Until the Cherry Blossoms Bloom...

by: Freya Lin

"Takaomi!" Yuuki cried as she tried to chase down the car.

"Dad stop the car," young Takaomi pleaded to his dad. But it was no use, his dad just wouldn't stop. So thinking fast he wrote something down on a peice of paper and crumbled it up. To make sure it is heavy enough to throw, he added something inside. He then stuck his head out the window trying to find Yuuki, and saw her in the break of tears. I'm so sorry Yuuki. He threw the paper out while Yuuki had suddently tripped and fell. "The cherry blossoms!" he yelled but that made nosense to Yuuki, The cherry blossoms? What does that mean?. She began sobbing and looked up seeing a crumbled up paper.

"What's this?" she asked herself sniffing and uncrumbling the paper up. It was a letter adressed to her with a necklace hidden inside.


I'm so sorry I didn't tell you before that I was going to move today. But I just didn't want you to worry because I'll be coming back when the cherry blossoms come into bloom. So please don't cry, it really makes me unhappy to see you in tears...But remember when I told you about the dream, how I always feel like you're always by my side? Well that's what will keep me going while I'm away from you andI don't want to dream of you crying. AnywaysI have to go beforeI loose sight of you.


P.S. a necklace for you as a promise that we'll meet again.

Yuuki flattened the paper and folded it neatly placing it in her pocket while wearing the necklace Takaomi had got for her. She started walking home with her head held down all emotional; half happy, yet half heartbroken. She went inside her room without any conversation with her parents or little brothers and began to reread the letter over again all the while holding on to her necklace at the same time. After rereading it so many times she began to get tired and layed down with her eyes closedshut.

"I'll wait for you Takaomi...," muttered Yuuki "...Until the Cherry Blossoms Bloom."

a/n: I know this is just too short and almost one-sided love...but its all I can think of in 12 am in the morning so I sort of forgotten the details so if there is any mistakes I'm appolozing it now so you don't get confused because I read the manga a long time ago so I dont remember the details that much okay? But I would be happy if you would review and tell me what actually happened so I can fix up this story! And also if you liked it or not! (i say 'so' too much huh?XD )