing encounter if this was indeed some vindictive trick.

"Evans, I swear I didn't make this happen. But now that I think about, this would be a pretty humorous joke. Remind me to share it to Sirius, maybe it will be next month's prank," he joked, looking up at her face that showed no signs of joining in on his carefree manner. In an attempt to reassure her, James spoke seriously. "Look, I'm just as baffled as you are, alright? And why did that snake whore call me 'the chosen one'?"

Lily sighed, apparently trying to calm herself down. "We're going to go see Professor Dumbledore and get this all straightened out. And if I find out you had anything to do with this, so help me Merlin…"

James threw his arms up into the air in a mock signal of defeat before following her quick pace towards their Headmaster's office.